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  1. Mid-week Opening

    thats the plan. see you there
  2. Mid-week Opening

    im getting excited for tomorrow
  3. Pick me a ski

    mantras are the only skis i know, thus what i always recommend
  4. Pick me a ski

  5. Zee Lights

    i thought she had mild autism or some type of disorder?
  6. Zee Lights

    Did anyone ever find out what her deal was?
  7. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    1-2 inches of snow for blue tonight
  8. BC Still Sucks

    is that PC Principal?
  9. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    This is true. 5 years ago Camelback had ads on some cabs. Blue had billboards near Newark airport and Lincoln tunnel. Living in the Bronx I had a pass to camelback. When I was in Brooklyn the plan was to get a blue pass
  10. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    if i was taller, id saw my leg off and give it to wentz
  11. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    is it possible to donate your ACL? if so, will that render snowboarding impossible?
  12. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    i agree, although campgaw in NJ comes in a close second
  13. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    cant do anything but salute blue for their effort so far. as much as i like to moan and bitch, all in all they run a pretty good ship. they've been on top of their game this year. should pay off for them with a busy Christmas week.
  14. Zee Lights

    Boner City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    trump called out senator Kristen Gillebrand for having sex with politicians in exchange for money and favors lol. the anti slut shamers are going crazy