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  1. geez, i rode right by switchback and had no idea it was open smh. my last lift ride i even heard someone talking about it and i assumed they were mistaken
  2. damn welcome back! its been like 13 years
  3. about a minute west of the capital building
  4. just booked our place...staying in a victorian house in downtown SLC. looking more and more like day 4 will be powder mountain
  5. im worried about potential crowds, i was shocked last week at the gaper invasion. are thursday mornings as we know them dead?
  6. now that im old and over the hill, crowds at the mountain make me angrier than they used to. i think its cause the past 2 thursday mornings have left me disappointed with so many people there. but as you said, blue needs all the money they can get so ill just suck it up
  7. Woops, I meant Sunday, idk why I said Saturday. As you said, the "snow in the backyard" crowd will be in full force on what is already one of the biggest weekends if the year
  8. gotcha. of the 7 times ive been to montage, long haul was running for 5 of them which is apparently pretty rare
  9. doesnt montage do that almost every year with long haul?
  10. is it possible for you to not be a douche for just one day?
  11. I don't have an issue with, just wanted to make sure I didn't have a defective pair or something lol
  12. enjoyed my new I/O's yesterday. one thing i have to get used to is the increased air flow, which i assume is for anti fogging. i was a little concerned the lens is not flush with the frame, but reading reviews both these seem normal @Shadows have you noticed this?
  13. i was literally talking to a PASR (i forget who) like 3 weeks ago that I am over due to find money on the ground. I have found 3 $50 bills in my life, and countless $20's. on the lift with that same PASR, i saw the kid in front of us drop 2 $10 bills. I said I'll do the right thing and give them 1 run to get them, if not, they are fair game. Going back up the lift i saw the kid getting them, took them forever to get to them and I could have easily gotten them, walked back, and strapped back in. however, racing down the mountain to get $20 before kids did would have been pretty low. i havent found anything more than $1 since me and matt edge found $60 on switchback 2 or 3 years ago
  14. Picked up smith I/O tonight. Thanks to the PASRs for the suggestions. Tried on the 4D googles and I don't see the big deal...but they are meant for snow and not stores so who knows
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