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  1. I was kidding. Flurries at best. Good day here though. A little crispy first thing but nice and buttery once the sun came out.
  2. Near white out conditions here at Blue Mountain this morning
  3. OutCold


    I was up there today too. Switchback was cookie city. I saw a guy do a nut banger on one of the rails on come around followed by a clean double ejection, it was spectacular. I'd say lazy to falls was run of the day.
  4. You know what's worse than this forum being shitted up by GSS? ...It being shitted up by someone complaining after every post of his insulting him. You know what's worse than that? ....this forum being shitted up by someone insulting other people because they think they're insulting GSS We all know GSS is annoying, but he's not going away so if it bothers you this much you're probably better off finding another forum for PA skiing and riding.
  5. Both mountains are great. Whiteface definitely has the accommodations you're looking for. Gore gets a lot of flack for some reason, but I really enjoy it. It's an uncrowded, great mountain with good trees and some great cruisers. Whiteface definitely has more challenging terrain too. For your needs, it sounds like Whiteface is the place to go.
  6. I live in Fenwick Island. Nothing breaks around here anymore. It seems like they are constantly doing beach replenishment here which kills the sand bars. It's all just a big conspiracy to pump money into the pockets of the Great Lakes Dredging Company.
  7. Funny that a lesson is required for sliding down a hill on an inner tube (essentially an unskilled activity), but not required to slide down a mountain on razor edged planks that have a much greater potential to kill someone.
  8. I was wearing a black jacket. It was a close call. He could have easily been confused.
  9. Your memory is better than mine. I thought we stayed in North Creek. I was basically the only person outside at 10pm in the town so the cop thought I was up to no good. Trying to find cell reception wasn't a good enough excuse for him. He just gave me some shit about looking suspicious, nothing major.
  10. Haha...Afroman....what happened to that guy?
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