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  1. rummy

    Elk Sold

    No problem OG, didn't take it as a slam.... I'd like to share a brew or few with you at the Elk watering hole sometime..
  2. rummy

    Elk Sold

    I agree with OG. Probably BS my reliable source is now considered "unreliable".....
  3. I contacted her to see if she was doing any cutting on the sly. She said no as she didn't want to take a chance of losing her license if caught. She's in a tough situation because her shop is set up within the nursing home and completely under the control of the the governors rules.
  4. Me yesterday; 5 in line the 6th on the chair. Everyone wearing masks and complete sanitation of scissors, combs, clippers, brushes, and chair in between cuts. When next person in line got up to sit on barber chair, his empty seat was sanitized and another client was allowed to come inside from an outside seating area. Also had to sign a waiver before getting the cut. P.S. Probably the worst cut in my life! She only knew how to make one cut even after asking how you want it cut.... Oh well, my head's cooler..... My regular barber has her shop set up in a nursing home, and I would have looked like a gorilla before she can open up...
  5. rummy


    Guineas are noisy, but they wipe out ticks... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. rummy

    Elk Sold

    OP here. Even though I heard the info from a reliable source and fellow local property owner, nothing "official" has been announced. Until that time, let's consider this a rumor... OK? Ride Delaware and Old Geezer brought up many points I whole heartedly agree with. The Kalahari purchase was talked about last season. Also discussed was the purchase of the mountain South of Elk and the land in between, effectively increasing Elks' footprint three to four times its present size. The present owners own a huge amount of land surrounding the mountain, so I think acreage for development wouldn't be a problem with the right amount of BIG $$$. State, county and township infrastructure investment would be problematic. If the sale is true, I think Elks' owners decided they don't need all the uncertainties and headaches of the next several years... As I said... "We'll See" .
  7. rummy

    Elk Sold

    I am retired... Three + years and you have a hard time wiping the smile off my face 🙂
  8. rummy

    Elk Sold

    Hard to say, there are some other conflicting circumstances involved...
  9. rummy

    Elk Sold

    Heard from a reliable source that Elk was sold to Kalahari Water Resorts...... We'll See
  10. Yea But.... They must be using an Amish horse and buggy delivery contractor. My microwave died on May 13 and the new one is supposed to arrive on Tuesday.... We'll see..
  11. I went to my dermatologist on Tuesday. My temperature was taken by a gloved, masked and eye protected nurse in full PPE garb before I went into office. A mask was required for entrance. Inside almost all waiting room chairs were removed and the remaining were at least 6' apart. The staff taking your insurance info was also garbed and protected. The floors were marked "stand here" in front of registration, again with 6' separation. In the treatment room the nurse was fully protected and never got close to me, only typing into a laptop. When the Dr. arrived he was likewise protected as well as gloved. We discussed his business in light of current situation. He said they are slowly ramping up operations and were essentially shut down until very recently, only taking "emergencies" at the hospitals... I've had 18 squamous cell lesions removed from my arms and legs in the past 7 years.... WEAR SUNSCREEN. I can also tell you the names of most of the nurses pets..:-)
  12. Yes ... A tradition we started on our first trip out West. 37 years ago. Our goal was to ski the "top 30" ski resorts in the West, as voted on by the readers of Ski Magazine. Our trip to Whitefish completed the goal. We also tried to ski many of the lesser known areas too. A few didn't have coffee mugs either so we would include their maps in resorts from the same trip.... Cooper for example. Also in that image is our "log book" which is filled with most of our trips to TLCITW as well as our many trips out West...
  13. Well each one of these coffee mugs has trail maps in them from when I skied there. Around 60 I think Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. Tonight on an episode of Jay Lenos Garage a Honda lawn mower set the new 1/4 mile speed record of 128 mph for lawn mowers.... 200 hp Honda motor cycle engine grafted in....
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