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  1. We got almost nothing in conshy. I was sitting on my porch waiting for the show, but it missed us I guess. I went back and replayed the radar...it showed an orange cell hitting us around 1:25 but I don’t recall seeing it lol
  2. Teaching elementary kids online is harder work and longer hours than teaching them in school. I hear middle and high schoolers are easier to teach online. A lot of teachers are working their asses off right now
  3. I’m starting to hear more and more people become less concerned with getting sick and more concerned with not being able to pay bills. I say within a few weeks a lot of people will he saying fuck it and going about their lives as normally as possible. Then, the state police will come in to enforce and all hell breaks loose
  4. Never understood mulch. My parents do it every year and now the garden beds are literally inches higher than the pavement
  5. Not yet but I will be picking up n95s tomorrow so I plan on it for the future. Today was the first time I left the house in a few days
  6. Shout out to the group of guys standing right in front of wawa’s doors Eating their lunches so everyone going into the store has to walk right next to them
  7. I did more mulching today, seems like a task that never ends
  8. Kenneth Copeland is one of the GOAT televangelists. Complete hustler with nothing to do with religion lol
  9. Starting to hear more and more people discuss how we will punish China when this is all said and done. Not the time and place right now, but will be an interesting subject down the road regardless of how you feel
  10. To clarify, I am referring to a specific Jewish sect, not the entire religion.
  11. A vast majority of Jewish people hate the Hasidics more than non-Jewish people do. Even the conservative Jewish who cannot drive or use electricity on Friday nights are very vocal about their dislike of them
  12. Don’t forget the circumcision blow jobs and waving chickens in the air before slitting their throats On public street as children walk to school with blood literally flowing in the gutters
  13. They caused a measles outbreak in Brooklyn 6 months ago. Also, statistically they are the biggest welfare scammers in the whole country (doesn’t include the incredible amount of property tax fraud they commit). The stuff I’ve seen those people get away with is incredible. Don’t forget they have their own police force that goes around and kicks the shit out of non-Jews
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