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  1. RootDKJ

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Yeah, but a Mini is still a mini BMW, where as a Sonic is just another american econobox.
  2. RootDKJ

    2/19...night moves..new pants.

    I can't believe you actually got new pants. I probably won't even recognize you now.
  3. RootDKJ

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Just started up here. Very light flurry.
  4. RootDKJ

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    Not this weekend. Probably by next.
  5. RootDKJ

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    That's great you guys. I'm glad you're all enjoying this.
  6. RootDKJ

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    I also should add that I’ve been thinking about getting a Belleayre pass since @GSSucks and I were talking about it at the Warren Miller night. This incident pushed me into it.
  7. RootDKJ

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    Maybe, but maybe I wouldn't know any bette in that case, that those rollers, historicall, have never been there.
  8. RootDKJ

    NJ Cannabis Legalization Thread

    I hear this might actually go through this time. I wonder who got bought off?
  9. RootDKJ

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    My libertarian beliefs are directed towards the government. We shall agree to disagree on this matter. Blue fucked up, and I'm still pissed about it.I'm putting my money where my mouth is by not giving them my business next season. Will I ski Blue again this season? Yes. Will I ski Blue next season? I hope so.
  10. RootDKJ

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    Don’t be silly. I’m not about money but you knew that already. I probably have some mild PTSD, as every time I close my eyes, I see myself approaching the rollers in my minds eye. And every fucking time there’s still nothing I can do about it. I want to trust Blue again, but how does one go about doing that? Take Jim’s word for it they they won’t do something negligent again?
  11. RootDKJ

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    It's alright. I still can't move my thumb properly or rotate my shoulder. Started PT on Friday, 3x a week. Gotta follow up with spine doc tho on the 25th.
  12. RootDKJ

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    I've heard back from JimD. Apparently, they had the rollers on the list to mark, but other (unknown) priorities delayed it until after someone got hurt. He claims to be putting in new process that will delay opening, if known hazards aren't marked. I'm skeptical at best. Jim is asking me to trust him, after he already failed me. I think I may need to break up with Blue for a bit.
  13. RootDKJ

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    I emailed Jim D yesterday morning, requesting he call me. It's been well over 24 hours, so I've left him a voice mail, again requesting he call me.
  14. RootDKJ


    If any good comes out of all of this, that section of Razors runout will forever be known as “Roots Rollers” ☠️
  15. RootDKJ

    PA Cannabis Legalization Thread

    I hate big government republicans. Hypocrites.