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  1. Really nice! Builder has about 2 more weeks of finish work that he will bust out when I leave for the weekend. Been coming up last few weeks to move stuff in. It’s so quiet and peaceful up here. I don’t have to see people if I don’t want to which I admit is nice sometimes. Tree guy has a few more days of clean up scheduled. And is going to cut this huge pile into firewood for me.
  2. Colors looking real nice in Marble right now. Higher peaks got some snow overnight.
  3. Haven’t felt like doing anything hard since I have been home. Got my SUP out for the first time this season yesterday. Panda enjoyed himself immensely
  4. I read about this, tragic. One person ejected, other two remained in vehicle.
  5. All of a sudden my social media feed is full of ski videos and ads. It’s working, getting pumped for ski season.
  6. Currently in Zurich. This guy really wants his own seat on the train
  7. We don’t have grizzly’s here. Cinnamon black bear I believe. Still wouldn’t want to mess w her
  8. my builder in Marble keeps sending me pics of this mama bear. She has 3 cubs, den must be near the house. She comes every day. She looks like a big girl.
  9. Signed up for a 4 day bump clinic in Aspen in December.
  10. Good morning climbing. The heat was sucking the life force out of all of us. I think it’s supposed to cool down tomorrow. Even in the high 90’s for a week.
  11. All the smoke is coming up here. I thought we had a big fire in Co, so hazy yesterday.
  12. Up in Marble all day checking on the progress. There was a wicked wind storm a few weeks ago, up to 85mph. Blew down trees all over the neighborhood including 8 on my lot. Luckily none hit the house. my builder suggested I keep a chain saw up here as he had to use one just for get to the property that day. I will definitely need some lessons on how to use it. They kind of scare me. Drywall up and being “mudded” if that’s a word. Still shooting for an end of July completion date. some pics from the neighborhood. My dog loves swimming in this pond. Now he smells like funky pond.
  13. Some pics from the crag today
  14. I think Abasin was the winner with 18”. Hard to say how much we got here, it’s like cement. Still lightly snowing. after our morning walk my weirdo dog just wanted to go in the yard and take a nap in the snow.
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