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  1. Based on my drive here which i usually see 1 car, its gonna be a shit show. Followed a bunch of cars here.
  2. I am going to start a GoFundMe page so they can send the groomers somewhere to learn how to do it. Holy fuck do they need help in that department. Their busiest day to date, and this is the best they could do. Cookies are one thing, but if they could just groom the trails flat, it would be such a huge improvement. Their FB page already has some comments about the grooming being less than stellar. I went into today thinking i would stick around to ski the second session in the snow, but i felt like even fresh snow couldnt fix things today. Never a bad day in the parking lot though. See you weirdos tomorrow for round 2.
  3. I would gladly pay more for my pass if it meant less crowds.
  4. Agree. Agree. sticking around when it starts snowing will be a game day decision.
  5. Good info. Thanks for posting that. You have lawn issues dude.
  6. This is kind of an example of the dumb stuff you should just keep to yourself.
  7. Running a ski business in our climate would put me on pills. Theres gotta be a point where you just say, enough is enough. Maybe its close to that time. I mean, look at the grooming of late. It hasnt been spectacular, and i wonder if it will get better. Does anybody working there actually care about the end product they put out? I will give them props for making snow at the very first opportunity they can, and what they have been able to do in between winter/summer/winter/summer so far this season. Historically the day after some type of snow has been great. We shall see.
  8. RidgeRacer and my self made some epic turns there when we had that snow in October many moons ago. Truth is, we did ski there, but it was far from epic.
  9. There you go complaining about the bumps they made for you again. 😀
  10. This is the big question. I have no plans on Sat that cant be rearranged to make for the best skiing. Maybe a morning session, refreshments, ski, lunch, ski, refreshments, who knows really at this point. Maybe make a trip to home depot and bed bath beyond.....not sure if we would have time. This is where NMSKI's camper thing would come in handy, albeit end up smelling like farts in the end. I'm not sold on any forecast at this point, and based on prior "winter" events this season, the best forecast will be the one made Saturday morning.
  11. I will say it will be a bigger shit show on Sunday if it snows even a little in Philly. Those that wont drive up saturday in the snow, will surely be there Sunday for all the fresh pow.
  12. I'm coming to play, just kinda depends what happens with the weather.
  13. Agree. As much as we might complain about some things at Blue, it could go totally the other direction. Blue is fucked up, but its our kind of fucked up. They can actually function without that lift. Not super convenient, but Vail isnt in the convenience business. This is probably accurate, that is their business model. Its also pretty apparent at this time, putting money into those resorts isnt a priority. I have been saying this since the get go. The quad at JF, and the fact that BB is just a little over half open, proves this. JFBB has been Vailed. I can guarantee that my somewhat unconventional mechanic skills could fix their "banana in the tail pipe" (algea clogging snow guns) Honestly, anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out a solution there. i dont think this issue is bothering Vail too much. True. And i think its odd that even patrol i guess considers this the "new normal.:" But, lets not forget, these are the guys that opened Razors when it was a complete sheet of ice. You would think at some point, some employee of decent stature would step up and say, "you know, our grooming kind of sucks at times." What will be really interesting, is what happens to the other 3 PA Vail resorts. I wonder if pass sales from those areas would drop so low they would consider them a loss. It seems like those people down there hate the idea of traveling to other mountains, and if conditions at those places really go downhill, will people just give up? I would imagine those places are really not seeing any love from Vail at all. They have been Vailed.
  14. Unlikely with his rose colored googles on.
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