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  1. Mornings are officially below freezing here now
  2. I could never compete with you guys on no heat November. Yesterday was 50 and raining. We started a fire. mornings have been high 30’s
  3. I am so excited for this ski season! Aspen projected opening is 11/23 but I think uphill is allowed 11/1. If I could uphill Tiehack @Buttermilk once a week I would be in such good shape. But if I could uphill once per week period I would be happy with that. Hope to ski at least 50 days this year, which would be a record for me. No new gear needed and this house has such limited space I have to be careful about everything I buy. They have tried to deliver my snowblower 4 times now and can never find my house since it does not appear on google maps. I guess that is my one big winter purchase. AIARE 2 class/ hut trip in the San Juan’s in Feb with my favorite guide/mentor. Hoping to spend chunks of time in CB also.
  4. There was a dusting of snow on the high peaks today…..
  5. Nights are in the 50’s. We open the windows and have a ceiling fan. And it is so pitch dark. I sleep like a rock here. Local guy said we are about 2 weeks away from first frost.
  6. Thanks for this tip! We got an 8lb maul and husband is killing it. We had a good system going this morning, he would split large rounds in half w maul, then I would split with axe. After an hour I said I would be happy to just do the stacking. The lumberjack workouts are hard. 😂
  7. Just booked a hut trip for February in the San Juan’s
  8. Good advice! May just have to add this to the kit.
  9. I mean I think they are knots. But they just don’t effing break
  10. Edit; just realized this is NOt the new wood. He only cut wood that was old from last year. So why is it still so dense and hard to split?
  11. Anybody know what this is? Having such a hard time splitting this wood because these branch things are growing inside the trees yesterday husband ran he chainsaw (I am still too chicken) and I did most of the loading/unloading of rounds onto the trailer. Did 3 trailers full I was trying to split some with the axe this morning at first. Was barely making a dent, then husband tried and he was having trouble too. I felt vindicated. Maybe it’s too fresh? Even our log splitter is having a hard time. New to all this so if anyone has advice I will take it.
  12. It’s not ideal but that’s what we have up here and what everyone burns.
  13. I like the Sierra club comment. Lol. Garage will be 25 x 30 with an upstairs man cave to prevent divorce.
  14. No hoa but county rules are weird about percentages of trees you can cut down on your property without a permit. I definitely cannot begin to excavate without a permit but cutting is a gray area. You would think being here in no man’s land it would not be a problem. The Walton family (Walmart) owns land down the street from us. They were trying to build a bridge across the river and I guess did have permission for that. But decided to build up the bank and create a small “beach.” Someone found out and called the powers that be and now they are in some trouble. people do all kinds of shit up here. Generally I am a rule follower but I am running out of time before the snow to get this completed. Any corner I can cut I will.
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