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  1. So looking back and double checking the first templates I made for the first set of skis I found a pretty big error, resulting in the ski feeling hooky as described in the TR so I’m in need of new templates. The radius on the tip of the ski somehow ended up being about 14m. I got to drawing and came up with a similar shape but with the correct side cut. I sent this shape out to a shop that has a CNC router table and am hoping to have some pricing back by early this week for templates. This will speed things up a lot as most of my time on the first pair was spent making templates. I’m hoping to
  2. If this happens, we are fucked. This was my first thought, and worry.
  3. The big mountain feel of the place really makes you feel like youre out west, simply incredible. Its like skiing in PA without the drive!
  4. Make Blue Elite Again, Ill get the hats printed.
  5. If you want to ski any Epic mountain before December 8th, youre going to need a pass. Guess they kinda have you backed into a corner with that one, gotta pay to ski.
  6. Maybe we are all the jealous haters because we cant afford to buy left over Kastle's
  7. Just figured youd make a dick comment about me being a poor because I ski on Line skis.
  8. I was there almost 2 hours, they are selling tickets in two hour blocks to limit the number of people, face coverings are required and you can only ride the lift with people in your party, good preview of what the season will look like. There is a T-bar up the right side along the wall.
  9. Many firsts for me last night. First time skiing in a mall, first time skiing in September and first lift beer of the 20-21 season. Hopefully this is a good start to what could be a very weird season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. GSSucks

    DIY Splitboard

    Very nice work so far, some of the most fun for me was figuring out how to rig the tools I already had to make what I wanted. Excited to see the finished product!
  11. GSSucks

    DIY Splitboard

    West systems 105 Resin & 205 Hardner is what I used on the skis and a few other projects. Can be found on Amazon or at most boat supply places.
  12. https://www.epicpass.com/info/letter-to-our-pass-holders?fbclid=IwAR0g47bzdsDiud3XGm2d4PUU_dJcbc4W5pvWsm-KCto8zsQB863P2JtjVF4
  13. Ill start working on some custom top sheets for you, Ill make them special. 🚀🚀🚀
  14. GSSucks

    DIY Splitboard

    I 100% agree there should be an edge, I was saying I would not worry about trying to get a piece of sidewall in above the edge.
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