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  1. Take it to the JF thread. this is the Indy thread. and the buying old police cars auction thread. 😆
  2. Back on track here, Greek says they will be open this weekend, they have pond skim scheduled for Sat, Montage is "checking out the weather"......they havent closed, but might have. if Saturdays weather shows any kind of rain, my bet is they pack it in.
  3. I wont disagree that the crown vic is a decent car, used parts are plentiful since they built millions of them, even though police departments "follow vehicle maint scheds to the letter" (LOL) cops also love to beat the shit out of thier cars. Not one of the dudes doing a burnout, tossing it around a corner trying to pretend its a Lambo, or jumping it over a curb is going "oh my, i shouldnt do that again, dont want the next owner to think the car was abused"
  4. These would be nice. https://www.amazon.com/Totally-Covers-Animal-Print-Seat/dp/B00NPIQX7I
  5. Hopefully its not the standard cop plastic rear seat, at least some vinyl would make the experience more comfortable. Those super dark tinted windows will really make for some great privacy too. And who would mess with a cop car at inspiration point?
  6. Very fun day today. Obstacles to navigate, small bailout lines, and of course, "the cupcake line". Rain held off until 10. more ski police than patrons. We hit the lot with some drizzle, which turned into a more steady rain, so we tried something new, which was take the parking lot inside, had a few beers, stayed dry, and had a good time.
  7. they just did that today. i was looking earlier. she was looking technical. They may have to farm some snow onto homie stretch.
  8. Thanks. Just here to add relavent content to the site.
  9. wasnt crowded, skied right onto every lift even though it was a powder day on a holiday weekend, twins (pimp!) skied Goat like 8 times, .... that about covers it, right?
  10. I think i will be traveling to Montage, but taking my skis is just such a chore. May have to rent. hope they rent "performance' skis, cause i need 'em. I am really hoping they open next weekend. would fill out my Indy profile a little better for this year. Looks like Shawnee isnt getting a second day from me.
  11. a guided tour of Powder Mountain will probably result in a fantastic day there. Good choice. I remember skiing Powder Country, taking the bus back up, and it was OK, but then we did another section that required the same bus ride back up, and i think it was Woodys, which was tons of fun, except of course when Phillycore did a superman and bonked his head some.
  12. Why? are skitolives kids gonna be there? yes, i will bring them.
  13. Damn. I was really hoping for next weekend to keep things going. Shawnee is throwing in the towel this weekend. Montage and Greek havent said anything yet about closing. I dont really care about Camelback, but JF will be open next weekend. Does anybody know whats up with the dude carrying the toaster?
  14. Demo bindings on the worlds most basic beginner ski. Cool. the only person i would recommend demo bindings to is the adventerous soul that wants to ride the DSkis.
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