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  1. I don't know, new management taking away a benefit from unpaid volunteers shows the new management values them less than old management. If the mountain is closing because they can't muster up volunteer patrol, it does show the work they were doing was valuable. Just disappointing to see corporate policy overtake mountain personality. If Vail owned Mad River Glen, they'd close the single chair citing safety.
  2. Ah. Vail cancelled the benefit volunteers get of free passes for family of volunteers. That'll do it...
  3. I'd bet they struggle for the rest of the season. A lot of their patrol are volunteers with lifetime passes, from the looks of it a lot of them aren't fans of Vail and "retired." Seems like Vail is hurting for staff and coming up short on recruitment across the board. Every other day there's IG and facebook stories up asking for lifties at Frost and Boulder.
  4. Update! I know everyone has been on the edge of their seats for months now, but it has snowed and I've got a few miles on the Tubbs now. Overall, very pleased with them. The boa binding makes putting them on and off a breeze and they're much more lightweight than I thought they'd be. The shoes really don't impact your stride at all, you can walk fairly normally in them, and it's easy to feel unaware you're wearing the shoe. The float isn't as good as I had hoped but I dont really plan to use these in particularly deep snow or particularly isolated trails so I'm happy to live with i
  5. I forget who it was, but whoever it was that recommended indenting a beer can below the opening for a smoother pour is both a gentleman and a scholar.
  6. Great day today guys, first experience at blue and definitely not my last. Awesome meeting you all, thanks for being so welcoming in the lot, looking forward to getting back out there sometime soon!
  7. Oh! I rock a light grey arcteryx jacket, beige pants, grey helmet, and neon green goggles.
  8. Sweet. I’m in a grey-ish Subaru. Don’t judge the MA plates, I’ve been here a while
  9. Not sure on arrival, but I’ve got good gear for being cold and wet
  10. Fair, not looking for a handout, just didn’t see blue on liftopia and was wondering if there were any opportunities to chase a discount.
  11. I’ll be there tomorrow! All my posts complaining about JFBB had “ski blue” somewhere in the response, so figured I’d give it a shot.
  12. Best way to buy blue tickets? Aka, anyway I can pay less than the $109 list price for a last minute decision to try the mountain out tomorrow? you guys convinced me to give it a go.
  13. What’s your plan? I’m definitely going to strip all paint/rust and repaint, but am not sure how I want to mount/hang them
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