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  1. theprogram4

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    fixed that for you
  2. theprogram4

    Screw Vail, when you can have Oxy!

    The sackler family is arguably the biggest reason why there is a heroin epidemic right now
  3. theprogram4

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    doug is a fucking powder magnet. its amazing how he gets powder pretty much every trip he makes out west. enjoy it doug!
  4. theprogram4

    the pics from today thread

    @Johnny Law, we need pics and a TR from your Tahoe trip!
  5. theprogram4

    Aspen/Snowmass 3/30-4/6

    damn this TR was slacking big time. 7 ski days and we heard about 2 of them. might be time to put toast in charge of PASR
  6. theprogram4

    4/7@The Camel...

    Great day of spring riding with Doug and Root. Only had to wear under armour and a t shirt. Didn't know this would be my last day, but looks like it is based on boulders Facebook. No big deal, this was one of my best seasons ever
  7. theprogram4

    Colorado 4/3-4/7

    salty, you are a gift to this forum
  8. theprogram4

    Sunday 4/7 roll call...

    was it bumped up?
  9. theprogram4

    Sunday 4/7 roll call...

    is the hump open? it was closed thursday
  10. theprogram4

    3/30 ..Closing Day?

    im not sure. apologies to rodney if i misidentified
  11. theprogram4

    the pics from today thread

    they could get bounced in the first round. all this talent and they still play bad smh.
  12. theprogram4

    the pics from today thread

    stealing my photo ideas smh. but seriously, didnt know you were in utah. enjoy
  13. theprogram4

    3/30 ..Closing Day?

    i think thats the dude who held up the line so he could get chair 65
  14. theprogram4

    the pics from today thread

    great seats, but holy shit has this team been stressing me out
  15. theprogram4

    VT Mini-Tour & Big Bear Challenge 4/4-4/7

    stratton was the first place outside of PA i went to. 2 of the coldest riding days of my life. also with a cast on my arm. good times though