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  1. Was just reading the Crested Butte newspaper and it said that 99% of the reservable campsites in the area are full for this summer. Due to overcrowding and people being assholes, they started eliminating the dispersed camping in the valley. The plan is for it to be all phased out by 2022, with reservable and first come first serve sites. It is going to be really interesting to see at the end of this pandemic how the outdoor industry shakes out. Will people who discovered skiing, camping, hiking etc go back to indoor activities like movies and restaurants exclusively? I think this sum
  2. Got an email from my guide company in Europe outlining some positive steps forward in getting travel reinstated from the US. Looks like they are moving in the right direction and also looks like vaccine passports will be utilized there.
  3. FYI Summit country moving back to level Orange on the Covid dial today.
  4. Been about 3 years since I have climbed outside. Made it to the top of a 100’ pitch, traversed and was psyching myself up to do another pitch. The longer we were on the ledge sorting out the ropes the more I lost my nerve. But was pleased with my progress, have only made it up that high once before. traverse across. Hike out 78 degrees today! No shade where we were so I am sure I got fried
  5. It just had a weird vibe. Lots of guys in their 20’s with sports jerseys on. My friend got plowed down, guy didn’t even stop to see if she was ok. I have since heard multiple stories of people being knocked down.
  6. @GrilledSteezeSandwichI stand by my statement that I don’t like Keystone. I would like to get a few more ski days in this season but my friends seem to be transitioning to warm weather activities.
  7. Just scheduled husband for his first dose. All CO residents eligible to schedule starting this Friday.
  8. Yeah, both my sons can be assholes. All I can do is nag him.
  9. In this phase though I think my son could get one. If you are below 50 one of the conditions is “scarred lungs” so I think he would qualify under that.
  10. Pa is rolling out way faster then CO. They just let 50+ make appointments. I signed up my husband at a few places and have to wait for an email saying it’s your turn. We are in phase 1b.4. I have to wait till phase 2, not sure when that will be, I hear May.
  11. I deferred my Ikon this season so I will have that next season
  12. I will probably do the full epic again just for Telluride and CB. I have decided I don’t like Keystone. Hopefully life will be back to normal next season and I can do the women’s clinic at Telluride again.
  13. Yeah I just read about the active shooter. Boulder is slowly going to hell.
  14. Wally is very well behaved! If my dog was there he would be trying to bite your ankles with those dance moves.
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