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  1. i gotta turn my heat on when i get home today.
  2. Great time last night. Good to see everybody. Really put me in the skiing mood.
  3. Dunno if they actually limited passes. lets remember this is kind of typical BM fuckery. so it looks like with the KSL injection, or BMMR whatever, nothing has really changed, except the price of a pass.
  4. i do to some extent, but its not something i obsess over. kind of like gas. need gas to make car go. Nothing really i can do to make the price of gas different, so i dont worry about it.
  5. Well, its on FB, so it has to be true. Honestly, i dont really care either way. I have a pass. might not work when i need it to, but i have one. I also think the days of passes under $600 for Blue are behind us.
  6. FB post says "sold out" i guess they were true to their word they would be limited.
  7. I keep clicking on this thread when there is a new post expecting to see "big news from Blue" nothing but disappointment .lol
  8. Thats it. its a great market if you just want to sell, and live in a cardboard box somewhere. to sell and then buy makes the higher sale price a wash.
  9. They should head on over to Elk.
  10. Im glad i bought/sold in 2019, before things went completely stupid. I did really well selling mine, which was just dumb luck that i bumped into the right person that just wanted to buy any house in that neighborhood, and paid me more, and had zero contingencies to ensure she got it. i probably would not have ended up in the house i ended up buying, which would make me sad. A friend was buying during all of this, he was going after houses towards his max number, but after being outbid by tens of thousands, he had to change his strategy to go after houses $50,000 below his max. that was what finally netted him a house.
  11. I just wanted to see if you knew how to use it, and my suspicions were correct, that you didnt.
  12. Been to Buckmans KOP once, but it was like the second day. I can tell you if you plan on going to Blues tent sale any time other than first thing, the first day, you might as well just stay home and play video games, and do your hair.
  13. I think all the people i care about have passes., so...... Blue be like,
  14. The majority of the people that ski understand snowmaking. There will always be stupid comments from stupid people. Like, "is tubing open" It seems like the trend is for everyone to announce an opening day. Is what it is.
  15. We have heard the "extremely limited" before.....like maybe it was 3 years ago? they were "extremely limited" for like 3 months. Its Blue Mountain, so it can absolutely go either way.
  16. I was gonna say the same thing. "look at what this idiot is doing" Which idiot?
  17. i love when people feel the need to tell Blue, or who ever for that matter, that they are going to take their .0002% of their business elsewhere. I'd be like, On a completely different topic, it sort of makes me nervous that they are advertising for every position available on the mountain. especially groomers. Hopefully they still have someone that at least knows how to start them.
  18. You know there are always people with "insider info", but at one point, and i completely forget from where i heard it, but it was said no pipeline, no hotel. Maybe there was something about having their own nat gas power plant too.....but maybe i was drinking too much. but if you think about it, i mean heating a huge hotel/apartment/condo thing with anything other than natural gas has to be expensive. They already use more electric than all of Palmerton.
  19. is this the pipeline that was going through, or at least really close to Blue? https://www.wnep.com/article/news/local/penneast-cancels-plans-for-pipeline-project-between-pa-and-new-jersey/523-04f2c489-a169-4cae-bd65-9938b1209954?fbclid=IwAR1qO51cQaWChG7SV_hxnSnuNwkYh6fTbRZJOBkD3Bhldc9vUMohKIsG8Gk i thought at one time the thought was, no pipeline, no hotel.
  20. Ski options - overpriced (?) Blue, Toe, Elk pass. ~~$700 Indy pass ~~$300, and lets not forget lots of gas to haul your ass around every weekend to NY, VT, NH, Etc. Maybe a few hotel stays, etc...... I mean, really, i think the only "day trip-able" place is Greek. In the grand scheme of things, 30 days at Blue is $18.30 a day with the $549 pass. 30 days at Blue is $23.33 a day at $700. Granted, Indy (or whatever) gets you skiing some different places, but please dont tell me you are skiing all those places for $300. your not.
  21. It would actually work out splendid for those who have purchased passes, if they didnt sell anymore. But i cant see any good logic to not selling any more passes. Maybe they are just trying to draw a line financially with purchases made before the buyout/merger/namechange/landgrab/newmanagement/sameoldsameold and purchases made after what ever it is they are calling this whole deal. When they do come out, and i think they will, they will be very Elk-esk.
  22. As is reporting "base depth" at any ski resort around us. its pretty irrelevant, i mean, when your just skiing on-piste, i mean wtf is the difference between groomed, and 75" base?
  23. sort of. I guess the non-cafeteria style stuff is different? Drama? doesnt matter what they say or do, there will always be drama. Guests ages 12 and over will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations to dine at our indoor, on-mountain quick-service (cafeteria-style) restaurants.
  24. The news that they are putting in a new (probably used) lift does surprise me a lot. Most surprising thing i have read here in a while. I dont want to see BB go to the wayside, specifically since its a prime location for another DG.
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