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  1. Sorry for the long winded. Just figured I should.
  2. To shorten things up, It wasn’t the day i wanted but it was the day i needed. Saw a marginal weather window with a great work window so pulled the trigger knowing it would be a gamble on conditions. Drove up yesterday taking my time making multiple stops in Massachusetts. Car camped at my now regular spot woke to howling winds, time change and how comfortable i got car camping down it was very easy to keep sleeping in a bit. Headed right up the tuckerman trail. Pack weight was 35lbs. Clueless as to what I’m going to ski. Chilled at hojos awhile talked to some others passing
  3. Pulling the trigger on a quick trip headed up tomorrow. Pic for stoke.
  4. Further the adventure better the ski.
  5. Watch the whole series... it’s honestly what changed what i want out of skiing and then to watch him ski the zones i call my happy place.
  6. He still has another line on the east coast to knock off.
  7. Coolest project in skiing! Favorite episode but I may play favorites.
  8. Pretty normal contrary to popular belief.
  9. Day 3 I woke to it snowing very heavy and after a 30 minutes search for my car key i was off to Wildcat ski area. With 100mph winds and 14 inches forecasted for Washington i knew i needed another option. Never been to wildcat before and it’s always been a back up plan for my tuxs trips. First few runs were good although i was absolutely clueless where the goods were at first but hey that’s the adventure of it. Conditions were great... wasn’t powder just sitting on ice like we normally get on the east. I’d say 8-10 inches in depth. Eventually after following my nose i found
  10. It’s not that I can’t afford a room. I actually sleep super well in my car and by myself it makes sense. Didn’t find that thread but couldn’t stop thinking about that story. Did find this story though. https://m.facebook.com/notes/patrick-luk/falling-into-king-ravine-interview-excerpt/679140355493444
  11. Totally stupid though it’s my happy place.
  12. Day 2 After a great nights rest I woke to a light rain. Figured today I’d explore King Ravine. Which is in the northern presidentials off of Mt. Adams. Never have been there before or anywhere in the section of the mountain range. Started the tour in a light rain climbing through maple forest which eventually switched to pine forest. First 2.5 miles was super easy skinning with the same mellow pitch. The last 0.8 miles to base of the Great Gully was much to be desired. Not only was i now breaking trail, it got incredible steep, excessive over growth and sections of car sized rocks wi
  13. @AtomicSkier I sweat to much for that long hair don’t care life. Note sure... big storm rolling in Later tomorrow.
  14. Decided to check out the Gulf of Slides today. This was my first time to this zone so this was more an exploration. GoS trail was much steeper in many spots then then the tuxs trail. It was a very sweaty skin from start to finish with no wind even above the treeline. Skied the main gully in slightly less then favorable conditions. Did not warrant multiple laps. Over all great day out in the mountains... always so humbling.
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