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  1. So the Phillies held a fan social media vote to determine what logo to cut into the outfield. How many likes would it take to get @toast21602 to mow PASR into his lawn?? 😂
  2. Or maybe (hopefully not), they arent able to open as early now.
  3. Tow Rope for NMDW park.
  4. 1200 to take out someone’s trash. Lmao.
  5. "old school" drafting is beautiful. We have a mechanic who used to hand draw his mechanical rooms up until a couple years ago. Perfectly to scale, cut sections, details, ISO views along with a bill of materials as a bonus. Like you said, absolute works of art. Ill still take Revit though 😁
  6. Congrats! Looks great. Is this the VA move?
  7. Looks sick!! I love my contact pros, much like you told me I would.
  8. @Benm https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cb1oR2poiKE/?utm_medium=copy_link
  9. Yea…I guess I read right past the bolded. “The new lift aims to improve connectivity between Valley Lodge at the base and the Summit Lodge, as well as access to terrain on the western part of the mountain,”
  10. Wonder Where’s it going to start. I’m thinking at the top of Shuttle? Below that?
  11. oooooohhhhhh shhh*********tttttttt
  12. “Look at the butt on that!”…… ”Yea, he must work out”
  13. snow squall at my office in Doyletown right now.
  14. If they can keep making money more power to em.
  15. Yea, they took a bunch of rails out and also took the hip out.
  16. Thankfully they blew all that extra snow for those jumps!!
  17. What a fantastic night. Rode from 430-645. Took a couple lifts with Ridge, always a pleasure sir. Also had a lift ride with a cool redcoat. We bounded over our hatred for the damn race team. Let me tell you…ski patrol might hate them more than we do!! They shut the quad down around 530 so I only got one run down TCS. Couple runs thru the park, even took a decent fall on a rail. that’s always “fun”. One of those night where you keep saying in your mind “one more” and next thing you know it’s 6 runs later. Lol Saw and side hi to Mike walking off the snow and picked up a Blue Mountain Parks tee on the way out. Im pretty content with my season but I got kinda sad tonight knowing it’s more than likely over after this weekend. JADIP
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