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  1. Yes I sleep in the camper and Shannon sleeps up top. She has a 0 degree sleeping bag but she knows she can come in w me if she gets too cold. I have heat in the teardrop but there are def still cold spots. It’s warm enough but not totally comfortable. Been in the low 30’s at night
  2. Finally some action shots! Our guide actually took a few today but I didn’t get them from her yet. But an amateur photographer was watching us and took a bunch of our climb and rappel. I was wearing dark colors today so I sort of blend in with the rock. We climbed slab today which is slightly tilted sandstone with basically nothing to hold on to. Once in a while you get some ok holds but it’s mostly trusting that your feet will stick while inching your way up. I cursed and grunted a lot! We did not climb this part but a cool pic he took peaceful sunrise
  3. Today was a long day. We did these 2 sections. The climbing was way above my ability but I topped out in 2 of my routes so I was thrilled with that. Learned a ton about anchors etc. I am bruised, sore and dog tired. Rinse and repeat tomorrow. Was climb belay, climb belay so didn’t get a chance to take any action shots.
  4. Just a roof top tent on a tear drop
  5. Moab! Can’t believe I have service at this BLM campground. Went through some snow on Vail Pass but worth it
  6. Nice sunrise at the dog park this morning
  7. I don’t need the tent, but like all your in the field pictures.
  8. Abasin will open Sunday! I have no plans to go as I don’t find it enjoyable in my old age skiing a WROD with everyone on the Front Range. But excellent for stoke.
  9. A few from Golden Gate Canyon SP today
  10. A girl from my vet’s office. She took him hiking and swimming every day, she was great!
  11. Pictures never do a landscape justice but….here are some foliage pics from around CB and Marble.
  12. I have not heard of this but makes sense. I would think without quickly scanning a QR code, there will be a line to get in with a human verifying vaccine info. Because in addition to showing your card I assume you will also have to show ID
  13. Also proof of vaccination indoors. Hopefully we can show a screen shot.
  14. Had to show my negative Covid test at 3 checkpoints transiting thru Germany. Did not need to show at all in US.
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