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  1. Friday is also the first day of the Subaru Master the Mountain, so that should add to the craziness. I'll be at JF on Saturday to use my free tix from Subaru.
  2. My pic from above is Alta 0. That pic is from 2008, which was a pretty good snow year. Tower 3 chute is significantly easier than the Alta chutes as there aren't any lines that lead to mandatory airs. My least favorite run at Jackson is the Casper Traverse(Mr. Toad's Wild Ride).
  3. crazex

    New Hardhat

    I have a Smith Variant Brim, that I like. The Smith Vantage is nice too.
  4. Stowe is using Flash, and Jackson Hole just uses static pictures, which are updated at a set interval. Blue is using Windows Media Player, which is not the best application for streaming webcam footage.
  5. Jackson is definitely one of those places that you have to go. It's hard to express how great the mountain is with just pictures and writing. I've been to a lot of Western resorts, and Jackson is by far my favorite. They may not have the best snow, but they absolutely have the best terrain. Even in low snow years, they have terrain that can challenge even the most accomplished skier. I've skied blue runs, at Jackson, that would probably be classified as blacks at most other resorts. The pics that have been posted look good, it's a shame that you weren't out there a week earlier. Also, for GSS, I've never ridden the Alta Chutes, as they are pretty gnarly. T3 Chute is good, and generally holds some good snow. And now a pic of the Alta Chutes, from the Sublette Chair:
  6. Jack Frost is also a good learning mountain. Since all of the beginner terrain is pretty well separated from everything, and only goes halfway down the hill. They do have a learning area with a magic carpet that is completely separate as well.
  7. Check out the Best Western Executive Inn. Right across the street from the Trax stop, free breakfast, and free wi-fi. They're also partners with the Ski Utah program. I think, based on quad occupancy, you can get a room/lift tix/and bus pass, for like $75/night.
  8. I don't post here much, but PC, your Tahoe pics are much more interesting than listening to Robert2 bitch. We all get it...He loves JFBB. I just shake my head in disgust when I read that he "teaches" people to snowboard...
  9. Neversummer Legacy. Great mid-wide, all-mtn freestyle board. The new ones are rockered, so it's supposed to help in both the park and powder(not like we get that at Blue).
  10. I agree, I've never been one to appreciate lessons either. However, the advanced lessons, that Jackson Hole offers, are top notch. I took the lvl 6 snowboard lesson, I think they call it Mountain Riders now, a few years ago. It was a "group" class, but limited to a max of 4 people, and it was a whole day. A big plus is that everyone in Jackson seems to be all about racking up their vert everyday, so the lessons are rarely full. Especially if you take the lesson on a weekday/non-holiday. My lesson only had 2 people(including myself), so it was essentially a private lesson. I tipped my instructor $50 after this lesson. The lesson was probably worth more than that tip, but I only had $50 in the wallet that day. The next time I go back to Jackson, I'll definitely be taking another lesson. Over the past two years, I've started to take up skiing again, and I wish that one of the PA mountains offered quality lessons. I guess it is too much to ask for them to have instructors who are as experienced as those from JHMR. I won't pay for a ski lesson, at Blue, as I don't think some 16 year old kid will be able to help me with much. -Jon-
  11. Rossi is also selling them, under the old FKS 15 and FKS 18 name.
  12. There are "headwalls" at Blue??? I've been skiing/riding there for over 10 years and I wouldn't consider anything a "headwall". As people have said, Raceway, although classified as a black, skis like a typical blue trail. Same as Main Street. I don't think they are much, if any, steeper than Lehigh or Exhibition. They are probably longer trails though. Lazy Mile is a great trail when Blue is empty. Plenty wide, with easy turns. When it is crowded, however, it is a shitshow. It seems to be the blue trail that they take all the lessons to. Switchback is usually great, since most people seem to forget it exists. Paradise, without speed restrictions, could be one of the best trails on the mountain.
  13. Great post. You seem to have your tags for The Chute and Midway reversed though.
  14. I had the original Burton cap straps on my old P1's, and they were horrible. No matter how I adjusted them, or tightened them, they would always slip up. Prior to this year I was riding Burton SL-6 boots, so the theory of the straps not slipping on Burton boots isn't true. This year I switched to Ride bindings with Salomon F24's, and their "convertible" strap is far superior. Since the strap is a grippy rubber, it never moves, after you've strapped in.
  15. crazex


    If you love the boots, but your liners are packed out, get a set of Intuition liners. You'll need footbeds with these as well. They are on the pricey side, but well worth it.
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