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  1. If your on a board. I would highly recommend micro spikes... Watched a boarded slip and take out half the people in the boot ladder one time. I always take my crampons.
  2. Snow fields from mid April a few years ago.
  3. How many times have you been up?
  4. Absolutely not! As the tuxs trail is always beaten down by cat transporting volunteer rescue and mwac staff. Also only part truly skinable is from the parking lot to Hojo's (Not even 40% to the summit) anything more is just what conditions allow. It's also no race and sweating means changing layers. Also anything from the end of April til July be starting the hike in out tail shoes! I have an extra pack to.
  5. Also few Days up at Tuckerman in June with a good friend.
  6. Because everyone on here dosen’t like when i post without pictures. First set was last February 2019 and last was August 7th of 2019.
  7. It's that time of year I start checking the weather for Mt. Washington multiple times a day and the avalanche report everyday. Curious if anyone else on here skis, has skied or wants to ski the Presidentials?
  8. Won't allow me to post them... something about the file too big. Plus my phone spent the days frozen and dead. As well as none few photos.I took dose any justice.
  9. Learned a lot from my brother who went to uvm and I spent a lot of of time on his couch that 4 years. Stowe is definitely king on the east.
  10. Last Friday I saw forecast for northern Vermont. Was in my car an hour later and got into my usual Stowe car camping spot around 3:00am after the last 100 miles being some pretty gnarly roads but subie held true as always. Took a nap and caught chair around 8:00 as Stowe was already packed. First two warm up laps were lift serviced deep in woods skiers left of the nose untracked and cut over cloud burst zone. Quickly realized the upper mountain would be firing while everyone else was too distracted by the lift service terrain. So headed up to the chin, however from the top of the climbing gully to the summit was 50 mph winds at 0 zero degrees. Pretty brutal after not expected that and sweating the whole climb up. It paid off though I was was probably 3rd person down then hour glass chute that day. Waist deep not even scraped at the chute. Then cut over to hell brook trail and I think only 2 beat me to it. Skied back to the gondola and climbed back to the chin however the wind and cold was even wore this time... my cheeks being the only exposed skin turned white. Some first timers I passed just below the ridge I hope they did ok and I didn't sand bag them. Skied The Northern slopes off the chin and only one person beat me to it, skied back into Stowe and cut left went deeper then angel food to find untracked terrain which put me back in the notch again. Then skied classic balls falls which was still impressively untracked at 2:30pm. Then the Bruce trail to the matterhorn for a beer and a bus ride back to the car in the lot. Spent the last two days touring here and I'm not posting any information about it cuz that be a crime. Also to go to take pictures and video.
  11. Get fellas! Remember the good stuff is earned!
  12. This is not to day however to was great day. Just throw back two seasons ago.
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