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January 29th...gonna be busy


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On 1/31/2023 at 8:13 PM, Johnny Law said:

For realz ?

Risk tolerance in humans is a highly varied witch doctor like stew of brain chemistry, experience, etc etc.

To TP4's point you don't take risks in other areas but perceive of it differently ? I know you do, I know everyone of us does. Indiggio you have a motorcycle no ? Zz I believe you do not use a helmet ? Johnnylaw smoked mad cigs for years and years. Again I'm not saying anything against anyone. 

Motorcycles are cool af and if you want one you should have one but by any measure it's orders of magnitude more dangerous than riding a lift regardless of bar status but the key is you dont feel it is because of a million factors specific to your experience. Some people won't ride on motorcycles by default, some people don't put the lift down, some of us looooooove nicotine it's all the same thing perceptions of risk but not actual risk which is always unknown. 

Risk tolerance is very personal and prescribing ones views to others is impossible as the concept is so nebulous.

What's everyone thoughts on the false vacuum state of the universe or that gamma ray burster that probably isn't pointing directly at us ? Do those things matter ? Who's to judge ? 

 Everything we do in life has risk and your points are valid but... when I ride a motorcycle I ride solo 95% of the time, I wear protective clothing, I have taken riders safety courses, I ride carefully at the posted speed limit, I don't wear a helmet (except when it's raining or the law requires it) so you can ding me on that point. I am not choosing risk level for anyone but me, I am controlling my risk level. The risk of my decision to ride and the way I ride causing death to the occupants of the cars on the road is so low that I am hardly putting them at any risk.  When my wife rides along she understands the risk and knows that I ride even more carefully to lessen her risk level. When I am on a ski lift and another rider doesn't want the bar down he is choosing and raising my risk level. Your point about risk tolerance being personal is spot on, skiing and motorcycling are high risk endeavors, but as in motorcycling, in skiing I have educated myself to lessen the risk through gaining a higher mastery of my environment including safety on a lift (except the helmet as you correctly pointed out, I should be wearing one) to leave the bar up on a lift ride is losing some of that control. Putting the bar down is akin to using a seat belt, it is easy to use, is not uncomfortable, and if I come to an abrupt stop it will help to lessen injury. 

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