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  1. Maksim

    Colder and Bolder - 12/18/18

    Are tickets still discounted? Have not bought a pass this year yet.
  2. Maksim

    Maintaining own "ski trail"

    😃 Not a mcmansion... 😃 Everything is cheaper up here. And no, regular skiis for here... Powder skiis would help a bit I am sure.
  3. Maksim

    the pics from today thread

    From skiing this morning. 😃
  4. Maksim

    Maintaining own "ski trail"

    So... answered the question... can I ski on property... YES! Went out today and tested my two "trails." The long one running down the side of my property is about 350 feet.... While it will be perfect for my 3 year old... all of this fresh powder was tough to ski and was sinking in, tougher to build up speed... perhaps if packed would be great... The shorter but steeper one was actually pretty cool.... from the top of the septic drain field, through the narrow part between my "trees" and the side of the house, down to the street. https://imgur.com/a/NpYCvW9 https://imgur.com/a/cNfHVUh https://imgur.com/a/gfQE7E8
  5. Was driving home from Phillipsburg the other day and saw someone crossing into PA in a Silver or White C300 Benz, custom tags, "Epic Ski" iirc... anyone here? 😃
  6. I work from home and have a very flexible schedule (self employed). Obviously part of moving here was to be able to ski more... wondering, does it make sense to go one further and work as an instructor at one of the local mountains? Or too much BS, not enough pay to justify the passes?
  7. Maksim

    18/19 Opening day predictions

    LOL, I may go out shortly and try skiing down my sloping yard.
  8. Maksim

    18/19 Opening day predictions

    wait... you can ski on leaves?
  9. Maksim

    Maintaining own "ski trail"

    Central Jersey, Exit 8 on the pike.
  10. Maksim

    Maintaining own "ski trail"

    The breakeven here in PA is a lot more than in NJ as the electric rates are about 30% less.
  11. Maksim

    Maintaining own "ski trail"

    I got to say, I am liking the idea of blowing own snow.... Do wonder how much it would be in electricity... no solar installed yet but fortunately don't need to worry about water as we have our own well.
  12. Maksim

    Maintaining own "ski trail"

    Oh boy....
  13. Maksim

    Whitefish today pic

    Wow that IS insane. Wonder how long the hike up took.
  14. Maksim

    Maintaining own "ski trail"

    Haha, thanks. So yes, would be predominately for my kiddos and kids of same age in the family. Main question was about whether would need to pack the snow or not... good idea on the snow blower. Have a lawn tractor attachment (snow blower) and can throw it in the right direction.
  15. Maksim

    Maintaining own "ski trail"

    Hey all. So if you did not see my earlier post, moved out from NJ to Lehigh Valley, living about 10 mins north of Easton. Part of the appeal of our property is the nearly 2 acres and some nice hills. From one corner of the property to the other there is a fairly gentle slope, dropping about 50 vertical feet over 400 feet, with a nice bump which would make an awesome jump. Yes, it is not a replacement for a mountain... BUT I figure it would be awesome for my daughter who will be 3 by the time winter hits and our friends/family members. So.... How feasible? How much pain in the ass would it be?