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  1. Blue is certainly coming out swinging this year. I should have bought a pass. Next year it is happening for sure. The snowmaking cloud in the valley this morning is quite the sight.
  2. Its crazy that Boulder almost always opened first in PA, then vail comes in and now they aren't even a contender. Hell, blue fucking knob, the resort that runs off of redneck farts and fishing twine opened before boulder. Hopefully the park crew/groomers that worked at boulder park will start making parks elsewhere. I don't ride much park anymore, but when I did, the geometry and design of their jumps were incredible compared to everywhere else.
  3. I haven't been in a while, but when frost closed for the day, there was always a substantial line of cars heading to boulder. That was back when boulder did not open midweek until 3pm. Not sure what the hours and everything are now.
  4. Pretty cool video showing the changes at JFBB. They did more than just replacing a ton of lifts. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1311420689606791 (facebook account not needed to watch) Hopefully vail will install lights at jack frost. Having to drive from one to another for night riding is stupid.
  5. I’ll take the long haul over the doubles at blue knob. I’m pretty sure they just let the local meth head run on a human hamster wheel for a free season pass to power those things. Not to mention I think the haul ropes needed to be shortened years back, so much slack and bounce even when not loaded.
  6. It seems strange that spring would buy something like that, especially when their lifts look like they are about to collapse. I wonder if it's just to fill patches between snowmaking weather?
  7. Its a borvig, but you can have it.
  8. I plan on using a steel wire disk on an angle grinder. The hanger on my chair looks to also be welded to the chair as well as bolted, so that should be fun. im not sure I want to remove the hanger or not. It will be easier to turn into a swing chair without it, but it will probably be more stable with it.
  9. I got the chair sitting in my backyard. Plan to strip the layers of paint, seal it from rust, replace the plastic seating pads with wood, and paint it over the next couple weekends if the weather holds.
  10. They should have at least paint the damn slides like a forest green (or ordered them in that color). It would have reduced the circus factor by 6 percent.
  11. I would be inclined to blame the supply chain for this, but everything at blue takes forever. most other areas are installing lifts no problem this year.
  12. Unfortunately, I think within the next decade most areas will have a circus of their own. It will be kind of like the 70’s and 80’s with resorts investing into snowmaking. Those who did stayed afloat, yet many who didn’t became nelsapped.
  13. seriously. Camelbacks looks almost completed. At least blue’s it won’t take 5 years to install like Magic’s quad. (Hopefully) Watch this year be crazy cold and everyone open for thanksgiving, and blue opens with just vista chair due to the new lift still not being done.
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