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  1. I wonder if a relocation of that ski patrol building will happen in the future. it breaks up the top to bottom flow for laps off the new lift, and its not like ski patrol can just hop onto a lift next to the building anymore.
  2. Do you still have this seat by chance? I keep ripping through seats on my impreza and according to internet experts there is a good chance this will fit.
  3. https://instagram.com/stories/iamjl22/2876392653284916642?igshid=NWRhNmQxMjQ=
  4. The valley cam now has a fantastic view of the quad.
  5. About ten years (maybe further back) I dont remember, but they closed due to inclement weather. However their website said they were open and so did there phone line, even while i was in the parking lot with a bunch of other people being told by security guard that they are closed for the day due to rain. It ended up being a bluebird day in the poconos, and i drove over to shawnee. It was at that point i saw the light...not just blue mountain, but anywhere else besides camelback
  6. Looks like camelback is moving pretty quick! I’ll probably never ride PA’s only and best bubble.
  7. Nidecker now owns flow. They expanded on the rear entry and are now have something called the supermatic. It looks more promising than burtons step ons because you can use any boot.
  8. Blue is really committed to not tearing down that metal power line structure thingy.
  9. If i had to guess, I would say they need space for the bottom terminal which would be pretty substantial in size. It would hav made that intersection an even bigger cluster F*ck. This new alignment if done right would allow Burma road to flow right into shuttle or the valley school hill. That also gives blue two really long top to bottom beginner routes. Beginners love being able to say “they went to the top”
  10. From the valley cam, it looks like some grading or work going on higher up the lift line.
  11. the button doesn't work. I ctrl click or two finger click on the image and there's a full screen option. I just wish it would play continuously.
  12. This webcam is going to keep me entertained at work until next season.
  13. Can’t wait to poach the Old lifeline after one of Palmerton’s famous storm cycles.
  14. plenty of independent resorts have and rely on doubles. Even if they don't need a lift, they may need the parts depending on manufacturer.
  15. maybe they have a buyer. older parts are hard to come buy.
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