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  1. Idk why people are mad at you...people flipped out on you in whiteface and snow basin threads for no reason at all
  2. As someone with no experience in the Daks, how do whiteface and gore compare to Vermont?
  3. Who is having a decent season besides Jackson hole? Utah and Montana seem awful, Colorado doesn’t seem to be going that great, and Tahoe is doing ok
  4. SLC is cool and I enjoyed staying/eating there, but government officials going house to house checking garbage cans for recycling to write fines certainly rubbed me the wrong way also, if you want good food for cheap @saltyant, check out JB’s family restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s stuck in a time warp from late 80s-early 90’s, reminds me of places I went to when I was real young...you know it’s legit when the salad plates look like this:
  5. Yesterday morning circa 11-12 I thought security was doing a very good job at calling out people not wearing masks
  6. I’m looking forward to the Facebook complaints!
  7. Ahh that makes sense regarding plows and avalanches
  8. I’ll trade you a blue buddy pass for an elk lift ticket. if they still had the morning ticket I’d go, but I’m too cheap to drop $58 and I’m not waiting til 12:30 to ride on an afternoon ticket. I thought buckmans sold discounted lift tickets but maybe that was Wicks.
  9. This event was discussed in the lot on Sunday....it’s crazy to me there are no guard rails on the cottonwood canyon roads
  10. Skip Deer Valley and do 2 days at snow basin
  11. I hope that’s fake cobblestone in the water park parking lot at blue
  12. That’s gotta be from 2005. Nice find!
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