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  1. theprogram4

    12/16/18....GSS is a pussy

    Race team completely took over the entire mountain yesterday. They even set up gates on tuts lane
  2. theprogram4

    12/15/18...no rain..a little foggy..PASR day.

    I guess as of now blue is open tomorrow
  3. theprogram4

    Weekend roll call thread 12/15-16...

    ive already accepted sunday is out of the picture. i wish they would stay open til 10pm tomorrow night so i could go after work, looks like the rain will hold off til sunday morning. ill probably go monday night after work and skip hockey
  4. theprogram4

    Snowing & Scrumptious

    Today was a perfect example of why I love weekday mornings. Perfect conditions outside of falls lol. Good time riding with toast and mute. Finally used my new bindings and experimented with a new stance. Set the bindings as close to the tail as possible in order to gain more nose length...very happy with the results
  5. theprogram4

    Catskills - Poconos Analogous Mountains

    ive done this type of comparison with blue vs camelback on numerous occasion
  6. theprogram4

    12/9/18..better snow..Sunday

    great day yesterday, good seeing the PASRs as well. i wanted to get more runs in but main street and lazy were getting too crowded for my liking. stopped at white castle on the way home. place was freaking packed and the first time ive ever been to a white castle that didnt take super long
  7. theprogram4

    12/8/18...Saturday..PASR day...

    oh my bad. didnt realize I would have to cross reference threads for a simple TR. i'll keep this in mind from now on
  8. theprogram4

    12/8/18...Saturday..PASR day...

    how did it even get to a point that salty almost beat everyone to lazy?
  9. theprogram4

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    one of the best quotes of a classic movie. ill give you a high five this weekend
  10. theprogram4

    Zee Lights

    lol i forgot about that
  11. theprogram4

    Zee Lights

    salty complained to blue's managment about 45 minute lift lines and they gave him a gift card for i believe the value of the lift ticket. for some reason people here went nuts and jumped all over him. i thought it was a smart plan...dude got to ski for free that day
  12. theprogram4

    Zee Lights

    "Get off my lawn you damn kids!"
  13. theprogram4

    Zee Lights

    You're a miserable person.
  14. theprogram4

    Zee Lights

    i think doug and jeff ride thursday nights
  15. theprogram4

    Zee Lights

    awesome. im usually there for opening. see you soon!