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  1. All the smoke is coming up here. I thought we had a big fire in Co, so hazy yesterday.
  2. Up in Marble all day checking on the progress. There was a wicked wind storm a few weeks ago, up to 85mph. Blew down trees all over the neighborhood including 8 on my lot. Luckily none hit the house. my builder suggested I keep a chain saw up here as he had to use one just for get to the property that day. I will definitely need some lessons on how to use it. They kind of scare me. Drywall up and being “mudded” if that’s a word. Still shooting for an end of July completion date. some pics from the neighborhood. My dog loves swimming in this pond. Now he smells like funky pond.
  3. Some pics from the crag today
  4. I think Abasin was the winner with 18”. Hard to say how much we got here, it’s like cement. Still lightly snowing. after our morning walk my weirdo dog just wanted to go in the yard and take a nap in the snow.
  5. I’ve accepted my skis are put away for this season. Focusing on getting back in hiking shape for upcoming trips. I will post a pic of the snow when it arrives.
  6. According to our guide, the darker rock is much better for climbing. The lighter white rock is more sandy.
  7. Good week in Utah! Indian Creek is an iconic rock climbing area near Canyonlands NP. There is the greatest concentration of splitter crack routes anywhere. Absolutely no cell or WiFi in the area so the main parking area and all the BLM campgrounds have message boards where people hang notes to find climbing partners, and let their friends know where they are. We camped at SuperBowl campground about 10 miles from supercrack parking lot. The skinny tower on right in the distance is south six shooter that we climbed in the fall. Crack climbing is hard! I did 2 out of my 5 day climbing trip last fall on splitters. The first day she had us on a 5.8. There was a section of 5.9 in the middle that I absolutely could not get past. I tried for about 20 min, taking breaks, hanging in the rope and finally gave up. You are trying to put your feet on the tiniest little nubbins for leverage and giving everything you have to gain a few inches. It’s exhausting. The next day we did another 5.8 and it took me about 30 min but I topped out. It was so satisfying since that’s the first route she took us to last fall and I only got about 6’ off the ground Several ways to ascend but a popular method is to “scum” your back against the wall for some of it. You notice the worn white line where my back is from people doing this Almost there my colors blend w the rock so you can barely see my white helmet at the top Some other random pics
  8. Yeah, Vail Pass was closed in both directions for a while.
  9. Nice shot. Bummer about the altitude sickness. It doesn’t really affect me anymore but when it comes on, it really sucks. Safe travels home
  10. My builder came by with his dog. They had a ball romping around in the snow.
  11. Up in Marble and things are coming along. Went thru almost white out conditions on Vail Pass to get here. Siding is done, concrete floors getting polished starting tomorrow. Waiting on the inspectors to decide to drive from the other side of the valley before we can do insulation and close up walls. Fingers crossed by July will be ready for CO inspection.
  12. Food looks amazing! Especially the schnitzel. And always love looking at European architecture.
  13. How did I not know this was a thing?! The moon bus; every last shuttle bus of last day of season drives thru town with naked asses.
  14. Looking forward to your trip report
  15. Jeez Doug, I know I am not cool but ouch, that stings.
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