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  1. Look at all that stuff you could go mow. Oh my!
  2. It looks like pvc drainage pipe, but…….. what would they be doing with drainage pipe? lets remember this is Blue Mountain. could just be a green coating on steel pipe. Anyways, interesting.
  3. Drill a pilot hole in them before screwing them in.
  4. if the decking is stained, i really dig that color. looks sharp.
  5. no, hit it with like the 80 grit, then 120-160, then stain it.
  6. sort of depends what is left of the stain, and how the wood looks. pressure washing tends to raise the grain in the wood. 80 would probably be a good place to start, belt sanders are pretty aggressive. Make sure all of the nails or screws on the deck are recessed before firing up Mr Scratchy, or you might cut the belt. After an aggresive grit, something like 120 or even a little higher will make the wood real nice and smooth. Should look brand new if you are putting this kind of work into it.
  7. You get to drive that? WTF? i wanna drive that.
  8. Does your hand still feel like it has a sander attached to it?
  9. Perfect! I think i can adjust the bindings to fit your BSL. I will let you try them out first.
  10. Oh, i forgot to mention i saw a pic on FB where someone used skis in place of the wood slats. I thought that was pretty cool. So i have at least 2 pairs of skis i would spread around if anyone wanted to go that route. I hate throwing skis away, always been thinking of how to repurpose them.
  11. Are you driving with this thing attached to your truck? If so thats 2 things. Bad ass and totally redneck.
  12. I think your tongue weight would be fine, but just for shitts and giggles, anybody know how much a chair weighs? If you didnt have a tailgate we could easily make it fold up into the bed, at least in my mind.
  13. for the quick, down and dirty approach, spending some coin on POR15 products might pay off. https://por15.com/ I dont think they have alot of top coat colors though. but they do sell some stuff in spray cans. worth it? ehh, i dont know, but i have used the brush on stuff on some car frames that seems to hold up superior to the rustoleum rust converter stuff i tried. You want to attach it to the truck? explain further.
  14. This is what i would do. Maybe an epoxy coating. Personally i would just slap a coat of paint on it, and hang it up, or put wheels on it so it can be wheeled around the inside of your house or whatever. What i would spend the most time doing, is making sure water cant get inside the metal and lay there. i might go as far as to drill a few holes on the underside of any of the tubing to make sure if water got in, water could get out. I have a buddies scaffolding leaning up against my shed, which has been there since 2007 since i built the addition on my house. of course the s
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