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  1. My bad. I was lost......the only reason i knew it had to be your house was from the lines in the lawn. I didnt see you mowing the lawn, so i had to assume you were not home.
  2. I have seen it from the street. It looks bigger in person. big back yard.
  3. They keep kicking around the idea of some 90 degree temps next week, at least for Phila. Once i can shut the A/C off, open the windows to where you wake up in the middle of the night freezing cold, then i will really get in the spirit. It was nice in the Poconos last weekend though.....almost downright chilly overnight.
  4. Just for the record, i dont think you lack common sense. My comment is based off my buddy and his wife buying (or whatever you call it) a timeshare in Florida. Its a ridiculously small time they can use it....like 3 weeks or something. I never understood why this would appeal to anyone. Keep in mind, one of my buddies most famous sayings is "its only xxx$$$ per month." So, i know they used it the first 2 years they had it, and then he told me dragging his son, daughter in law and their 2 kids down to FLA was really expensive, and pretty much, not feasible to do every year. His is also "use it or lose it", which i think he has done the later more so lately. Never made sense to me to be tied to this thing, without any real ownership. Oh, and now he and his wife are divorced, so god knows how that works.
  5. Its just like people showing up at Blue at 11 am on a saturday expecting perfect fresh cord and no crowds. People lack common sense.
  6. Test run to Blue this morning. Looking pretty green.
  7. Ha ha.....Giftcards......that dude was cruisin for a bruisin from the get go. That was funny. Enjo with the economics lesson.
  8. Wow. i read that exact same thing. word for word.
  9. Uh oh. Skittoo live might not be Epic after all?
  10. Pretty sure he wants to go about his day with as little human contact as possible. That garage is all storage. just tires, small equipment and junk. its very apparent nobody works out of there. He has to go past the main garage about 60' to get to this one.
  11. Yes. Nothing exciting though. The coffee sitting on top of that is what im really interested in.
  12. I sort of manage deliveries at work. I put the sign up friday. Wtf is up with the fedex guy?
  13. Long range from another weather source.
  14. i'm going with this one. Notice right over top of us it says "blizzard"
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