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  1. Your neighbor’s yard looks like shit. Even I never let it get that high at my old house
  2. No I saw JA XTC, I’ve seen you mention his name on here a lot so I wasn’t sure if you were a fan
  3. Last weekend I saw JA on the Q line
  4. PASRs: “Camelback has a water park on their slopes, it’s fucking bullshit and kills the ambiance.” Montage Mtn: (builds water park smack dab in the middle of their slopes) PASRs:
  5. Good to see a resistance forming against the Camelback haters on here💪
  6. Rode from 10:30 to 1:00. Felt great to finally ride a mountain this season that didn’t suck.
  7. That might mess up my streak of not riding a single fixed grip lift this year
  8. I thought my season was over, but maybe not
  9. Very fun session this morning. Rain held off til 10 and nice spring snow. Went straight to the flyers game after. Snowboarding, flyers game, and home by 5
  10. Payment plans now available for next years passes. Bummer I already bought mine. I made VTmark aware and he plans to get his tomorrow
  11. Used skis is one thing, as most people’s definition of used is like 10 trips. Used rental skis is completely absurd, and potentially dangerous
  12. $40 lift tix are intriguing. But I think both CB and Montage will not open, but JF will
  13. For April the options are JF for $74 or Camelback for $72. However, I’m 90% certain camelback will not open in April I don’t have an issue with the prices, it’s just hard to justify spending money at mountains inferior to blue
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