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  1. This. i would rather go hang out with the trashy people from PA at Montage, than the trashy people from NJ/NY at Camelback. But i would also rather just run under the hose than drag myself to a waterpark.
  2. https://no9minemuseum.wixsite.com/museum I really want to check this out, so if by chance you go, let me know what its like. Notice they recommend you bring a light jacket since the mine is about 50 degrees year round.
  3. Were are you going? hopefully somewhere a little cooler? Does your camper/apartment thing have A/C?
  4. The news is doing a good job of getting people all riled up about the heat. I did here maybe Sat will be the hottest its been in like 7 years. thats pretty hot. Seriously? you weighed before and after? thats a shitload to loose over the course of a run if you ask me. You are right about the humidity. My hair is so fucked its not funny. One day i want to experience "dry" heat, to see if like 115 degrees and really low humidity is better than what we have now. I'm pretty much staying inside this weekend after about 10 am.
  5. According to peco's outage map, the people across the street from me still dont have pow wow. Just saw on the FB a couple roads are still closed.
  6. Rained incredibly hard for like 10-15 mins. Then it was pretty much done.
  7. Pretty wicked storm last night. I'm feeling pretty lucky my power was stayed on. Homes across the street were dark this morning with a lone generator humming in the background.
  8. 70 degrees now. Pretty nice out. Almost time to fire up mr. bbq.
  9. Storms kinda meh in delco. I was sort of hoping for a lighting show.
  10. i have stone in one bed, and it seems like thats where i do the most weeding. i am a total noob when it comes to landscaping a whatnot. I wouldnt do well on the gameshow "flower or weed." i really have mostly just had grass at previous homes. But i'm gonna have a hard time ripping all the landscaping out around here.....the PO was loved by all the neighbors and all of them have told me how much he cared for the outside, and all his wonderful flowers/shrubs/plants, and how great the place looks when everything is in bloom. I doubt anybody is going to come up to me and say "i think that asphalt looks way better in those planters than any of those shrub/bushes/flowers that were there." I really did think about cutting my own lawn, but that would require me to go out and purchase lawn equipment, and there is no fucking way a push mower would be on the shopping list, i would want to sit and get it done fast, so i would buy some fancy thing like you have. And then i would have to get a new shed since the existing one is in less than stellar shape, and is super damp inside, and there is no way im putting a mower in the garage. The cars would be pissed. With what the lawn elves charge me, it would be years before i was in the black on the mower anyways, and i am more than happy sitting on my porch watching the grass grow instead of mowing it.
  11. Im with you. Personally i think both toast and nmski must have some type of disorder to be this obsessed with lawn cutting. Or its just that i have so little patience for lawn care. I do have more landscaping at this house in the way of flower beds and whatnot that need weeding more often then not. Unfortunately i found out the hard way i have poison ivy out front. Fuck that weeding bullshit at this point to. Im gonna pave over everything and put up the prettiest fake bushes/shrubs/flower thingys i can find.
  12. Lawn elves showed up at my house yesterday sometime.
  13. so far, this year we have had more rain than last year. Crazy. rained its ass off last year too. i guess this is the new normal.
  14. I have a 2500 gallon white water tank at work, that we pull alot of water out of daily, but still manages to grow algae. not a super big deal as we arent trying to drink this water or water plants with it. The blue is supposed to help with algae, black is supposed to be ok too. i added a black tank this year. i will post my scientific findings on algae between the two tanks at the end of the year to let you know. My actual serious question is, can this become a breeding ground for mosquitoes?
  15. @toast21602 Comminuted tibial fracture - life long debilitating injury? The settlement seems excessive to me, but i dont know shit on the subject, but i feel people are just ready to sue for anything. I kind of want to say this guy aint bright enough to figure out he is on a closed trail? But it also sounds like he may have been on BB trail, then jumped the platform onto snowdrift. I get that there was a snow gun there, but assumed risk means nothing?
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