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  1. Yes bumps for boomers. Don’t think I am going to progress to the zipper line. Would be happy to do the green line efficiently.
  2. Me too. It is 4 days. I am both excited and nervous. They suggested we rent skis no longer than 152 but my friend and I are going to start on our own equipment, since that is ultimately what we will be using. If we are having a real hard time we can rent shorter skis.
  3. Thanks, definitely not as fun alone however.
  4. They just opened the Paradise lift the other day. When Kebler Pass closes in winter, the drive from Marble to CB is 3.5 hours since you have to go all the way around. Aspen is 1 hr 15 from my place. I got an uphill pass and after my bump clinic I will still have 3 Aspen days left on my Ikon Pass. McClure Pass has some mellow skiing, the stuff up by the quarry is over my head I think. It’s going to be an awesome winter! current Ring camera still from Marble, dumping there now.
  5. Sneaky little pow day at Eldora. I had planned to go up this morning and last night’s weather said 10% chance of snow overnight. Checked webcam this morning and it was 7”! Never waited more than 3-5 min for the lift. Snow was A-mazing! Legs feeling tired after 2 hours and I was by myself so didn’t feel like taking a break in the lodge alone. Saw a guy coming in hot from a side trail so I slowed down. Sure enough the had a wicked wipe out. I got his ejected ski and lone pole and brought it down to him. He was ok but it looked nasty. Great vibe on the mountain, everyone in a super good mood. Early season predictions said we would have a late start to winter, not so! Have been getting lots of storms. The bullseye area always seems to be CB/Aspen (Marble!). They are expecting 20-36” by Thursday. I am doing my bump clinic in Aspen weekend of 15th so very happy they are getting hammered. One lonely picture, too busy skiing.
  6. Mostly took our gear for a walk today. Boreas Pass from the Como side. First mile we kept putting skis on then taking them off. Then we had some good snow for the next mile. Then it all turned to shit so we turned around. Carried skis most of the way down. took one picture
  7. Tried to watch your video but it says it’s private.
  8. #epicpass did me dirty today! Lol I wanted to stop somewhere and ski on my drive to Marble. Thinking over my options I imagined long lift lines everywhere. Since I was solo, I just wanted to do some laps. Then it hit me; Beaver Creek! Nobody does day trips from the front range. I checked their website and they had 2 high speed quads running, perfect! As I passed the exits for WP and Copper I was patting myself on the back for such a smart decision on my part. I was at BC one time 10 years ago, I forgot how fancy it is. Pull up to the gated community it is and ask the attendant to direct me to the free parking. She informs me there is no free parking at Beaver Creek, of course there isn’t. My options are a $10 lot near the gate I have to shuttle from, or for $5 more I can park in the garage at the base. No brainer. Getting ready I think how fast a person could get soft booting up in a heated garage. I emerge at the base to find plenty of people in fancy ski outfits sitting around fireplaces drinking hot totties. Nobody seems to be on the snow, again, perfect. I go inside to have my epic pass printed and the guy says my pass is restricted. When he sees my confused face he elaborates further, it is a blackout holiday and I only have the epic local pass. Never would I have thought to check the website that a day in Nov would be blacked out. I felt like a complete dope. Out of principal I could not buy a day ticket so off I went. Hopefully I can hit it on my way back to Boulder.
  9. Barb

    How long?

    Haha I saw that ad on FB. If you had kids I could see it.
  10. Got a nice sun tan at Copper today. No real pics. Conditions were icy but I am not going to complain early season. Lift lines were 20ish min not too bad.
  11. Love this! How are the temperatures there? Are you camping?
  12. There are some possibilities I am going to check out for sure. Gonna leave my xc skis up here. Heard you can xc ski at the air strip in my neighborhood, and wooded areas adjoining. Even though it’s private property they allow it.
  13. Some fresh snow pics for stoke
  14. Had an excellent burger and a steam shower. After some more stretching I will be good!
  15. So my tree guy absolutely flaked out on me. Contracted him to do finish work back in August including splitting all my cut trees into firewood. He told me a week ago he couldn’t do it until spring. Everyone sold out of firewood around here so my husband and I decided to try and tackle it ourselves. pile available logs on left are from 2 summers ago and ready to be split. I wasn’t brave enough to try the chainsaw. But I did split some with the axe until I kind of missed and almost hit my foot. My husband split about 1/2 of what we cut with the axe. I also bought a log splitter. I admit, log splitter was very satisfying We worked for 5 hours with a small break and I don’t even think we got a cord done. There was a large rock in the wood pile that husband hit. So we can’t do any more till he sharpens the blade.
  16. We left from the commuter lot in Golden at 9 and had zero traffic. Once we hit Berthoud Pass, the roads got icy and it was snowing hard. Winter Park allowed free parking I guess since it’s early season so we got a close in spot. My friend was not wearing enough layers. So since I made the last minute call to wear my insulated ski pants I took off my base layers and let her use them. We knew the lines would be long but when we rounded the corner and saw just how long we were both like, “fuck.” They had 3 lifts running. 2 were kind of bullshit lifts that didn’t get you very far, but I do appreciate their effort to spread things out. The Arrow lift was the main one, a fixed grip triple. I had never taken it before. The snow was surprisingly really really good! A few icy spots but mostly about 2+ inches of fresh snow on whatever they had blown. One dicey spot where the runs come together onto a catwalk. Lots of people falling and for some reason just stopping here. We did 3 runs, the longest lift wait was 43 minutes. Overall I was just very happy to be on snow and the crowd had a happy vibe. Even spotted a microwave.
  17. as @JFskiDansaid embrace the chaos. Will post a report later
  18. I tried these this morning. I’m, wow, I suck. 😂. Especially the bad knee. Amazing how after 8 months there is still a strength deficit.
  19. Depends; I am a creature of habit. Don’t like going outside my 5 mile square box in Boulder to get all my errands run. My gym is not the most well run. Yesterday I showed up at 7:30 and whoever was supposed to open I guess was too hungover. I waited until 8:15 then left. I was annoyed.
  20. Holy crap. My healed broken knee hurts just watching that 😂. Seriously though, thanks. Always looking for ski prep stuff. I do think you are just a fit beast with alien genetics and that’s why you don’t get sore or tired, you weirdo!
  21. Ha! I looked at those, really expensive. But yeah, would love it if my gym would buy one.
  22. wow I wish my gym had this! Lol. It would be nice to not feel like I am having a heart attack early season skinning.
  23. Got out in the cross country skis at Brainard Lake today. Coverage was horrible and I definitely scratched them. But they are over 15 years old and I had a good time. Skied the woods for the first mile dodging lots of rocks and branches. Then we popped out into the unplowed road. That was much more pleasant as we could actually glide. @AtomicSkier need to update 22/23 on the stats page please
  24. WROD at Arapahoe Basin starting this Sunday. #stoke
  25. Checked out the natural hot springs in the side of the road near Marble today. It’s a funky spot. Water either scalding hot, or Luke warm. Middle of the day a girl arrived and decided she just needed to be naked. Made sure she walked around a lot so everyone could admire the goods. Was kind of weird. Random people in pics. No I didn’t take a picture of the naked girl.
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