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  1. theprogram4

    New Trail - Scarab

    except for aspen mountain and aspen highlands who say screw that, we are getting rid of all green trails for marketing purposes lol
  2. theprogram4

    Da Roll Call 4 Da Weekend 2/22-24

    what time is the rain supossed to end sunday? ill be there for opening regardless, but if the forecast is for all day rain, might have to consider saturday night in case they close sunday
  3. theprogram4

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    and either way it will all melt by thursday
  4. theprogram4

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    people at work are going fucking nuts over this potential snow. we are supposed to get like 2-4 inches smh
  5. theprogram4

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

    Moe is having one hell of a winter in VT! seems like every few days he is posting pics of a dumpage
  6. theprogram4

    Shawnee President's Day

    shawnee has a high speed lift? edit: nevermind, reading is fundamental TP4
  7. theprogram4

    Abasin is leaving the Epic pass...

    holy double post batman. mods delete
  8. theprogram4

    Abasin is leaving the Epic pass...

    $50 per shit? cause that would be an easy $300/daily for me tax free
  9. theprogram4

    Abasin is leaving the Epic pass...

    Blue updated their valley stalls so there is no longer a gap where you can see someone on the toilet
  10. theprogram4

    Abasin is leaving the Epic pass...

    Speaking of conoco,the convenience store availability outside of the northeast is awful. Kum and go, loaf and jug smh. We got wawa, sheetz, royal farms, plus turkey hill just stepped up their game (I know loaf and jug is owned by same company as turkey hills, but turkey hills are now offering hot food to order
  11. theprogram4

    Montage 2/16

    welcome to the board!
  12. theprogram4


    true about the flat light, im only used to riding it in the first few hours of the morning.
  13. theprogram4


    the past few weeks ive noticed a trend of 2-3 buses pulling into the lot around 10:30-11:00 on weekday mornings
  14. theprogram4


    most crowded non holiday week day opening that i can remember. probably 2 dozen people waiting for opening and lines by like 9:00am. this pissed me off and i spent as much time as i could on main street lift. sorry to miss ya @mute1080 razors might have been the best conditions of any run ive ridden at blue this year. paradise, main street, and switchback were all very nice. night weaver still has that faux border cross course on it which i think is gargabe. not sure what they are doing with the small rollers and hills all over sidewinder
  15. theprogram4

    the pics from today thread

    My buddy in Brooklyn has a garage, but is too lazy to get out of the car to unlock and open the door, so he just parks on the street. thats crazy to me