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  1. rummy

    Elk 2020/21 Season

    Please Use this thread for Elk Posts..... Elk Has Not Been Sold.... Overall Pricing for Season Passes and The Big and Friendly Book remain the same as the last two years. Overall the Management and Staff are doing their best to maintain their excellent skiing experience in this very trying year. THINK SNOW! (and/or good snowmaking weather).
  2. rummy

    Elk Sold

    Same as the last two years. $695. Senior Rate..... "The First Run costs $695. All the Rest Are FREE"
  3. We skied Cooper.... It's small and up around 12000' feet in elevation (?). 10th Mountain Division had a training center there in WWII days. The bar area had about three tables and four bar stools.... No Coffee Mug for our collection.
  4. rummy

    Elk Sold

    It's a book of coupons.... Not vouchers. See: www.elkskier.com/season-passes/ scroll down to B&F book for details there are different prices, for different age groups, for each book of 47coupons. More than 2books to same family gets an additional $30. off price. Disclaimer... This is info from Last Seasons website ....
  5. rummy

    Elk Sold

    Contains 47 coupons redeemable for lift tickets rentals and lessons. Not sure but something like 2 coupons for night skiing, 3 for midweek day, 4 for weekend/holiday lift tickets.. Last year's price $575 for adult book.
  6. Just to throw out another option Salty. Our first trip out West was slopeside at Park City in a one bedroom condo. Ski storage near lobby, carry skis 25', click in and Ski! Plenty of intermediate terrain with some steeps if you like. A good introduction to Utah cruisers IMO. Free bus service outside your door to a wide variety of restaurants and grocery stores. (Much more variety than Snowbird, because once there, that's it you're pretty well there.). The main street of PC is loaded with bars, restaurants, and shops... tourist traps and otherwise. You can get a shuttle bus to/from
  7. I have an electrical engineer friend who, apparently is the only person in the country, that has the knowledge and experience to repair a certain complicated automotive carpet manufacturing machine. He has been flying all throughout this pandemic. Speaking with him last week he said airports were deserted earlier but are getting busier as time goes on. He also said he will only fly Delta as their planes are only booked half full, and says he avoids American, if at all possible, as they're a SH$%T Show...way overbooked.
  8. A couple of guys who used to manage a ski shop (now closed) in the Deer Lake area of Schuylkill county, had pictures of them skiing the Culm Banks of Sch Co. In the Summer, without snow..... On old returned rental skis.....
  9. I know your househotel. That's why I mentioned the Diner. Only saw one couple come in without masks and they left without ordering.... ??
  10. Paved Paradise and put up a Parking Lot....
  11. I had brunch inside the Starlite Diner last Saturday, tables spread far apart, lots of sanitation ongoing. No salad bar, waitresses masked, customers came in masked and masked up when heading to restrooms. Food was good as usual, menus were on disposable printed sheets and not as extensive as before. Not crowded.
  12. And yet the PIAA is allowing HS sports to continue, only no fans allowed......
  13. His best friend Bobby was on the chair with him. He called SP and was met up top by another personal friend from the SP. Bobby took close to two years before returning to ski. The patroller said it was one of his worst calls. RIP Glenn...
  14. I had a friend who had a heart attack on the quad at Elk and died. He was 42....
  15. rummy

    Elk Sold

    Elk just announced on their Facebook site, that the Fall Festival is cancelled this year. AND the Kalahari purchase rumor is just that Fake News.....
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