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  1. Typically the downhill side of a lift has fewer sheaves on most tower's bogeys to account for less weight (hence the "50% max downhill capacity" sighs you'll see at most uphill stations), but chairs/cabins still account for 25-50% of the total load on any haul rope. To run a lift uphill & downhill, or in both directions, at full capacity, uphil & downhill bogeys need to be designed symmetrically and tower foundations may be beefier to account for additional load. A lot of modern lifts will do this to allow for summer sightseeing operations
  2. Even Disney is going with lifts these days... https://liftblog.com/disney-skyliner-ths-walt-disney-world-fl/
  3. In PA, ski lifts fall under the jurisdication of the Department of Labor (being looped in with elevators and other lifting devices), amusement rides fall under the department of agriculture (I don't understand either). I think gear box issues do a lot of older lifts in. Willing, that's only based on my experience at Attitash and Doppelmayr's marketing of their new direct drive systems.
  4. Clearing the text out of this post because I realize it's already been discussed earlier in this thread.
  5. Not to pick on your analogy, but if you bought a car used, best practice dictates you take it to a mechanic to get it looked at. Merely complying with state regulation (PA lifts are under the jurisdiction of the department of labor), and maintaining a lift to industry best practice are likely miles apart in practice. @Lift Blog could probably shed some light here but he's probably on to bigger and better things.
  6. I want to say it derailed during hurricane Sandy and never got corrected (could've been a later storm). The drive motor was removed a few years back to replace the one on Merry Widdow II, I'd say its been at least 5 years since it has turned. On the topic of maintenance, a buddy of mine works at AECOM, a large engineering firm, and post acquitision there was an internal job board posting to do civil/structural analysis of all lifts at the acquired Peak Resorts mountains. I'm assuming AECOM's audit, the likely lack of maintenance Peak did in it's final year(s) of ownership, and major issues ide
  7. You did some serious work this weekend dude, thanks for coming out to our little corner of PA
  8. You need to tell us when you’re in PA! I was walking my dog around BB lake today, took some pics of Black Forest to post here, and then the king of all things lift steals my comment. Keep up the good work dude, huge fan
  9. Goal: $7.5k Raised: $90k Can't say Mad River Glen skiers aren't passionate
  10. There's always Belleayre!
  11. Buy a 7-day pass and use it at a mountain with expensive daily tickets? Vail/Beaver Creek are above $200 for weekend dailies, Breckenridge is close.
  12. I am! Epic Pass. Reservation system isn't terrible. Starting 11/8, you can reserve 7 days at any resort and get credited as you use them. You essentially float 7 guaranteed ski days at any given time on top of getting unlimited reservations for whatever the following week of skiing is. On 12/8, tickets go on sale to the general public, which includes buddy pass sales. I don't know if there will be slots held for week-of reservations or if they're just available when priority reservations/day tickets haven't claimed all the slots. That said, I don't think anyone knows what capacity
  13. Drive five hours to see family over the holidays, skiing is typically a part of it. And if I can get out there, I will. My company has a few clients in Bozeman I try to make excuses to meet with when I can and then more excuses to extend the trip for a few days to ski Big Sky or Bridger Bowl. Other than that, nothing more than the occasional 3 day weekend to SLC or Portland.
  14. Yep. I tend to hang out around Crotched, Mt. Snow, Attitash, and Wildcat but grew up on JF and BB. Still get 5-10 days a year in the Poconos.
  15. Assuming you’re getting a taxi / car service / Uber from Salt Lake City airport if your staying at the St. Regis deer valley (based on earlier photos in the thread). The hotel has an upper and lower lobby, the lower lobby forces you to take the “lift” to get to your room. None of which has to do with detachable suspended chairlifts and their line speeds. Nor does that house in Tahoe.
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