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  1. So does Barb still have anything to do with blue or is she completely gone?
  2. Dollar general is awesome, sometimes even cheaper than Walmart. Their motto is “what do you expect from us? this place is cheap as shit, who care if our stores look like a bomb just went off?”
  3. Damn, it looks much much smaller than the groundhogs at my parents house and my work. The ones I always saw growing up seemed like they were way larger
  4. What the hell is this? Not a groundhog, doesn’t look like a possum
  5. Finally gave in and put the A/C unit in my room, saw the forecast this week and had to do it
  6. It’s in reference to the fact he joined the Space Force in honor of his favorite politician of all time 😂😂😂
  7. A family friend used to life guard at Dorney Park and said he literally saved lives every single day...the amount of people who cannot swim but go to a water park is apparently pretty large. That same person also was a life guard at villanova’s pool for 4 years and never once had to jump in on duty
  8. I saw an Allentown councilwoman or something got arrested for sending a run-away minor to a homeless encampment
  9. I miss the Beltzville Facebook group, it was so entertaining. My 3 all time favorite moments were: 1. The guy who purchased spy goggles (seriously) to catch teenagers smoking pot in the woods 2. the guy who saw Muslims praying and called the police saying they were trying to blow up the dam 3. the lady who took pictures of local teens in their school T-shirts (the school’s color is red) and accused them of being Bloods
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