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  1. RootDKJ

    Bleu le Vrai - 12/17/18 - Grooming Razors

    Doug knows everything.
  2. RootDKJ

    Snowing & Scrumptious

  3. RootDKJ

    Snowing & Scrumptious

    Fixed it for you.
  4. RootDKJ

    Weekend roll call thread 12/15-16...

    I think I’m out this weekend.
  5. RootDKJ

    Blue Sunny Skies

  6. RootDKJ

    Blue Sunny Skies

    No. I don't know what she looks like.
  7. RootDKJ

    Blue Sunny Skies

    No. I have to be an adult tomorrow.
  8. RootDKJ

    Blue Sunny Skies

    Same as yesterday. Nice smooth and grippy. Empty
  9. RootDKJ

    6packs - 12/11-18

    You don’t ski razors anyway. The whole crew went down razors and once toast went over the headwall, you skirted over to paradise. This morning was real fun. Skied 9:30-12 Back at it tomorrow morning. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. RootDKJ

    12/9/18..better snow..Sunday

    I’ll be up tomorrow morning. I should be there by 9.
  11. RootDKJ

    Catskills - Poconos Analogous Mountains

    Blue = Belleayre 1. Both begin with the letter 'B' 2. Both have a bar with an outdoor deck 3. The gondubie and 6-pack lifts both take 7 minutes bottom to top
  12. RootDKJ

    12/9/18..better snow..Sunday

    Yup. That's part of the reason I went Sunday instead of Saturday. Oh and it was so nice to be back on Lazy yesterday. Great conditions. Really fun to just let the skis rip it up.
  13. RootDKJ

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    You should do this.
  14. RootDKJ

    Bluest da Truest 12/7/18

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. RootDKJ

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    No, you won’t. Someone will get to it before you.