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  1. the pics from today thread

    Not my ladder. Roofing company working on fixing the gutters yesterday.
  2. the pics from today thread

    Belleayre Beach
  3. Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    I'm not looking at gapervision until November unless it's to watch AngryHugo getting rowdy on on a bike.
  4. the pics from today thread

    Got my summer waxing done this morning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Undecided at this time.
  6. Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    I'm not going to make this easy for you. Once I get back from Prague, I'm going to be biking a whole lot. I'm down for this.
  7. Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    The 108's are stiffer in the tips and tails compared to the 88's.
  8. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Thunderstorms here
  9. Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    It's like comparing the Mantra's to the Bacons, only wider.
  10. Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    Mostly, getting work projects to the point where they won't completely derail the two weeks I'm in Europe. Haha. Burlier. Takes a lot more speed to get the 108's to carve but those big fat tips blasted right though the spring mashed taters. I was getting spray shots on my legs.
  11. NJ Cannabis Legalization Thread

    Already 100% legal. Just go on craigslist and look for someone selling a $250 glass mason jar with a free ounce of weed inside.
  12. NJ Cannabis Legalization Thread

    Better yet... Train trip. Newark to Boston is like 4 hours. Bring some smelly proof jars with ya.
  13. Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    So I took a week or so off to focus my non-skiing life back on track after all the shit I've blown off this winter... What an awesome day closing day at Blue was this year. It was so quiet in the morning, you could hear the birds singing on the lift. Snow softened up around noon and I got to ski my last runs on some baller Head Monster 108's. Great Sausage Sunday, what a way to wrap up a way better than average winter.
  14. April 2nd Perder Merder.

    Where did you order them from?