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  1. JFskiDan

    Stowe stoke thread...2018!!!

    Not ski boots. Ski shoes.
  2. JFskiDan

    Loveland, the closing day

    I'm with you. i let so much stuff go over the winter. Been keeping myself busy with things i should have been taking care of for the past year. Pics are pretty cool though.
  3. JFskiDan

    Loveland, the closing day

    Can you go trade that car in so you have one less thing to complain about?
  4. JFskiDan

    Help Me Choose a VT Vehicle!

    I had an 85, and a 95. Great vehicle.
  5. JFskiDan

    Help Me Choose a VT Vehicle!

    Sounds like we need to do some "top Gear" testing on our AWD/4WD vehicles. I will bring my Tacoma. I will lose in the MPG department. Might get points in the ground clearance department. I think its safe to say Jlaws vehicle will lose in the 0-60, unless its going down hill, but might get points for endurance, and overall # of miles on the odo. I know nothing about CVT's, but i have fixed my share of snowmobiles, if that helps. I wouldnt buy a snowmobile though. they definitely cannot carry a bike.
  6. JFskiDan

    We need to do this.

  7. JFskiDan

    May Day

    Multiple facebook pages make up for lack of vert.
  8. JFskiDan

    Help Me Choose a VT Vehicle!

    My Tacoma gets 18 mpg. On the highway, around town, or in 4 wheel drive. Doesnt seem to matter much. They hold their value like crazy.
  9. JFskiDan

    May Day

    TTC6 can only take 1 in his vette, and we know theres no luv lost between Doug and TTC6, so it looks like its Ridge Racers lucky day. Hit him up on his HTC flip phone.
  10. JFskiDan

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Correct. Its a 1971 or 72 SS Chevelle. Basically the same car i would lay on the shelf under the rear window on the way to DQ. Safety first!
  11. JFskiDan

    May Day

    Whiteface is open this weekend too.
  12. JFskiDan

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Love cool nights and warm days. When it goes to hot nights, hot days, forget it.
  13. JFskiDan

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Not horrible, but not great either. Probably the biggest mistake i made was think not eating breakfast and lunch, then eating a huge dinner was ok. Typically im not hungry in the morning, but now i force myself to eat something for breakfast, eat a small lunch and a reasonable dinner. I have never been one to bring home chips, cookies, cake, etc, i love all that stuff so having it around isnt good. A little on the weekends, or if i go out but thats really it. I cook for myself way more than i eat out so i control whats on my plate. Fish, chicken and veggies are my go to stuff. I cut back on drinking, alot too.
  14. JFskiDan

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    I was the complete opposite. watching my diet did nothing for me. i didnt start losing any kind of weight until i got my ass on an elliptical. Still do, twice a day. I'm pretty much at the point where i am just maintaining my weight, which is fine.