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  1. JFskiDan

    Forum appreciation

    Tattoos really dont do much for me. I probably wont ever get one. I do think face tattoos sort of cross the line. like, there is something so important to you that you need it scrolled across your face? Make sure you are prepared to be rejected for a job for a face tat. Not saying thats right or wrong, but thats the way it is.
  2. JFskiDan

    Forum appreciation

    i work with a lot of guys that have tattoos. Most of which would openly admit they wish they never got. One past employee had a neck tattoo with his wifes/GF's/baby' mama's name. When they split up, he got a cover up. "Candy" went to looking like "Randy" it was fucking hilarious.
  3. JFskiDan

    Forum appreciation

    Let me know how i can help out. And yes, i do appreciate this forum.
  4. JFskiDan

    Forum appreciation

    As do i, but you know i have to say something sarcastic in almost every post.
  5. JFskiDan

    Forum appreciation

    The title was massively deceiving to myself as well. Kudos to you for instantly thinking of yourself, though. 😀
  6. JFskiDan

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    Sorry about that, but you are completely missing the sarcasm associated with my post. Please remove pic. Thank you.
  7. JFskiDan

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    They sort of start to get stupid when you sit down and actually figure out how much it actually does cost to use the boat. Like i said, you really need to be ok with just throwing lots of money at them. The jon boat on a lake isnt bad. But when you need to find a place to keep the boat, other than your driveway, thats kind of the start. I really liked boats. But when you sit down and start to analyze cost to enjoy (at least my boat) for maybe 5 months out of the year, its nuts. Like toast said, introduce salt water and add funds. Salt water fucks everything up. Keep in mind, its cooling your engines. That just doesn't work forever. Add slip fee, insurance, which you really should have, because you are basically floating around with usually a fair amount of gas or fuel, that can become an environmental issues when it stops being contained. Boat insurance is pretty expensive and most marinas will require you to have it if you wanna stay at their place. Then after summer you have to winterize it and store it. Then before you wanna play with it in the spring, you have to de-winterize it and paint the bottom. Then u get to see if it still floats. Rinse and repeat.
  8. JFskiDan

    Jackson hole 2018

    i would rank the breakfast as "better than average", for a hotel with free breakfast. i found it to be on point and very convenient.
  9. JFskiDan

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    Thats correct. Make sure you are more than willing to spend money like crazy on a regular basis to enjoy your boat. That boat there was going to put me in the poor house eventually. Never assume you will get near what you paid for it when you go to sell it either. Every repair cost at least $1000. That boat almost sank. shortly after i bought it and put it in the water, it developed a leak around the outdrive. So, to fix it, it means hauling it out by the boat yard, and then pulling the one engine out to fix the seal. Break out at least a thousand. In perspective, it makes a second home look pretty cheap. I sold that just as, or right before gas prices skyrocketed. That boat burned like 25 gallons an hour at cruising speed. I didnt take it out tons.
  10. JFskiDan

    Jackson hole 2018

    wow. nobody here would have ever guessed that. My co worker is going to Jackson soon with her husband. i am amazed at how much its going to cost them. even the flights are more expensive. I liked the 49'r and everything, but holy crap $265 to like over $300 a night. The coffee was good, but not that good.
  11. JFskiDan

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    I hung out at the shore every summer before i bought the house in the Poconos, but still, never went to the beach. i do get the relaxing listening to the waves. If you dont get any kind of motion sickness, sleeping on a boat, listening to the water slap the side of the boat, might be the best night sleep you will ever have. But, that can easily go the other way when there are 3 footers rolling through the bay, and the gentle slap of the water is now pitching you up and down and tugging on all the dock lines. This was the last boat i owned, which i stayed on for 4 years. I miss boating, but i dont miss funding boats.
  12. JFskiDan

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    lots of schweddy balls this week for sure.
  13. JFskiDan

    the pics from today thread

  14. JFskiDan

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Juiced for this season. Gonna be snowy. Just giving you a heads up this season is gonna be awesome.
  15. JFskiDan

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    I'm with you. over 85 degrees is bullshit in my book. i hate it.