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  1. I bought my Blue pass for Blue. I for one dont care for Camelback, Blue would like have to be shut down on a powder day, and possibly giving out free beer and snacks for me to show up, pretty much. Even at that, i think they should also carry my skis for me if they even think about charging for parking. But, i do agree with Dougs statement that more people would probably go to Blue from Cameltoe, than vice versa. thats the only thing that bugs me a little about that deal. But, on the flip side of that, if that guy that was a Blue doing the bumps, does work at Toe, then maybe we can finally get rid of @indiggioonce and for all.
  2. Oh, yeah, also Vail is requiring all their employees to be vaccinated.
  3. Vails policy this year is no reservations, chairlifts will be cozy, and masks indoors. my guess is, most will follow suit with similar guidelines.
  4. I actually saw this last week. I guess i was kind of disappointed, since it doesnt really make any of it more clear.
  5. Tonight is the last sunset after 7pm, until sometime in March. enjoy the balance of your evening.
  6. I havent been to the Flying Pig in a while, but the last time i was there, the food and beverage offerings were excellent.
  7. OMG. Facebook complaining will be off the chart.
  8. I thought @Benmfigured out if you went under groups, or tried to buy passes for the zipline, they were in there. So, no matter who owns or manages the place, its pretty apparent not much has changed, right?
  9. I probably should have been more specific. i was wondering if anyone knows if the trenches have been backfilled, and the lights up. I guess Blue did say it would be open, but it has to be finished for it to actually get opened. Following through on somethings may not be Blues strong point as we know.
  10. Anybody have any more insider info on whats going on with Coming Soon?
  11. I hate extended forecasts, and guess's to how the winter is going to turn out, so i did some digging. Open snow did a piece in 2014 comparing winter forecasts - was 2014 the year of the epic Feb ~13-14 ish storm where we rode every inch of Blue, with absolutely no lines, no crowds? Bumblebee Bowl? https://opensnow.com/news/post/should-we-trust-the-farmer-s-almanac Article posted on PASR last year from McCalls. Oops. https://www.mcall.com/news/weather/mc-nws-noaa-winter-outlook-no-snow-lovers-dream-20201016-vb36tuh3vvd43c7mhixs7vd3qu-story.html?fbclid=IwAR2AFLAUWv_jJ8Dj_9Hb756SCpe4NLxM8aTvUtyZodkWUpIAR8bveg-Bn24 Old farmers from last year Farmers Almanac Personally, i think they all just throw darts at a board..
  12. Here you go....from the old farmers almanac, or the farmers almanac, or somewhere on the internet I mean, since its on the internet, it has to be true.
  13. Hopefully this means the quad runs more than not.......
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