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  1. Only 443 in dirty jersey today 👍🏻
  2. Yeah, same here. I keep wondering how “everyday” things go back to normal again. Like Trick-or-treating? I get that it’s a great opportunity to wear a mask, but seems like a good way to spread the rona around all at the same time.
  3. My father-in-law's girlfriend has the 'Rona.
  4. No, he was at their house on Friday.
  5. Sorry if I offended anyone. Sometimes I’m my stupidest when I try to be funny. Turns out the brother has Covid too. He’s the “upsell you guy” at a Nissan dealership. My FIL is freaking out and I don’t blame him.
  6. My father-in-law's girlfriend's two "children" (42 & 46 years old) both still live at home with their mother in a 55+ community (we call them "the barnacles"). Anyway, the oldest (daughter) has been sick with a fever and went to go get tested for the klung-flu on Sunday. She got the official results yesterday and is positive for Covid-19. The son's test result didn't come in yet, and their mother didn't get tested as she feels fine.
  7. The brake on the toe piece is messing with me. Very cool though.
  8. Florida cam looking busy...
  9. Just brewed a fresh cup!
  10. Yeah the ‘Rona has derailed our moving plans. Here’s what I’m drinking tonight! Should be fun.
  11. I love me some Weis... Tough times and sadly no Weis near me.
  12. Chlorox wipes taste soooo much better 🤪
  13. I hate cleaning shit up. If I crew cut it, I'll do it outside for sure and just clean up with a hose.
  14. I think we are getting a partial check. Mostly due to my wife not working for almost 6 months last year. What ever we do get we'll just put into our joint account. I ApplePay'd my barber for my next 3 haircuts two weeks ago. He offered to come to my home and cut it in my driveway but I told him it could wait. I'll probably just crew cut if it ever gets warm.
  15. The range there is closed.
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