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  1. Beautiful cold morning here. We got about 10+” of snow in the last 48 hours. Nobody had skied at the park. I broke trail all over the place and it was fun and deep! About 9 degrees and after an hour my toes were frozen and my dog ripped all his booties so his toes were cold too and we called it a day.
  2. Barb


    Probably go to Crested Butte off and on starting next month. It’s weird though, now that I live in the mountains I do t feel the need to run over there as much.
  3. Barb


    Had my first alpine ski day of the season at Aspen. The logistics are definitely more of a pain then skiing Crested Butte. Have to drive to the commuter lot near Snowmass then take the free bus into town. Parking in Aspen is a huge pain in the ass. So by the time you gets to the base of the gondola from my house it’s probably between 1 hour 30 and 1 hour 45. Went in to get my fancy premier pass printed. Got to gondola and pass wouldn’t scan in my jacket, had to take it out. I will have to play with that next time. Didn’t have to scan it the rest of the day from mid mountain. We did get snow over the weekend but surprisingly it was scraped off and icy in spots. The bumps looked treacherous especially for day one. One side was a bit better conditions then the other. Don’t really know trail names yet. No lines, hardly any people, bright sunshine and warm. The last run down to the base was very icy. I remember now that when we did our bump class last Dec, they had us download each day. The reason being that December sun doesn’t hit the bottom half of the mountain and it gets pretty icy, especially on tired legs. Aspen girls gonna Aspen. Note the pink twins.
  4. So far it’s been a lot of fun. Not sure if I would do a true backcountry day here because not only is the terrain very steep, but it is very avalanche prone. We have already had one avalanche on 11/25 that partially buried 4 skiers. CAIC issued an avalanche warning for this weekend naming 2 entire mountain ranges and “The mountains around Marble.”
  5. I admit it’s a little lame of me that I haven’t been downhill skiing yet. But today we woke up to about 6” of powdery snow. On my morning dog walk the neighborhood roads had not been plowed yet. So I immediately went home and got my new XC skis and skied from my front door all around my neighborhood on untracked snow. Some fun sustained “downhill”. Took it slow, still getting used to going downhill on XC skis. Husband had his own fun fooling around with the snowblower.
  6. Tried out the HOK skis today! We got about 4+ inches overnight and it was snowy all morning. There were 5 of us today and we went to the same park but went in the trees more. The HOK skis are definitely good for that, walking over logs etc. Descending the small hills is so much easier. With the permanent skin on the middle third it really slows you down. It fees much different then trying to descend with full skins on my touring skis. These don’t grab as much. Overall we just tooled around looking for little hills do go down. Some look like they will be fun when they get filled in more.
  7. Some of the local ladies said there was just enough snow to XC at the Marble Mill site Park. They used their HOK skis but I was anxious to try out my Madshus. They have so much glide to them! In the first 5 minutes we went down a very small hill, and down I went. lol. By the next small hill I figured out how to descend without falling. Not graceful, but I got down it. The park is where they used to process Marble. There are a lot of random pieces carved and the old marble foundation pieces. 15 degrees and brilliant sunshine! Snow moving in this weekend. What a great spot that is a 10 min drive from my house to get some quick cardio in! These 2 ladies are in their 70’s but getting out there in a regular basis. I hope to be this active at their age. Plus they have such great stories.
  8. Look into aqua bricks. That’s what we got. A box of 6, they are 3 gallons a piece so easily moveable and lock together like legos when you stack them to take up less space. Just change out water every 6 months.
  9. I couldn’t resist. I still wanted a pair of backcountry XC skis. Picked up these Madshus Panorama 78’s
  10. We looked into a whole house generator and they are insanely expensive. Something about high altitude makes them more expensive. We have a gas generator and we always keep 5-8 gallons of gas handy. And yes, propane. Power outages are a very regular occurrence here. But yesterday was unusual. It’s a learning curve living here for sure….
  11. got about 4” of very wet heavy snow so far. It was dumping earlier. My power has gone off and on about 6 times so far today. My well pump didn’t reset and I had to dig out the manual and reset it. First time I have had to do that. But I do have 15 gallons of emergency “prepper” water in the closet just in case.
  12. were they aware of your presence? Did they just walk by or check you out at all? Curious
  13. I think this was discussed. 25 x 30, all for my husband. He needs his man space
  14. We have been trying since May to get a permit for a detached garage here. The powers that be just kept working against us. We finally got a permit last Thursday and my excavator was here Friday to begin work. Still have to finish excavating then pour some involved concrete as nothing here is flat terrain. As much as I want snow (and it is forecasted this weekend), this Braveheart clip sums up how I feel about snow holding off just a tad longer so we can get this done.
  15. Abasin on opening day is not something I would enjoy. But happy things are moving along.
  16. Abasin just announced opening 10/29
  17. Haha no. That looks very awkward. Gonna use my regular backcountry poles. The other ladies do as well.
  18. They feel pretty light. Snd I think they market them towards an alternative to snowshoeing. They require less energy expenditure than snowshoes. I will post my thoughts after I use them.
  19. I completely agree and am somewhat terrified! But the ladies said they only really do rolling hills nothing too steep.
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