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  1. Might as well go ahead and have the wife or kid take care of it at this point. Things will still be “interesting” after this lockdown thing, and its not like you can do curbside pickup on a hair cut. Plus, you wont be the only one needing a haircut in a few weeks.
  2. Looks like some strong storms will be arriving in the area shortly. Sure does rain a lot.
  3. My grass was just cut by the lawn elves. It didnt really need it, i was hoping they wouldnt come around quite yet, but, oh well.
  4. Its the other side of the house that has you losing sleep over.
  5. Fence cleaning day. This has been coming for a long time.
  6. Sanded the railing the other day, stained it today. Luckily i used this color on my shed, so i had some leftover. Super bored at times, and this didnt keep me occupied as long as i had hoped. I stained the two most uncomfortable chairs last week as well. I am officially out of things to stain outside.
  7. My delivery last week really contained most of the items i had picked out, i had to substitute some frozen vegetables for a different kind, but the meat and chicken was available, except i got tenders instead of breasts, but i dont think my shopper was building rockets before going to work at Acme. At first, my delivery was supposed to be between 9 and 10 am, and this was a sunday. When i logged on in the am, i saw "fred is shopping for you". And then i got a text that my order would be delayed, and then delayed again. So, i dont think my order even started to get shopped until noon. Probably not a good time to have the pick of all the goods considering the circumstances. We will see how my order for curbside pick up goes at a different store, i am scheduled for pick up 1 pm on Tuesday. This sort of got me thinking, which i have had an abundance of time to do lately. I am going to start building another order right after i pick that one up, probably a little over a weeks time. Half and half is what i struggle to keep in the fridge, since im drinking like a pot of coffee a day. I am going to try to schedule my next pick up for first thing in the morning. I figure that way, my shopper should have access to the most goods, since you would think the store would be relatively stocked back up overnight. we shall see. Going out for groceries isnt unnecessary. going to target or walmart to buy toys is unnecessary. Good to hear they are sanitizing between customers. The local farm market up the street from me that i love so much is the thing that scares me the most at this point. Havent been there in a weeks. Just way too much stuff being out in the open with peoples hands all over it.
  8. ^^^^lol...."traction park". the stories from that place are incredibly funny. Makes skiing at Blue look incredibly safe.
  9. Asshole. Holy fuck. https://www.yahoo.com/news/u-officials-redistribute-protective-gear-185501065.html
  10. I was fortunate enough to score like a 6 pack of mega roll tp at the giant when i got back from CO. i was also sitting on a few rolls so im pretty good on tp for a while. I am lacking somewhat in the paper towel department but i dont think thats as hard to come buy. Havent actually gone to the store since, i had groceries delivered sunday, and tuesday i will go pick up my curbside order. Nice thing about giants pick up is i can keep adding to the order up until a few hours of my pick up time. I tend to wander around alot grocery shopping, so i avoid that all together with p/u.
  11. Anyone ever use something other than bleach, for cleaning this? Bleach would be the obvious choice, but availability is difficult.
  12. But they are wearing masks and gloves, so its all good! seriously though, the wawa is a germ factory. Just think about what you have to touch just to get inside.
  13. I dont think you are allowed inside. Curbside or window. And to be honest, i wouldnt give 2 fucks if they did close.
  14. Beer distributer, acme, giant all sell smokes. Truckers can get a quick meal the same exact places you do. BK, wendys, mcdonalds. Truck stops are still open as far as i know. Truckers pulling up to a wawa is 1% of their business, and only half have room for trucks. If i were driving a truck, i would be packing my own lunch anyways.
  15. Toys. I would say toys are pretty non essential at this point. I would also say mulch and gardening supplies are pretty non essential at this point, and trust me, i would love to go to the depot and get me some mulch, just to keep me entertained for a bit. im actually on board with this. People need to stop going out, except for things that are really essential. If walmart and target, etc would get on board with this, i think it would stop some people from going out. Making the stores less crowded would probably be a relief for their employees at this point. Days can get long being around the house, but im thankful i dont have to go to work and increase exposure. IMO wawa, sheetz and the like should be shut down except for gas. Every day another wawa gets shut down because an employee was tested positive. They shut them down, clean them and then re-open. There is your petri dish right there.
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