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  1. Anything untreated here was icy by the time I got back. Roads were all treated tho. Pretty sure I'm going to ditch work tomorrow and will be at the true mountain instead.
  2. huge jump up from last afternoon (4" in monroe and much less below the carbon line). usually they update this product around 8am and 4pm daily so i'll be checking it in the AM for sure. I've found it to be the most accurate reporting for my area over the last couple of years and i don't think i've met anyone who knows that it exists. i'm really looking forward to my day off of work on monday -- https://www.weather.gov/phi/winter
  3. tried that once. didn't work too well. our vet said to don't even bother washing the dog, unless it gets skunked or something...
  4. I'll be in delco for the holiday fml. hoping to get in some night skiing on Fri when i return. Otherwise I'll need to wait until Sat. also, mark your calendars. 12" snow on evening of dec 16. I know this because I have to go into the office Mon/Tues outside PHL and that's my luck.
  5. Nice meeting you all. I'll echo others about suboptimal conditions, was good to get out tho.
  6. They're closed tho. Mad props for doing so much running. I'd prob die mile 1
  7. im glad i wasn't the only one who felt that way.
  8. thanks champ, that was the info i was looking for.
  9. thanks, that makes sense, didn't think about it. i'm still learning what to expect i guess. maybe sat night it stays (mostly) frozen precip. any idea how late it would be (ex sat AM/sat PM/ Sun AM) before they pull the plug?
  10. i'm good with 9. gives me time to get to the recycling center omw there. otherwise i'd miss your super tailgate.
  11. I think they'll stay. JT says it will be in talks with them about the tax in future years. unfortunately for JT, the railway knows that it has huge impact on the economy there and they will never, ever pay that tax. good for the railway for telling JT to get fucked. its a beautiful story of business vs bullying govt where the underdog won.
  12. most of you are prob aware that the train in jim thorpe was threatening to leave because of the amusement tax. jim thorpe has dropped the lawsuit.
  13. Wait did you really go tubing? i thought that was satire.
  14. what about them. harrah's chester used to have a slamming fuckin deal - play for 30 min, get a free buffet and it was amazing. daily, for around 2 weeks, we would sit at the penny slots playing minimal bets, drinking free beers (we tipped the waitress heavily), get slammed and eat then leave. those were the days. then it got shut down by the health department. edit: isn't buffet and smorgasbord the same thing? i've got on a hoodie because i have no more kerosene for the heater and some flannel pants. i work from home.
  15. true, the only acceptable instance i can think of is shady maple.
  16. not trying to derail the chesco / malvern talk but i went back and read the first post in this thread (which was golden btw). is east gourmet buffet really that good? I see it all of the time since that area is basically the closest 'shopping' district to where i'm at. usually everything is shit out there tho so i never gave it a thought.
  17. if there is not a cover band with that name, i'll be thoroughly disappointed. edit: https://www.bob-jovi.com/
  18. yeah. just wondering, whats a good arrival time?
  19. what is TGF? do you have some sort of rival gang at blue?
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