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  1. See? That my little pony stuff is so hot right now. I would like to think i helped jump starting that trend. years ago i painted a friends truck by mixing every little bit of leftover paint we had lying around. It came out just a little darker than that purple. Totally custom.
  2. We got a fiber line once by pounding in a stake at the end of someones driveway we just paved. You would actually be amazed at how often a utility isnt where its supposed to be, or buried shallow. the most popular one is parking lot lights that have outdoor UF just buried shallow behind curbs. we nail them all the time. Things start to get interesting when you have to evacuate a building after hitting a gas line, and then of course the FD shows up, cops, etc. kind of turns into a big thing.
  3. Even if you never sat on it, it would look cool just hanging from a tree.
  4. Personally, i like when they are hung from something. The ones sitting on legs, i get it, but mehh. If you need help decorating it, let me know. The skis i designed were a big hit. Very fashionable.
  5. https://liftblog.com/2022/05/29/new-snowbird-tram-cabin-damaged-during-installation/ Watch the tram car please. https://publish.twitter.com/?query=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FPAdamFrancis%2Fstatus%2F1532031610870042624&widget=Tweet
  6. we need some "insider information" really hoping to see some big holes being dug soon.
  7. You cant control these by now? WTF?
  8. Oh yeah, i think they had some type of sundae bar, i didnt really pay attention to it, as much as i like desserts. they had some baller bread pudding though. I'm not sure if the sundae bar was a huge hit, as it was a "adult only" reception, which is another thing i found to be pretty awesome about the whole thing. The cake was sliced up and put into to go bags. Weddings sure have changed alot over the past years.
  9. I didnt take any bathroom selfies, but the wedding i went to Friday night was such a good time. The Church didnt burst into flames since i was there, (kind of the running joke) Cocktail hour was filled with the best horsey-duvers, there was an italian end and a seafood end for plated food.....lobster tails, mussels marinara, little necks, calamari, and lobster mac. I kinda looked at the whole thing and was like, i kinda remember filling out a dinner card, but this looks like dinner, but with tiny plates. Beer selection was odd, but ok, people are really into the seltzers. the weather was stellar, and the after party was outside on the patio after the reception, of course, with more food. Best part is, it was probably 1/2 a mile from my house.
  10. All of that makes sense too. the chairs are actually in pretty decent shape, unlike the painted, repainted, and painted 5 more times BB chairs.
  11. The fact they are taking the lift station apart and lifting it off, rather then smashing it the fuck up with the track hoe, makes that somewhat plausible.
  12. Something bumped into it. Happy accident. Im in for a little PASR Parking Lot lift tower assembly tailgate for the Summit Safari Super 6 Pack Supreme. However, i dont think this will be for a little while, but planning ahead is always important.
  13. Nice. Now how about some lift construction pics?
  14. I feel that we will see lift chairs spread throughout the mountain as benches. I think they will have a few left over. Unless of course, like i mentioned earlier, that possibly they did sell some of them off to some other resort, and really did have a "limited quantity" to sell off.
  15. I wonder if they will regrade the bottom of Burma so its a little easier for people to get on shuttle? They should have some dirt they need to get rid of.
  16. Summit Safari Super 6 Pack Supreme
  17. I would have to assume this has a lot of plans and permitting in the works. I seem to recall they got a little heat from some type of government agency over the digging of one of the snowmaking ponds. Like i think they just all of a sudden decided to dig one out of the blue, maybe cause they were bored. I wouldnt want to put up a device made to carry 1,000's of people in the air on my property without permits or inspections, no matter who actually hold the contract for it.
  18. Thats probably just leftover @mbike-ski equipment they found in the woods.
  19. Is it ridiculously humid there? That seems like a lot of water for a sweating line. My vote goes to the condensate pump. Nice thing about having the air handler in the attic is the system should work well since cold air sinks. As opposed to mine being in the basement and just really cooling the floor above.
  20. i had mine serviced last year, which is when they found where its leaking refrigerant. so, of course "i need a whole new system due to its age". Pricey. luckily, i have a big jug of refrigerant that i will give it a little shot of every year until if finally explodes.
  21. No way. i prefer to be cold over hot. A/C has already been tested at my house. Oddly enough, its currently 60 degrees in my house in the Poconos. Its gonna be wonderful.
  22. How much are they selling those for? if a chair is $1200, thats worth $25,000 all day long.
  23. More importantly we will need some pics of lift construction.
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