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  1. Salty got banned for making that site smh. Everyone got a good laugh and to this day now body knows why he was banned
  2. You’re a good person and I like you, but I can’t just sit back and say nothing when you come at one of my closest friends
  3. To be fair, Mark was going to minority neighborhoods and protecting minority owned businesses/livelihoods, as opposed to going to a minority job site and calling the cops on them. He also didn’t flee the city as soon as black people started asking for equal rights
  4. That is disturbing and reminds me of the Japanese internment camps this country once used. im starting to think the upper class is just using Covid as an excuse to work less while making the lower class do their bidding. People won’t leave their house out of Covid fears but have no problem letting the working class delivery driver who delivers their groceries take that risk
  5. Closing houses of worship is a violation of the 1st amendment
  6. He made a huge pivot to anti-trump recently.
  7. It’s crazy to me you went from the biggest trump supporter I’ve met to a radical leftist in a 2 month period over an illness where there is about a 50% chance will disappear if Dems win this November. I’m not mad at you, just disappointed
  8. I have to admit, the way you have turned against our great President the past 2 months is pretty sad.
  9. While I support restrictions in other aspects of life, just open blue with as few restrictions as legally possible and say fuck it. We can all risk it if it means riding blue like a normal season. Snowboarding/skiing is more important
  10. Matt edge quit smoking awhile ago
  11. Are hotels bad for Covid cause they have so many people in and out, or good because they have a full time cleaning staff on hand 24/7? 🧳🧹🦠🧫🛎🧴🧼🧽
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