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  1. Sunday is Easter, only athiests and agnostics will be there cutting their already low turnout by 90%. But really, they should at least stay open through Satruday. If the weather is 50 and brilliant, i'd be pissed. I'm long since done there this year, but why not stay open that one extra day?
  2. Winter


    Something i didnt know, i haven't been there much in many years but never saw an advert. or sign pointing to a course off the access road. Isn't $50k a bit generous GSS? I'd lean more towards 'just has a job'.
  3. Winter


    Really huh? Didn't know that. Never poked around up there much. Full 18 holes? I'm pretty sure it was more or less a recent thing and not part of the original development. Could be wrong there too.
  4. Winter


    Exactly as guitar sez. Glenmaura or something like that. No Golf, just higher end development for Scranton's rich and famous.
  5. Winter


    Y'all know Sno isn't currently owned by anyone who knows anything about the ski industry, right? If it were up to whatever managerial structure was remaining there, they'd have pushed for some end of year fun stuff. But the bank got 'em and they want to stop hemmoraging $$$. Word does have it that employees there were told they have a job next year. Whether that means coming back as on-snow work or coming back with chainsaws and wrenches to start gutting the place for condos, who knows.
  6. I might be up there once more before the end, will ask some friends. What's the deal with 'em?
  7. Winter

    Elk Mountain Jingle

    Joe owns so much land here I think he could/should open up a separate park area close by but not within elk itself. He doesn't like parks but he likes making money.
  8. Winter

    Elk Mtn Law Suit??

    Sorry, missed ya. Race party next week, I'll look for you then. Too crowded today, we're packing up. Have fun tonight if you are hanging around
  9. Winter

    TR BC 2/14

    Send some ladies to elk please, this place is beat for that.
  10. Winter

    Elk Mtn Law Suit??

    Good thing you stayed in lower pa bro, crazy crazy busy, other parking lot packed. I didn't ski long today, instead working on the house instead. I'll pop in later tonight if you are still at the party, not sure if I'm sticking around tomorrow, can't handle the crowds!
  11. Winter

    Elk Mtn Law Suit??

    Hey coach, I do probably spend too much time here, lol. This year I've kept my earplugs in and haven't paid too much attention to the chatter. I'm just tweaked cause of all the turmoil at anyplace where I spend good money to escape the 9-5only to run into more BS. I'm finding it best to keep focus on the snow, and post ski beverages ;-) I heard nothing about that preliminary hearing, and I have no hope for a quick resolution. You going up this weekend?
  12. Lol Kyle, I wasn't aware they were allowed to do that. I see the benefit of tossing kids in moguls and parks to better their skiing, but with as crowded as bear is, probably not the best place for that. Plus I'll wager the instructors don't know shit about park etiquette either.
  13. I'd skip it. If you go, the trick is to get some early turns in, break for an early lunch and get back out when the lunch crowd comes in. Otoh, it can't be worse than bear creek.
  14. Yo coach, welcome aboard. Hey, you'd never thnk that you'd ever get a good bloody out of a plastic cup, but ain't bad eh? When are you heading up again? This weekend will be a mess crowd wise, we may take a weekend off.
  15. Stay outta this thread brotha, sore subject with the park rats around here, lol. Catch ya on the elk threads!
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