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  1. its 51 degrees in my house in the Poconos. Heat is definitely going back on when i get up there.
  2. Sunday, a little Magic. Still love this place, but really want to hit it with more open. above freezing overnight, so, some firm stuff with a little Blue Mountain type cookies, which softened up pretty fast. Very similar to last year as to what was open. A few groomed runs, and some fun spicy snow, grass, rocks with a few drainage pipe crossings mixed in. Got warm real quick, and that made the run outs real slow, and pretty grabby by 1 pm. Got to ride the black lift. Had a nice burger at the BLT. On the road now.
  3. Saturday, sugarbush. Sometime in the middle of the night @Johnny Law showed up. He headed to the resort a little earlier than us, as we were thinking 10:30 to let some stuff soften up. Firm-ish conditions up top, with softer stuff towards the bottom. The sun started doing its thing and softening stuff up that was in the sun, shady stuff was just a little pokey, but getting there. 1 pm we met up with jeffs buddy nick for some nice laps at castlerock. Terrain at CR was a little limited, selective at times, but still went. Big fun bumps with a good collection of rocks mixed in. Finished off the day with a few runs off heavens gate, ran till just after 3pm or so. sugarbush rocks, sugarbush skied well, and has real nice coverage. That was a pretty energetic day, as even @NMSKI said he was pretty much drained.
  4. Lacking in the trip report for sure. Friday, killington. Very firm to start. Cloudy. No crowds. Ski on every lift like skiitoolive. We ended up on some trail, which should have been called “certain death” as it was the slickest, and most un-skiable trail i have been on in a while. People were eating shit on it hard and ending up in the grass. Skiing the frozen junky bumps on the side was better than doing the power slide in the grass. sun poked out just enough to soften some stuff up. Not entire runs, but parts of runs. Killington has good coverage.
  5. Those of us with IKON passes drove up just past Elk mountain and skied Stratton today. Cloudy, kinda foggy, actually really foggy at times, but no dampness. Some very sticky snow in spots, otherwise if you stayed on the traveled path pretty nice soft spring like snow. 1 photo. killington tomorrow.
  6. JFskiDan

    Sale rumors...

    The only reason it will is because i did not renew. You are welcome.
  7. JFskiDan

    Sale rumors...

    If its true, im still going with a kalahari type thing. Those lifts wont replace themselves. Gonna need to be a chunk of change thrown down soon for lift upgrades.
  8. Welcome back to the world of "supply chain issues". Baltimore is a huge port.
  9. Today was exponentially better than i thought it was gonna be. I almost had myself talked into not going hearing the wind overnight thinking it would be a hill full of ice. i cant figure blue mountain out at all. The one day they knew it was gonna be max occupancy, they run one lift. Then they blow a whole bunch of snow 2 days before it monsoons, at the end of the season, and then they announce another weekend. I hope they wont make the lift mistake again, but i certainly do enjoy the extended season.
  10. Those big radiator looking things might be to cool the air for the guns. when you compress air it gets incredibly hot, which kind of works against what the end goal is.
  11. i cant believe they are still spraying.
  12. quite impressed they are blowing on Razors.
  13. whats interesting is last years closing day report. way more open than what we skied Sunday. I just cant for the life of me figure out what their motivation behind opening this weekend is. I still dont think they care about being the last to close, and they wont take that title. BB is going to be open. will they sell tons of tickets? we know the answer to that, and its no, it will be season passholders that show up. Do they have too much frozen fried food they need to cook up? did they already pay the employees to work this weekend? someone reserved 76 parking spaces in the paid lot? The return on snowmaking this week has to be horrible. why try to patch something together now? just a little bit more snowmaking on lower main in jan/feb would have made it skiable Sunday.
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