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  1. JFskiDan

    Peak news

    When i was still at Frost, i rode the lift with a guy who was way smarter than i. We had a conversation about them going public. He felt that paying a dividend on stocks was cheaper than any loan would cost. Easy way to get money to buy stuff, and pay out less than the interest on a loan. kinda makes sense.
  2. JFskiDan

    Peak news

    A friend of mine said this as well. Why, or how he knew that was a mystery me, being as he isnt a Blue groupie, big skier, etc. It was the same as if Doug was to turn to you and give you a real good home maintenance tip.
  3. JFskiDan

    Peak news

    i'm not drinking the "i want vail to buy blue" cool aide. Yet. "classing the joint up" will come with a price tag. Easiest way to fund "classing the joint up" will be through ticket sales. Dont bitch when the price of a fancy lower lodge (which i only go in to use the bathroom) or paved parking lot (which serves the same purpose as the lodge) comes at an increase in pass price. I'm cool with a pass increase provided it benefits the skiing. IMO, a fancy lodge, or paved parking lot doesnt benefit the skiing. Snowmaking, grooming, etc benefit the skiing. Lets sit back, and watch what goes on at Okemo this year before filling our Vail champagne flutes with Vail champagne. I am surprised Barb hasnt woke up one day and said, i dont need this, and cashed out. . Unless she truly loves running a weather dependent, high risk business. Or maybe there is just nothing to cash out. Peak has added some new snowmaking equipment to Frost. nothing super significant though. I think one of the lifts at JFBB is being replaced. Peak still blows my mind. Take a day at Frost mid season on a Saturday and you just have to wonder how they make money. Go to Blue on the same day, and they are carting off cash from ticket sales in dumptrucks. And now they own 5 of the smallest PA resorts. Personally, i thought after Hunter they would look to dump the smaller stuff, but it makes sense to keep them on their pass. The internet hub-bub is those three resorts will have resort specific season passes, vs the multi pass, which is the only pass you can buy at JFBB.
  4. JFskiDan

    Peak news

    It actually blows my mind that Peak has money to be buying up other resorts like they have. Press release - https://www.peakresorts.com/news-updates/snowtime/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=st_welcome&utm_content=jfbb
  5. JFskiDan

    Peak news

    Welcome Liberty, Whitetail & Roundtop! Jack Frost & Big Boulder would like to extend a warm welcome to Liberty Mountain Resort, Whitetail Resort, and Roundtop Mountain Resort, to the Peak Resorts family! Today, Peak Resorts announced its intent to purchase these three unique properties - located just two hours down the road from us in south central Pennsylvania - bringing the Peak Resorts family to a total of 17 resorts across the country.
  6. JFskiDan

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    You are telling me. this weather sucks...its killing me. I read something that Harrisburg has had 111 days of measurable rain in the 258 days of this year. I am always here browsing and posting. Just different levels of excitement for skiing depending on the time of year.
  7. JFskiDan

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    When we get a nice crisp fall day with lower humidity, then i will start getting excited about skiing.
  8. JFskiDan

    Ikon Pass

    Was it determined that you would have to get a pass each day at each resort?
  9. JFskiDan

    18/19 Season Update

  10. JFskiDan

    18/19 Season Update

    Discount tickets for Elk? Next you are gonna tell me occasionally you see a Elvis riding a Unicorn at the summit running through the newly planted trees.
  11. JFskiDan

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Big hurricane coming. Gotta hand it to Camden for always being prepared.
  12. JFskiDan

    18/19 Season Update

    I get that. There is no right or wrong here. I would rather spend $70 bucks to go ski Elk with some buddies than ski Blue by myself.
  13. JFskiDan

    18/19 Season Update

    I am willing to bet, out of all the ski joints in PA, JFBB has the best (coldest) average temps. The difference in temps for JFBB really pay off in the beginning of the year. They can slam the little tilted tabletop with snow for 24 hrs and open.
  14. JFskiDan

    18/19 Season Update

    Are you down? If so you're more than welcome. As is anyone else who can fit in the flex. no HSQ = no GSS
  15. JFskiDan

    18/19 Season Update

    Elk is always expensive. no way to get around that. I feel like the past two years at Blue that week was less crowded than i thought it might be, maybe that translates over to Elk as well, dunno. Christmas is on a Tuesday. I actually wish it was on a weekend.