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  1. The one i told you to get the meatball sandwich at.
  2. Thats it right there. Just lay low for a little while and see how this shakes out. The accountant lady at work, her son has Covid-19. She has been working from home alot, and i havent seen her in a very long time, but it has re-sparked some awareness around work.
  3. Same here. I ordered some take out from my favorite pizza place in the Poconos a few weeks ago. Nobody working was wearing a mask. i may have been the only one there with a mask on. Dissapointed as they closed voluntarily for Covid-19, and its weird that they did, and now nobody wearing a mask making food. Wont be going back anytime soon.
  4. JFskiDan

    Elk Sold

    Obviously the kalahari rumor was bigger than just being discussed here.
  5. no, not at all. Most people go put the gloves on, go touch a whole bunch of stuff, and think they have protected themselves. Then when they are done touching everything they just bought, and grabbing their car keys, and then the car door, and while they are at it, the steering wheel, and then they go take the gloves off, but they take them off like they are a pair of ski gloves. I watched a video of some lady showing how to dispose of the gloves properly (in a trash can) because they were all over the parking lot, and she clearly didnt know how to take them off, since she touched her skin with a gloved hand, trying to take the other glove off. Really it just makes people feel like they are protecting themselves, but if they really thought about it, they might not want to reach in their wallet to grab the credit card, with the gloves on they just touched everything with. If something was contaminated, then they just contaminated the wallet and CC.
  6. The glove wearing kind of cracks me up, although i do wear gloves to get gas. Put gloves on, pump gas, throw them away. People shopping in gloves. They touch everything. And then the car keys, and the door handle..... And how many people actually know how to take them off properly?
  7. Or scope Betty's at the Farmers Market?
  8. Happy to see PA didnt make the list. Sometimes you have to celebrate the small victories. But yeah. WTF. This shouldnt be that difficult.
  9. 58 lbs would be pretty normal. You still could bump it up if the pressure was really bringing you down that much.
  10. If you have some type of water softener or other filter, its probably installed after the hose. no real reason to filter water you will most likely be just putting back in the ground. So you probably have the most pressure there. a filter or softener will knock your pressure back some. You could turn up the pressure at the regulator on the pressure tank.
  11. Oh, i thought maybe your new Blueberry didnt have a calculator. But even yet, the 1080 gallons is flawed. That assumes its a totally open line, no restriction at the break or before the break, and if your well pump is still able to produce 3gpm.
  12. 1,080 gallons. Just cause u didnt know.
  13. Fireworks around me were not bad, but its weird what i can sleep through at times, so maybe i wasnt awake for the really good stuff. i read a lot of Facebook complaining in the Poconos that it was just off the charts bad this year.
  14. JFskiDan

    Elk Sold

    Gave us something to talk about other than Covid 19.
  15. Actually i found some good info in it. Delco is #3 by total cases. But, its not #3 in cases for today. I take that as a small victory. WTF is going on in Allegheny that they are all fucked up? To beat out Philadelphia County they really gotta work at it....... Edit - Allegheny = Pittsburgh. Duh. Sort of makes a little sense, but why now?
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