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  1. Quoted for the truth. They/we have moved on.
  2. I didnt realize until I looked it up on maps that Tussey is basically on PSUs campus...literally a 5 minute drive.
  3. Why didnt they blow snow last night?
  4. Incredible opening weekend. Huge props to blue for being able to open with the amount of terrain they did. Rain stopped yesterday at about 915(?) and was spring conditions for the rest of the morning. So fun. I thought conditions were good today as well. Little scrapped off? Sure. But still able to grab an edge and carve. 10/10 opening weekend. PS @enjoralas, Pops and I got first chair and didn’t have to wait at 830😂
  5. Fired up the guns last night. Great to see! Let’s hope we get the season started before Xmas this year!
  6. Take it to the "New lift for blue" thread! lol
  7. Also, cranes down and it appears we have an upper terminal.
  8. Seems like they are still missing a piece of the lower terminal. Specifically the end piece, or the "U" piece. Both side pieces have arrived but I dont see the end piece. Could be there in the lot I suppose, but I would assume it would be staged with the other pieces.
  9. Just checked the webcam and that's absolutely a crane up top.
  10. We got the lower terminal delivery.
  11. SSSL --> Switchback or SSSL --> Lazy-Crossover-Falls
  12. Huh? No I’m being serious. The lift is so smooth it made me nauseous the first 30 seconds I was on it.
  13. were these gunz always here?
  14. Snows bubble is the smoothest lift I’ve ever been on. Got motion sickness and felt like I was gonna vomit the first 30 seconds I rode it for the first time.
  15. upper station looks to be placed?
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