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  1. started a fire on thursday night, but still no heat yet
  2. last year i was waiting for someone to poach it and get impaled by one of the many pieces of re-bar sticking up from the ground
  3. keep us updated. would be cool as shit to have you posting grooming TR's in real time. would certainly be a PASR first. having a job where you have to interact with little to no people sounds incredible
  4. Hell yea toast. You stay dropping great train pics
  5. most mornings i pull into blue im debating if i should go shit or hold it in for 3 hours. unfortuantely, holding it in isnt always possible thanks to gravity
  6. good looks. according to wikipedia they do not eat mosquitos
  7. I thought this was some type of mosquito, but a co worker claims its a bug that eats mosquitos. Anybody know? Between the lantern flies, stink bugs, and these things... It's an insect invasion
  8. i read this post and remembered XANADU was supposed to open this month, it has now been pushed back to December lol
  9. this is good news. the poconos needs some fresh development to stimulate the economy
  10. Witnessed a yellow jacket grab a mosquito in mid air, pin it down in a dirty looking position, kill it after a 2 minute struggle, then fly away with the dead mosquito. A spider stopped by to watch the first part of the battle
  11. People at dollar general are debating whether the guy was drunk or had a stroke.
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