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  1. Anything is possible, but most large users would negotiate a rate per KWH. My brother worked for a firm that did this for Whitetail, Liberty, and roundtop, long before they got Vailed. If they are trying to meet a #, why would they be shutting down the quad on busy evenings? Not running both doubles.....etc.
  2. Its also super easy to end up in someones driveway skiing off the trees to the right off Great Western. No cliffs, but a long walk back to the lift.
  3. The mind numbingly dumb shit that gets posted on this site anymore is really starting to out weigh the good stuff.
  4. And i couldnt see myself basically living in one room. My house is actually pretty small, and there are 2 rooms i barely use, but still i like a change of scenery even inside my house. to each his own.
  5. Well, you would need to be driving something from circa 1990's something. Newer diesel engines dont take well to heating oil. Also, if you get caught doing that, you will really regret doing that. Huge fines. not that its real likely you would get caught, but fines are huge. Thats the only reason heating oil and off road diesel are dyed red. and adding a gallon of red to like 50 of on road fuel will still turn the whole tank red.
  6. Remember when i said i dont keep track of gas prices? I dont, but i do have some handy info on the price of Diesel fuel, this was sparked by someone coming to the office telling me they can save me tons of money switching to them, so i had him quote me prices - and i just happen to have my handy file of some pricing from 2019. Keep in mind, these prices do not include taxes, which are about a dollar a gallon. 1/17/2019 - $2.0768 3/06/2019 - $2.2166 3/12/2019 - $2.3409 5/25/2019 - $2.1112 5/28/2019 - $2.1201 5/06/2019 - $2.315 Yesterdays price, from
  7. Looks like we got a real nice solid inch in the poconos.
  8. Looks like it from the cams i have access to.
  9. MALVERN is doing quite well. 4-5 inches easy.
  10. Thats pretty funny right there. #chescoproblems
  11. left my house with light flurries at like 5:20. within 2 miles i was on snow covered roads, and by the time i got to work there was 2-3" there. Looks like i wont be at work too long today.
  12. I dont really write down past gas prices, but im thinking 60 cents in the past 3 weeks is a little on the high side.
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