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  1. You will have a new appreciation for whats uncomfortable if you get tested for Covid. Its not something you want to do regularly, or even twice for that matter.
  2. We did argue briefly about this in another thread, but we can argue about it some more. Looks like a pretty slow day here.
  3. I know its done alot, but buying a card, to be able to purchase discount lift tickets makes no sense to me.
  4. i really wanted to play with my ski shit this weekend. So nice out.
  5. Hell no. Jay gets a shit load of snow.
  6. Well, i think it was Magic Mountain that was pretty confident we would have a vaccine by February, so you can really just take the political aspect out of it.
  7. You really just have too many issues. I think you should take a strong look at hanging up the skis, and taking up crocheting, or basket making for the winter. I'm sure Doug will still let you come to his Hotel House to "do stuff" though.
  8. We set the trend in so many different aspects of the skiing experience. I would actually imagine the will have some porta shitters set up this year.
  9. The counties with big colleges are starting to make Delco look good.
  10. Whats the snow like? I mean, i know its manmade and all, but is it like Blue Mountain snow, or JFBB snow?
  11. ^^bitches about having to make a reservation to ski, but buys tickets from liftopia. got it.
  12. where u see that pricing? my guess is, since there probably is a limit to how many tickets sold each day, i sort of think "discount" tickets are a thing of the pass. Honestly, they could probably jack up rates pretty good, and still sell out. Just my worthless 2 cents on the subject.
  13. i can tell you for sure, its not OCNJ. but thats all i got.
  14. I might be of the minority around here, but i would pay more for a pass at Blue if they did actually limit the amount of passes sold in a day.
  15. Interesting. Part of me thinks they are trying to lure in the Ikonics to get them to burn up their days in the early season, but im probably just reading to far into it. I would assume for the unlimited resorts, its just like having a season pass from the mountain. If not, oh boy, popcorn time. Its just gonna be interesting how this all plays out. I think JH shutting down season pass sales was a brilliant move on their part. One would have to assume the most profitable ticket they sell is a day pass. So, at least they have some money coming in, where as the season pass money has come in a while back. Not sure where Ikon falls in the profitability department for a resort, but i would imagine its pretty low. Its just interesting other than K, nobody is saying much about it. seems like discount lift tickets could be no more. Unless of course off peak days dont get filled to capacity......what ever that is.
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