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  1. I was not aware. Good on him. Yea, him and every other Tom, Dick and Harry. God I hate Summit County.
  2. chippy lives out here now too? shit... i wonder if it's too late to retract the offer i put on that house this morning. also, wp is rad, but it's def the kind of mountain that seems pretty boring until you learn where all the goods are. even then... you need to know what conditions need to be to hit said goods. if i didn't get to ride with glenn, i'd probably hate wp.
  3. that cat walk can be a bitch if you come into it from the wrong spots. i still can't believe you lapped the elevator shoots for an entire day when you couldn't get a pass. that's fucking commitment. glenn's previous place of business. i stayed there a bunch too. so much fucking pizza and red bull.
  4. beautiful airhead! i'm itching to buy one similar, but have to hold off until after the new house purchase. luckily, my father in law is on his way to buy a a 79 R100RS, and he needs me to store it (he currently has about a dozen vintage enduros in his garage, and no room for the beemer). so i get to store and ride the beemer while he restores and sells off a few of his collection. so in a few days i'll be riding around (temporarily) on this bad boy (yes i agree the fairing/windshield needs to go, but that's not my call): i've been cruising around on a 73 Suzuki TS250. i love the look
  5. one of the best rides in the country can be seen from their kitchen sink: http://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails/monarch-crest-trail.html I haven't ridden it yet because I haven't been able to organize my riding buddies to come along when we go visit. Seems a little too serious of a ride to do solo (at least for my skill set). The father-in-law offered to run shuttle, but I just haven't been able to get a ride together yet. I tried to make it happen the day after the wedding, but too much whiskey got in the way.
  6. Her parent's bought the land and the home they live in as their retirement plan. They are certainly doing just fine financially, but rich is probably an overstatement. They have no intentions on doing anything to the land aside from enjoying the seclusion it offers. It's not really all that close to anything that would support developing it anyway. In addition, they are surrounded by BLM land on 3 sides. So I'm sure they are restricted in many ways on what they could do even if they wanted to. It's an amazing spot, and we head there as often as we can. Love it there. Aspen groves all over the
  7. If she was a rich girl I wouldn't be using money as an excuse for not hitting the mountain. I have no intentions of giving up snowboarding. I'll probably do both depending on who I'm with, and what the plan for the day is. Thought learning to ski might be beneficial in the coming years if we decide to have kids. Seems a lot easier dealing with a wee when you're on skis. In addition, if said wee one wants to learn to ski I'd like to be able to contribute to the miseducation.
  8. Thanks man, it's def awesome out here. I'm in it for the long haul now for sure (not that I ever had intentions of moving back). My wife's entire family lives out here (although none of them are natives). We were married on her parent's 50acre property outside of Salida, CO (closest resort is Monarch for those familiar). I'll be the first to admit that I've been slacking on my trips to the mountain. The last year was pretty crazy with planning a wedding, and a honeymoon to Yosemite and points west. So the funds have been low, and I've also acquired an addiction to vintage motorcycles to boot.
  9. yup, and he seems to love it up there. i regularly try to convince him and his lady friend to move back to the front range, but so far i've had no luck. still see him about once a year though. he was a groomsman in my wedding, so that's the last time we got to kick it.
  10. if ya'll think it's boring around here i'm sure i could bribe glenn to make an appearance again. i'd like to say i could launch an assault with glenn and dharrisburg, but dh seems pretty immersed in the scene these days. i'm not even sure he'd reply to me if i tried.
  11. "he's back" may be an overstatement. i pop in from time to time to lurk, and when i did this time i noticed this thread. felt like i needed to post SOMETHING. i believe i come in as member #9, and remember chatting online with Greg (thinksnow) almost 10yrs ago about starting a non-resort centric pa ski/ride community. seems like a decade ago... errr
  12. well happy fucking birthday jackwagons
  13. With the good come the bad... It's been a crappy early season. The good thing though, Jan/Feb/Mar ALWAYS make up for it out here in CO. We're gonna get snow, there's no argument there. It's just a matter of timing.
  14. haha. says the ass clown who works for his parent's, and rode around in a "company car".
  15. Barb, I'll def be down to take advantage of that. I'd love to do a weekend up there with the misses where we don't have to fight our way back to Denver each night. Also, congrats on the new purchase(s). You're really living the Colorado Dream!
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