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JF 2/3

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Out for a couple of hours this morning, 24 degrees, cloudy, light very flat. Race on Challenge closed the glade also. First run down Rivershot and Floyds.



Snow was in great shape, Elevator still iffy.







Took off around 10 when the rentals and lessons started hitting Tbolt.

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How was Floyd’s??

Floyds was nice but too short and had some red coats practicing on it with a sled. Top speed of the day though, 49.8 on my 165 cm Rossies

Was out with my honey from 3 to 4, around 45 degrees and more sunny. The race was over, but Challenge was a little torn up. Challenge glade was pretty sketchy. Could have used a brush hog before the season. Tbolt was pretty soft, but got some nice turns in.

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Saturday morning at JF was rad. With the snow the days prior the whole mtn was in play.

we even shot over to BB for an afternoon session which was the first time ive hit both in one day. Like BB the whole mtn was in play and we didn’t even touch the parks.

All in all just a great day at JFBB. 

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