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  1. Yes I have been following the local politics of this closely. As with every mountain town, CB has a housing shortage. The locals have their pitchforks out for people like me, assholes who short term rent their homes. Their proposed solution is to impose a $10,000 per year ‘community preservation fee’ tax on people who do not live in their homes more than 6 months per year. I understand this is a problem, but it didn’t get created in one season and it will not get solved in one season. It is creating quite an “us vs them” mentality in the valley. But this is true of the country as a whole right now it seems. The rub with their logic is that even if I did not short term rent my home, I would not rent it long term to locals because then I could never use it. Also, the people who rent contribute to the local economy by going out to eat, buying t-shirts, renting mountain bikes etc. I, as a person who cares about the community, have given generously to local causes in the area as have many other second home owners. I am also happy to contribute to a housing fund, but do not think it is fair to put this burden solely on second homeowners. City governments and their policies over the years have played a major role. It will be on the November ballot whether to impose the tax and, of course, only locals will be voting on it.
  2. The caveat being I myself will be there all or most of that time. So sleeping arrangements are the loft (AKA Bert and Ernie beds) and the sofa bed. We could probably squeeze 2 air mattresses on the floor if needed. It’s a tight fit so keep all your man smells to minimum. Many thanks
  3. I blocked out my place for PASR use from 1/19-2/28. So make your plans in that time window gents.
  4. pretty nice morning in the water.
  5. Back to normal temps here today. High 40’s for my morning dog walk and only going to be mid 70’s. Sitting on my front porch in the shade and I had to grab a sweatshirt. Love normal mountain weather
  6. I recently saw something that they replaced the rungs and put them too close together so now the bridge makes a humming noise 24/7 from the wind and can be heard for miles.
  7. Haha yeah, I am famous by association since I hang around Shannon. The guy that owns that company loves her.
  8. My friend just drove to Florida, gas pretty scarce down there.
  9. This guys is always in the water where my son surfs. I just started following him on IG, he takes some really nice action shots. My kid living the life out there, he is never moving back to the mainland. Point.n.shoot808
  10. Our governor had a press conference today that the only places masks will be required is public transportation, hospitals and prisons etc. Then he said it is up to individual businesses to decide their own rules. I feel like it’s just going to be a giant shit show, especially here in Boulder.
  11. Good tip about the bio freeze.
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