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  1. ok nevermind....when the boys got home from school I showed them the website of a camp. I told them that they would be in their own room (without parents) with other boys their age. I showed them all the after mountain activities. They absolutely flipped and they want to start packing right now. Problem solved. We are going to Dave Murray ski and snowboard school. They take kids as young as 7 (which is how old Stephen will be by June).
  2. Does anyone know if there is a snowboard camp going on for Easter break? I have been checking online and the only one I saw was in Vermont but it was during the week not on a school holiday. I talked to David about the summer camps out west (even Whistler) but I just don't think he is emotionally ready to go. (even if I went with him) I don't want to drop that kind of nut for nothing. If there was a place that we could drive to over break, that would be great.
  3. That picture is so great!
  4. I am a passholder and my six year old skis for free. They told me to carry a copy of his birth certificate just in case anyone asks, but no one ever has
  5. I agree, the snowmonster program is great. My kids have done it the last 2 years. The 9am-12 noon session is prob less crowded than the afternoon session. If you are going to ski more than one day try to rent your equip off mountain. There is a place on Rt. 903-county line ski rental (right down the road from lake harmony). You can prob save $10 or more per person. I don't think the tubing will be opened by this weekend at jfbb
  6. Just be carefull of your lift ticket everyone. David's fell off after he just brushed against his zipper. We were done for the day so it didnt matter. The lady at the ticket office told me the glue they have is not as good as last year. When she saw I was going to add that day's ticket on top of my others she said I should use a new wicket. I did and when I went to pull the old ones off, poof they just came off with hardly any effort.
  7. mornings are not that bad. We went about 9am and left by 1pm all week. When it gets crowded its rediculous. People fall off the lift and just sit there. (I fall too but at least I move right away), boarders taking up the whole opening of the mountain to strap in (hello move to the side and let people get by), people coming down way out of control. Both my kids got taken out a few times. As a result David has started boarding very slow and always looking up to see who's coming. he's paying more attention to the other riders than himself. At frost I got taken down by a guy who was skiing with his kid between his legs. They just plowed right into me from behind, and barely apologized.
  8. bumping up the thread, still looking. Did I mention free lift ticket Help me out please
  9. I recognize papasteeze's jacket from a mile away
  10. i thought about bringin my laptop, but I remember how crowded the lodge was last year over the break. Could hardly find a seat. boys are with their dad this weekend. He is taking them to Great Wolf Lodge, but they will not see the snow. He is a very good snowboarder so I really don't get that but whatever. I'm sure they will have fun on the waterslides.
  11. We are going up Christmas day and staying through New Years Day. I don't have internet service up there so I am trying to get things lined up. Still looking for some snowboard buddies for David (he's 8). That week will be really busy and there's no way I can watch both kids on the mountain alone. I have some free lift tickets on my season pass, so even if you are not from BB i can even buy your ticket for the day. My husband does not ski but said he would be willing to take lessons this season. I don't think Christmas week is the best time for that. Also, does anyone know about the Christmas camp on JFBB website? It says its open to junior racers but there is a fee for "non-members". Pm me if you are interested
  12. maybe...maybe not, but that's like saying you are not going to vote because your one vote doesn't count.
  13. Lift guys were nice last weekend. One even came out of his room to give my son some tips on how to get off without falling.
  14. ^couldn't edit...that being said, I am going to keep a positive outlook. Peak did spend a lot in snowmaking upgrades. No more negative threads for me.
  15. I think what everyone is upset about is right now, they all bought season passes and they don't want to go to another mountain. And yes, we can't tell jfbb how to run their business and who to hire and fire. I own a bowling center. if I took out major press releases and hyped the fact that I was going to dramatically improve an untapped area of my business, lets say sport bowling. Then I said I would redo my lanes and devote 50% of my center to that area and I had recruited the best in the area. Then I had an influx of new league bowlers that were excited about the new changes. Just as the league was about to start, I fired my team. I admit, no one knows the whole story, but it just seems like a bad business decision.
  16. It's all crap!! They should have worked out whatever problems they had and at least gone one season with the ParkLogic guys. My kids are young but I know they will be into the terrain park when they get better. I was happy that the mountain 5 minutes from my vacation house was going to have the best one around. Everyone should be posting all these threads. I don't know the details, but it seems like they put in all the work and delivered on their promises. I hope BB gave them a very generous severance pay
  17. Now that I know what his jacket looks like I can't miss him.
  18. You should have come over to say hi. I was looking for people but I couldn't remember what color jackets everyone said they would be wearing.
  19. BB was great Sat & Sun! Not crowded at all. The ticket validation thing was not too much of a hassle. I put David in a lesson to work on his toe turns and "Philly" was his instructor. he was so happy. We got to meet Nipples, Ridge and papasteeze. We won't be able to go back up until Christmas break. I'm sure it will be a zoo then.
  20. I think the reason they changed was because of the card being used as a credit card, and so it will be easier to take off. The clips seem like they will hold...it almost seems like it would take something weird to get it to open to the point that it falls off. I got a VIP pass, so I might get a plastic cover for mine, since I have to wear it, and I don't want the magnetic strip to get all scratched up. You are lucky you got the vip pass. we'll see what kind of hassle the poor man's pass is to get validated every day. By the way, mine didn't come with a cover or anything. She handed it to me just as it is like a credit card.
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