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  1. It will absolutely increase crowds. Maybe it will light a fire under blues ass to get that expansion going.
  2. Wish I knew in the spring, I would have gone ikon instead of epic. next year I guess
  3. The only ski area with a view looking west towards hunter would be Cortina Valley.
  4. Not June fools. Wonder If this is to set the stage for vail acquiring smugglers notch. https://liftblog.com/2023/06/01/smugglers-notch-and-stowe-propose-interconnect-gondola/
  5. Glad to see the replanting effort paying off. Still can't believe the previous owners promised a high speed quad but only ended up clear cutting a ton of areas.
  6. -Closing with the best conditions of the season. -JF still open, we will see for how long. -Aside from western PA, This will make Jack frost the only EPICtm resort open in eastern and southern PA. -Blue is making snow at lower elevation and in a warmer climate while big boulder closes.
  7. Here's a live view of whitetail. I think their climate is significantly warmer than blue. Many times the temps are the same at whitetail as they are in south jersey. I only know this because of the one year whitetail was on the peak pass and I was waiting until the snow was decent to get there. Blue is a fantastic option very close to philly. Its priced fairly too.
  8. Sounds like a clusterfuck. Hopefully when ownership changes this can be put behind them. It seems that having a place like the VOFS at the base should be a benefit. You would have to imagine that most people at VOFS bought in due to elk being there, and elk is leaving a ton of pass sales on the table. Looking at the maps it looks like there could even be a trail cut down to the village with a lift. Elk management just looks like idiots.
  9. aw c'mon man. Didn't you hear? you can have an EPICTM time at hunter, its like skiing on the cross bronx expressway, with a longer drive!
  10. https://www.firsttracksonline.com/2013/05/15/pennsylvania-ski-resort-loses-lawsuit-over-water/ I don't think they can ban someone from buying a season pass because of where they live. No further info could be found.
  11. Did you tell the lifty about your experience? They probably had no idea they were in the presence of greatness since most people that ski and ride left boulder after vail neutered it.
  12. That trail is super flat, but the real tragedy is what they did to timberline. It used to be a nice narrow winding trail, now its just a trail. before After
  13. Its a fundraiser for the ski for Colin charity. https://www.elkskier.com/events/ski-for-colin/ Its a bit interesting how you get the tickets, but you call/text the number listed there (I texted and got a response, none when I called) and the dude on the line reserves a ticket for you, and you pick it up at their booth in the lodge.
  14. Ive always been intrigued by saddlebacks above treeline stuff. Not much photo/video of it out there. Saddleback looks incredible. Maybe next year I will finally get there. The year I had a trio actually planned, they closed.
  15. North mountain out by ricketts glen had plans for a 1400 foot drop, same with miller mountain in tunkhannock. PA could have been the alps of the mid Atlantic /s.
  16. Looks like a fun time. Fun fact: Tussey was actually a much taller ski area on the other side of the gap, but was relocated to this location. The prior spot had 900 feet of vert. https://www.dcski.com/lostareas/viewlostprofile.php?id=95
  17. Big boulder opened today. They tied their opening day with a ski area in Alabama. Great job vail.
  18. Lift tickets are also only 40 bucks Monday though Wednesdays. Free rentals if you get there before 3pm. I did this a few years back. It was fun to switch to try skiing again for no extra cost for a handful of runs.
  19. Blue is certainly coming out swinging this year. I should have bought a pass. Next year it is happening for sure. The snowmaking cloud in the valley this morning is quite the sight.
  20. Its crazy that Boulder almost always opened first in PA, then vail comes in and now they aren't even a contender. Hell, blue fucking knob, the resort that runs off of redneck farts and fishing twine opened before boulder. Hopefully the park crew/groomers that worked at boulder park will start making parks elsewhere. I don't ride much park anymore, but when I did, the geometry and design of their jumps were incredible compared to everywhere else.
  21. I haven't been in a while, but when frost closed for the day, there was always a substantial line of cars heading to boulder. That was back when boulder did not open midweek until 3pm. Not sure what the hours and everything are now.
  22. Pretty cool video showing the changes at JFBB. They did more than just replacing a ton of lifts. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1311420689606791 (facebook account not needed to watch) Hopefully vail will install lights at jack frost. Having to drive from one to another for night riding is stupid.
  23. I’ll take the long haul over the doubles at blue knob. I’m pretty sure they just let the local meth head run on a human hamster wheel for a free season pass to power those things. Not to mention I think the haul ropes needed to be shortened years back, so much slack and bounce even when not loaded.
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