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  1. JFskiDan

    Zee Lights

    you might not get that aggressive high five i might owe you then.
  2. JFskiDan

    Zee Lights

    Heres what i have learned watching this unfold from years past. They always do "boulder gives back", so for like 15 of the most dented, mutilated, and cheapest can goods, you can get a free lift ticket. This tends to bring out every asshole with access to Moms pantry, and a lowered honda civic with one of those cool ass exhaust pipe things. They will only spin Freedom lift when they do this. My hope is that they do this Friday. Skiing Friday night isnt on my radar at all. Hopefully they can get snow down on some other trail as well. this might be wishful thinking, but so be it. If they do, they will open that the day after the can goods fiasco. In years past, they have also promised the second trail for day 2, but opened it hours after opening. Ask Guitar73.
  3. JFskiDan

    Zee Lights

    seems like it held up a little better than i thought it might. need temps to take nose dive now.
  4. JFskiDan

    Zee Lights

    I might. If there are a few PASR's going, i can ride the worlds slowest lift and ski the trail with the least vert in the world. i dont think an opening this weekend would be as stupid crowded as an opening on black friday. Plus, if they do actually make the friday opening, i would owe Toast his aggressive hand shake, or whatever it was we bet.
  5. JFskiDan

    Zee Lights

    Can 12 hrs of snowmaking get wiped out by an inch of rain? i dont know, but i would think they have to factor that in. i really curious as to what Freedom looks like on Tuesday after the rain. lets circle back to this tomorrow afternoon. Maybe its just me, or an optical illusion, but not super impressed with 2 nights production. I think they will need wednesdays temps to stay in the snow zone so they get a good 24 hrs or so on this.
  6. JFskiDan

    Skison 18/19

    You really think they are willing to pull a camelback? (Announce opening and not make it) normally they announce an opening 3 hours before, not 3 days.
  7. JFskiDan

    Skison 18/19

    Boulder might be blowing on more than just freedom. the webcams show snow on top of big boulder lodge. Thats a long way for snow to travel from freedom. Maybe RideDE? called them.
  8. JFskiDan

    Zee Lights

    Oh, fantastic. Thanks. i bet you have "insider info".
  9. JFskiDan

    Zee Lights

  10. JFskiDan

    Skison 18/19

    Bababababoulder turned thier shit on.
  11. JFskiDan

    Zee Lights

    Wow. Impressed.
  12. JFskiDan

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Snowing just north of State College.
  13. JFskiDan

    Skison 18/19

    he is trying to figure out if the bridge is out still.
  14. JFskiDan

    Skison 18/19

    I dont see awesome snowmaking temps for Blue for a little while. a few nights next week look marginal for a few hours. i think Toast is going to owe me that "spirited fist-bump" or whatever. Temps at Lake Harmony look better next week. Could be interesting to see if that pans out for Boulder.
  15. JFskiDan

    Loveland 11/ 7/18

    yeah, i was like half joking around with that. Throw them on for a little while at night.....i dont really recommend cleaning the house with them on.