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  1. Let’s see those Christmas ornaments.. My coworker made me this last year! And a couple more.
  2. Welp, that's not gonna get it done.
  3. Crazy to think they used to open that early and actually took pride in in. this is November 16th, 2018.
  4. I try not to think about the new season until Buckmans opens every October 1st, or this year the 2nd. Happy 23/24 season everyone!
  5. I find it odd that Blue and Camel aren't unlimited visits. I wonder (hope) that changes next year. Hell, even If I could do 7 days at both Blue and Camelback id probably do it. 14 days at Blue and CBK plus 2/3 trips up north/west its worth it. I dont need to ride Blue 20 times if I have other options.
  6. For sure. Another option would be great as this thought often goes through my mind… ”Bear Creek gets boring fast and I don’t really wanna drive an hour each way and ride Blue 2 days in a row”
  7. I might do the same. Its the same drive for me as Blue and even when I was there on a mid winter crowded weekend it wasnt that bad. If I had a season pass I would've happily bounced and been happy with my day after 2 hours before it got really crowded.
  8. Wait....so free parking AND free riding with a Blue pass. Sheeeeeiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Might have to go.
  9. I was there for a very brief 8 runs. Was contemplating a few more only to come down to the quad broken down and a MASSIVE line for ME6. 2 runs earlier I rode the quad and it stopped twice for extended periods of time. Both times when it started back up it had that slipping feeling so I wasnt surprised to see it closed.
  10. The local weather might've sucked but the PASRs got the goods this year on their trips! @PSUFly up north and out in Utah. All the crew is Jackson. @NMSKI in Zona. @mbike-ski up north. @indiggio out in western Canada. @Schif and @skiincy in CO and @momskeeztoo in Whitefish. and its looks like @RidgeRacer is in for some weather in AZ this weekend. Honorable mention to @DiMe at Elk, which is the vermont of PA. lmao
  11. F********CK YEEAAA!!!!
  12. They did this exact thing last year or the year before, I forget which. I left Blue expecting another day riding the following weekend only to be disappointed.
  13. Excited for this trip report. My convo with Fly on sunday. "Hows the weather looking for your trip" "As of now its looking like snow, snow and.....snow" Lets hope that holds true!
  14. Any specific donut request? Don’t be shy. I’ll be up around 930 for when you guys are just finishing up.
  15. Im grabbing some Donuts... dont steal my thunder!! lol
  16. Did 22 runs(!!!) on Saturday with my niece. It was more than likely her last day of the season so I didnt mind doing so many runs lol.
  17. Does it ever NOT snow at Whitefish??? lol
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