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  1. i said "attemp". i can look at the cameras just like you and put together there is lots of snow on main street too, doesnt take a genius to figure that out.. At some point, Blue should open something before boulder. I think it would be neat. Also, its pretty apparent Blue will have something open Saturday. If Boulder was to open Saturday, they wouldnt be first to open, since they like to open at like fucking lunchtime or whatever in the early season.
  2. Stop. lets remember who you are dealing with here. Stop. lets remember who you are dealing with here.
  3. They are opening Friday so Blue doesnt attemp to open with Vista, and take the crown. Usually this would be "boulder gives back" as well. Not that that is still not in the cards though.
  4. there is definitely more snow on main street than all of Camelback.
  5. That makes no sense. Oh, wait....camelback. Got it.
  6. Too early. i might even lean towards after 10 pm. I wouldnt mind being wrong about this though.
  7. Snow making at BBepic has been suspended temporarily due to rising temperatures. Temperatures conducive to snowmaking should return around 4 pm. This hasnt been an overly productive day for me at work.
  8. Yeah it didnt stick around but for 10 mins, and and soon as it quit snowing, whatever snow that was laying on the grass melted instantly.
  9. getting a cute little snow squall as well here in Malvern. Enough to whiten up the grass some.
  10. They have them going on lower love, but it doesnt look like upper love and middle love have any snowmaking. I would guess hike park.
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