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  1. Maksim

    20 percent off giftcards

    Can you then use the gift cards at 20 off to buy the 3 packs?
  2. Maksim

    Triple Play

    Glad to see these deals here. Seems like the prices overall for the areas is coming down. Wonder how much better, if at all, the deal will be on Black Friday.
  3. Maksim

    Blue's Trade-In Program

    Wonder if there is a limit.... Buy up a bunch of used skis on craigslist...
  4. Maksim

    Tent sales

    Got there today at the end of the day. Place was nearly cleaned out. Picked up used boots for my 2 year old for $10. Picked up two pairs in different sizes. Too cheap to pass up. Also picked up a nice pair of gloves for $15
  5. Maksim

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    If i am not mistake, Blue ran the 3 for $90 or $100 on Black Friday for the last couple of years. I suspect they will once again.
  6. Maksim

    17/18 Season Update

    Humn, Elk is not as far as I thought it was from central jersey. Could be interesting. Need to move to PA faster. lol.
  7. Maksim

    Unlimited rentals package at Blue.

    NP. Browse the site, some really awesome deals. You can get 2 year old skis on there, still new of course, $250 or so for $800 skis. I bought my last pair that way, $250 for nice new Atomic Nomads with bindings and all, 1 year old model, new were like $650 or so. Just this year bought new helmet for daughter, a new Giro, also half priced. From Level9. quick shipping, were awesome. For ski stuff, like googles/helmets/gloves there is Dvor.com, it is the deals site for opticsplanet.com
  8. Maksim

    Unlimited rentals package at Blue.

    Aha. Just priced out for daughter. $60 for last year's dalbello boots, and $190 for skis/bindings. Level9Sports and Evo. Plenty of awesome deals if you look. All new. Better yet, here is a complete package for $180. https://www.levelninesports.com/defiance-trio-girl-s-complete-ski-package-2017
  9. Maksim

    17/18 Season Update

    Wow, did not realize they were that much. Wife lived in NH and had the pass for Loon and others and were less than $300, especially if college students or residents. Going out west, yes, daily passes are nuts but the season passes were quite reasonable. I suppose if you live up there and can go every day makes sense.
  10. Maksim

    17/18 Season Update

    But not even Vermont is $800, no?
  11. Maksim

    17/18 Season Update

    $800 for a season pass? WTF?! That is more than skiing out west. lol. I have never skied Elk but.... why $800?
  12. Maksim

    Unlimited rentals package at Blue.

    Was just about to say this. One of the advantages of not renting in blue is waiting in that god awful line. In either case, I don't see the appeal of paying $130 to rent, unless you really abuse your equipment and ski more than once a week. But, if you do ski more than once a week, you likely have your own choice of equipment anyway. Then the choice is... pay Blue $130 for beat up equipment hundreds of people used before you, or spend $250 (for kids) or $350 for adults for very good new last years or older stock from a number of online stores? Then, you can still sell it and recoup most of your money back.
  13. Maksim

    Free Old School Skis

    hehe, Dynastar Skicross, I had those I think as first skis.
  14. Maksim

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    Ah I miss Loveland. lol. Then again any skiing out there is better than a great day in Mid Atlantic. =) Looks like that pic is from opening day?
  15. Maksim

    New trail at blue.

    It's been how long now? Was wondering about "coming soon" for a while.