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  1. If I remember correctly Paradise usually melts pretty quick, going to be a mud skin for sure. Take a loot at the mountain cameras. Looks like Main would be the logical trail at this point.
  2. https://www.solitudemountain.com/mountain-and-village/dining/the-yurt
  3. Spring slush will strip wax in a day
  4. I took another pair out of the press Saturday morning, and finished them up Saturday afternoon, they are getting a tune now. I’ll have the new pair at Blue on Saturday, this will be S2P2. Yes, they do have a picture of my son shirtless on the tip, there may also be a Waldo hidden in there somewhere and perhaps a rocket if you look hard enough. In other news, I remounted S2P1 (the last pair) with a pair of Look px’s. If I did my math correctly, they should be adjustable from a ~25.5 to ~28.5 boot size, they will be available for anyone that wants to take a few runs on them, just find me.
  5. Bullshit, I have pictures of @snorovr upside down in a bush in Moonshine Bowl, and I know you were there. Sun King is "Sticky Ditch" then you are stuck in the hell hole that is Gordons Gully. Basin moves people, I dont remember lift lines ever really being a thing there even on holiday weekends.
  6. Don't forget to have lunch on the deck at John Paul one of your days there. Ohh and poop in the fancy bathrooms.
  7. I dont think you're their target audience, they should hire a new marketing person.
  8. So two days in one! Dont forget to update your stats!
  9. It is not as scraped off and the bumps that do form are spaced regularly and are not square. Id be willing to bet a lot of money to anyone on this site that you can go to Alta and have wonderful conditions that are not scraped off and once it gets bumped up, the bumps are still fun to ski. Same day you could pole over to Snowbird and it will be scraped off and the bumps will ski totally different. Literally the only difference is snowboarders. Ill wait for anyone to prove me wrong.
  10. No hate to anyone who snowboards but snowboarding is the dumbest form of transportation in the history of transportation. Ski a skiers only mountain and you will figure it out, it will ski 100x better than any mountain that allows snowboarders.
  11. DV is super easy to get to if youre staying in PC, unsure if thats worth the extra $102. If youre looking at a map it looks easy to get from PC to BCC, but Guardsman Pass is closed in the winter, you need to go out 80 to SLC then up BCC. Keep that in mind, its about an hour drive if its dry. BCC could also be a traffic nigh mare, 100% go to Brighton as I think you would enjoy it but also watch the forecast.
  12. Put em on the recommended line, dont overthink it.
  13. From the Lisa slide in LCC, the road is there somewhere. Guys in the equipment got extremely lucky. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Brighton is recommending skiing with a beacon, shovel and probe in bounds today.
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