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  1. Completely finished ready for human travel? i will go with no.
  2. Notice the answer isnt just yes, or absolutely? They expect it to be ready. Enjoy your Friday.
  3. Blue just posted a 30 second video on FB about how the new lift is "moving along" The overhead view does put things in a little better prospective.
  4. i turned it on in the Poconos for a bit. Still have the window open at home though. Diggin these cooler nights.
  5. i would be surprised if Blue actually has much to do with this at this point. they are probably along for the ride as we are. Seems like Blue clearing the land for the liftline is innocent enough, but them being liable for actual construction seems unlikely. 1) let someone else assume the risk. 2) have some outside contractor to blame if its not done on time, or some other failure. Sort of wonder if there is a penalty clause with LP for completion by a certain date. With the way things are these days, i would doubt it.
  6. Better yet.....Scrapple Shack!
  7. Waffle shack! i dont know what they are for either. i needed the clarity of the other photo to kind of see what was kind of going on. I still kind of have my mind focused on lift 4 (i think) at Greek Peak, which i find to just be the coolest little weekend/beer drinking type project ever.
  8. Tell them to move somewhere that isnt prone to hurricanes. Seriously, like it kills me when people in the Outer Banks are interviewed after a hurricane fucks their shit up, and they say "this is the third time we have had this happen." So, the thought never crossed your mind building a house on a barrier island might make it kind of likely to sustain damage from storms?
  9. starting to get a visual as to what this will end up looking like. i couldnt really figure out the multiple footings. this is Stowes lift, which is not the same make, but you can get the gist of it a little more.
  10. we have had a slight increase in employees with covey over the past two weeks, where as over the summer it was pretty nil. The 2 most recent were pretty sick.
  11. Why is the waffle hut only open on Saturdays, that have an even numbered day of the month, from 1pm-1:30? Its Blue Mountain.
  12. theres 41 days, but 24 hrs in a day, we still have more than 12 hrs of daylight. which, whenever i look at the Valley cam, theres never much going on before 7, and after 3. But i will give them the benefit of the doubt being a contractor, and go with "they know what they are doing." Maybe right now with concrete curing, there isnt much to do until they can start setting stuff. Curious as to what the top looks like.
  13. if you look at the cam now, its pretty obvious the wall is not busted out. i think they were doing stucco on it. i do agree that photo looks funny, but i think its just lighting and shadows that give it that look.
  14. Its definitely going to be an interesting start to the season if the summit safari super six pack supreme is delayed in opening. Everyone (including myself) is putting a lot of faith in Blue Mountain for completing the lift on time, and it working properly right out of the box. At this point though, i am ready for skiing on whatever, riding what ever lift.
  15. C'mon Blue, get with the program. if JFBB can do it, you can too!
  16. i am putting on my optimistic face, and going with they are going to get this done in time. They pulled out main/burma, so really at that point they were really committed. Also it would be an epic fail that they wouldnt live down if this doesnt work out. Is it possible it isnt ready for opening? Yeah, but its not like all of a sudden Allentown turns into the snow globe in November and would shut the work down. it just gets cold.
  17. i would rather be sitting next to a dog at a bar, than sitting next to some kid anywhere.
  18. But the pass price went up like the beginning of sept, so to me its just a way to get people to buy the pass at a higher price, but make the customer feel like they are getting a bargain at 0%. “Might as well get the undercoating and upgrade those rims to 20’s since its 0%” also this is after they announced they are limiting day pass sales.
  19. dunno, the video they posted is kind off all over the place. I think as long as all the concrete gets in the ground here in the next week or two, it will be good to go. Its not like we are gonna be skiing next month.
  20. Even JFBB has a vid on FB about their new lifts. FYI, all of the chairs at JFBB sold. They dont have any left that are "going quickly".
  21. no, you are correct. i dont know what im thinking. for some reason i keep seeing a concrete block swinging around behind the station in my mind. good thing im not helping build it, huh?
  22. Depending on what he spent, probably doing what seems to be taking the other pasrs forever, which is painting them up cute, add some new flair, and then reselling.
  23. this little picture is kind of odd. I think we all agree that the footings for the towers are poured. They probably cant actually erect anything on them until the concrete cures. But, at the same time, stations are where i would imagine the load being pulled from, like i mean the haul line gets tensioned from those 2, so like they are almost like trying to pull the footers out of the ground. i would think the load on the tower footers is really pretty much just straight down. I would have thought the top and bottom footers would have been poured first, but who knows. it looks like the pad behind the shed is where the counter weight would go, so, maybe thats the really important piece to that puzzle.
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