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  1. This is correct. I thanked Barb for the sign of the respect, but informed her the joy and laughter of skiers/snowboarders going down the slopes at night (especially Salty and Ridge) is more important to me than personal recognition
  2. PASR road trip? No eagles game this Sunday...
  3. Circa early 2015 Barb Green decided to have a statue of TP4 made at blue because: 1. TP4 is the best skier on the mountain 2. TP4’s unwavering support of blue has brought them much $ over the past 19 years 3. TP4 is a PASR legend the statue was built overlooking the Honey Bee Bowl. However, when the Pope came to Philly that summer he heard about the statue and requested it be moved to the Vatican Rose Garden, to which Barb obliged. However, as was mentioned earlier, the Pope has sent the statue back to blue to help bring positive winter vibes. It was put back in i
  4. Correct. The Pope was saddened by our mild winters and sent the statue back to Blue in hopes of colder/snowier winters. It was initially placed at its original location above Honey Bee Bowl, however the Pope has been pretty upset by the lack of progress on Coming Soon and thus asked Barb to have it moved above Coming Soon
  5. Geez that’s legit. I know what I’m doing at work tomorrow
  6. You are 100% right. It’s a Brooklyn tradition to use the address of a relative in PA for your car. People in parts of queens and all of Staten Island would call the cops on you for doing that
  7. It would be impossible to prevent travel between NYC and PA because a shit ton of NYers have ties to PA. Brooklyn residential blocks are full of PA tags
  8. The quarantine messed a lot of people up mentally. Look at me, I’ve been acting like a bitch on here more than usual this year. If someone punched me in the face in the lot this year, I’d understand
  9. The Covid response reminds me of the Iraq War. Initially it was to find WMDs, but when none were found it became bring democracy to Iraq. Initially we were quarantining first 2 weeks to flatten the curve, then suddenly it became quarantine indefinitely til there is a vaccine
  10. Considering how close we are to election, I expect the news to keep releasing increasing numbers as a scare tactic
  11. Hell yea! I see you were influenced by Philly handstyles
  12. The odds of lifts not breaking down at blue are 0% lol
  13. I respect and appreciate that. This isn’t directed towards you, but other people talked shit out of nowhere and then hid their heads when it came time for mature debate, so thank you for taking the higher road
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