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  1. ended up parking in secaucus and taking the train. super convenient like 10 minute trip, but total parking rip off as their is only one private lot that charges $30. the lone muncipal lot in manhattan is on the lower east side at essex and delancey.
  2. Im actually gonna be in New Jersey tomorrow. debating driving into manhattan for lunch versus taking the train from paramus. leaning towards driving in and hitting up the lone municipal lot in all of manhattan. it will be like $20 to park all day, but worried they will be out of spots when i get there
  3. amazing shot but incredibly stupid to post online. i believe this is the new 2nd avenue subway. the fact that there is no graffiti what so ever shows how locked down this spot is. big props to the photogapher of the shot but most likely NYPD Transit is investigating this
  4. i did that like an hour ago as well lol.
  5. who else here was at blue for the january 2016 blizzard? i feel like that never gets talked about on here. probably the heaviest snow ive ever been in anywhere, and a very gnarly drive on the turnpike. sides of paradise were waist deep
  6. damn i didnt think of this, but is most likely what will happen
  7. Camelback is waaaay better than JF when it comes to skiing
  8. i dont understand how those names remind you of something dirty lol
  9. you still gave me a like, so thanks!
  10. its like having Skip Bayless or Stephen A Smith post on here
  11. to this day it blows my mind why blue hasnt installed a retractable roof over the mountain. seems pretty simple...build a retractable roof over the mountain to be closed when it is too hot or the weather is bad. on most winter days, keep the roof open. there can be overhead snowmakers hung from the retractable roof. seems like a no brainer to me and im sure not too expensive
  12. Fluffy smacked the shit out of his case
  13. that overly affectionate couple at the amusement park starter pack you posted a few weeks ago had me dying cause it was so accurate lol
  14. i think you are underestimating Six Flags Great Adventure
  15. thats a shame. did you see trump is working to bring home A$AP Rocky?
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