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  1. Thats not exactly encouraging. We need them to get done with that, so they can move onto Razors, so then after Razors they can move onto more trails that we can ski.
  2. how did paradise look as far as snowmaking progress?
  3. Saturday. Sunday if they open. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. Maybe.
  4. based on what Paradise looked like from the quad last week, its gonna need more than 12 hrs of snowmaking. I would be pleasantly surprised if it opened, but not surprised at all if it doesnt go this weekend. Edit - just saw tonights temps are decent for making snow tonight, so better chance. i thought wednesday night was the only window.
  5. I kinda think they will need some more snowmaking before they can open mid week, and im not sure they will get much this week. However, if you want to believe in your favorite weather forecast for next week, it looks to improve like next Tuesday. where have we heard that before. All i want for Christmas is winter. This is very reminiscent of last year. Hopefully winter shows up with a vengeance soon.
  6. Oh, this is disappointing. Is it just the upper part or all of it? Freefall to paradise maybe?
  7. i saw that they opened castlerock.....no lift though. but still, for November thats pertty sweet.
  8. Yeah, this was in an email they sent around, and i kinda typically ignore Blues emails so i missed it as well, Go to your account, make sure you have a pic uploaded, and you dont have any unsigned wavers. i got nervous about this, (mostly because i was at work and didnt have time to do my hair all up pretty) but all my shit was done. maybe because i re-upped before the season ended?
  9. 12:15 and a few guns still going at the base. i has to be way above freezing.
  10. I try not to test out the "open at 7:30" thing. i think i did this once, i was there watching employees walk around the store as i was standing at the door, pretty much doing their best to ignore me. I mean, come on....if you are there, just open the door. i get it if you arent the guy that can put a baller tune on my skis, but maybe you could just be the person that could ring me up for my tune and get me my skis?
  11. I didnt notice paradise and freefall didnt make the list. Hopefully for sat. I cant imagine the second largest snowmaking system wouldnt be able to pull that off.
  12. they are scooping JF. by an hour. In the grand scheme of things, they would be "first to open". They may not open Friday anyways, since Skitoolives has posted on their FB page how they should go about operating their business, and not open on Friday.
  13. One park and Janes? Damn. they really been going all out to achieve that.
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