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  1. Definitely blowing down by the 6, and top of homestretch. Doesnt make sense to me unless they are working on Paradise? could it be?
  2. decent amount of guns on now. i think they could be blowing on whatever is right of the six, lower park or something? hard to tell, but maybe a better view with more light. looks like something on at the top of homestretch.
  3. Probably a step in the right direction for sure. 6 comments on their FB post and of course there is the “when are you opening” comment.
  4. Strapped to a random tree? well anybody can strap ken and barbie to a tree and...........oh, wait, thats already been done at Blue. I live in an area that has had exponential housing growth over the past decade or so, to the point where i have to go around the town i live in, rather than go through it to get home at 4-5 pm. I doubt that traffic is really get less congested anywhere, so i just deal with it. i like where i live, i really like my house, and from my house i dont see anything but other houses, a barn and some trees.
  5. i have gotten in my own truck wearing a mask, kinda realized it like halfway home, or been outside totally alone wearing a mask, so, apparently i have gotten used to wearing one.
  6. These are my thoughts as well. I'm less concerned about getting it, than i am giving it to someone. Especially my parents. Being at work puts me (at least i think) at a touch higher risk, just because i am around some people during the course of the day, i work mostly in an office space with 4 other residents, and a bunch of visitors in the morning. One of the managers here here hasnt been on board with just using common sense since day one, and openly admits he is "over it, and its BS anyways". And i think most of his information on the topic comes from his daughter, who is a nurse. I a
  7. I find that to be pretty across the boards with skiers in general. Car guys? kinda couldnt give a fuck. I went to a car show and people wearing masks properly were definitely the minority, by lots. People protecting their chin with a mask? lots.
  8. Yeah, i would have to agree. I dont see much happening temp wise until Monday at this point.
  9. And people wonder why you do "no heat November"
  10. If you are referring to paying $130 to ski Snowbird, and adding the $50 Alta upgrade for the same day, yeah i dont get that either. But in some cases, the right day out west can be life altering for the better, which makes the price of a lift ticket pretty insignificant. Most people here dont pay window price either. Multi day lift tix, ski shop tix, etc.......but who knows how thats gonna work this year. Most tix for Utah can be had at a local ski shop for a decent savings, with direct access.
  11. There used to be a one day Alta/Bird pass, which, i never really understood, unless you were staying at Alta, and wanted to go to Snowbird, or vise versa. Unlike the mountains local to us, it would hard to say by noon you have seen all there is at Alta/Bird, and want to go to the other one.
  12. I know you didnt. Basically, i was saying next week is a long ways away, and the forecast is just that. a Forecast. None taken. I cant bring in the audience that he can. You might be able to with your outstanding karaoke skillz.
  13. Yeah, but that was supposed to happen this week. Hope it does, but not canceling plans on my busy social calendar for skiing on the 12th. (i mean, if they care to open)
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