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  1. You’re gonna need that phone charged to keep up with tonight’s riots
  2. It just don’t get any darker than that kid in the parka!
  3. DMX and I be the best, you see the rest, they looking like they need a rest!
  4. A lot of racist remarks came from beltzville locals last summer, so much that they made the Concerned Citizens of Beltzville FB group private so the public couldn’t see their racism.
  5. It’s incredible how poorly of a job Wolf has done through all this. To be fair to him, he killed slightly less nursing home residents than cuomo, and also isn’t getting accused of rape by 7+ women like Cuomo (the guy who was the media darling in 2020)
  6. Lololololol. I wasn’t going to look for the Well Health Safety Seal, but since Lady Gaga and jLo told me to, and they are health experts, I will
  7. Even though Florida is generally the worst state in America, their handling of this pandemic has been great. Other states hid like jackasses while Florida opened up and they are doing no worse than states where people hid and destroyed the economy. Shout out to the states like Florida and Texas who’ve handled this better. Texas rangers had a 40,000 person crowd and it was cool seeing the joyous children happy to be out...especially after adults destroyed a whole year of their childhoods
  8. But these passports aren’t for international travel, they are for doing stuff domestically
  9. This vaccine passport bullshit is getting worrisome
  10. The pvc pipes don’t connect? also, nice hat @Barb!
  11. Malvern station on septa, also not far from Paoli septa and Amtrak station.
  12. With service to Cheyenne, South Dakota will now be the only continental state with no Amtrak rail service
  13. It’s absolutely atrocious. Why a business would make it hard for people to give them money is beyond me
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