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  1. Today’s report inspired me to do some night skiing. it’s raining. It’s empty and the snow is soft and fast. So far I’m dry. 6 is spinning but not loading. Happy NewYear!
  2. Wow, just wow. Sixer not running has me shaking my herman...
  3. I’m glad I’m the guy who builds the infrastructure, installs, tests and launches the routers, servers and transport systems, and not the guy who has to fix them.
  4. Nice job. I saw the last of all the down customers, sucks. I’m surprised we don’t have one in one of the local spares depo’s.
  5. I joined that outage bridge for a bit since I was getting spammed every few minutes on the Bucks Headend disto and it connects to my SUR in Sellersville. What was the final fix on the Juniper MEG?
  6. I don’t think so. We were talking about this in the lot on Saturday and the general consensus was to let someone else go first and find out. It would be boner city if blue actually removed them and the trail was in play for the first time.
  7. Today was fun. Midway/Lower Main wasn’t that good but Burma was a nice cruiser.
  8. It was such a relief to find my season pass. Congratulations!
  9. Have fun out there today folks! I can’t wait to read the reports.
  10. Blue totally needs lotside delivery services. I need to clear my morning schedules.
  11. Does anyone have a guess if Blue is going to be open midweek next week?
  12. Unfortunately I won’t be there for opening day, I have an appointment on Friday morning I cannot reschedule. I’m thinking about Saturday morning at the moment. I’m stoked to be back at Blue. Big Snow was good for a quick fix, but there’s nothing like being back a Blue.
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