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  1. If youre going to vibe, John Paul is the place to vibe. Dont be a fucking clown all the time and listen when people are trying to help you have a fun and enjoyable trip.
  2. @saltyant just make sure if you go to Snowbasin you make it up to John Paul for a burger for lunch, or to end the day.
  3. You know where the decimal point is in a number is important. Please post a screenshot of a forecast that says 5-8 tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. The bus & train in SLC is super easy. Park at the lot at the bottom of either canyon or the second stop at either of the Smith stores. You may get looks driving up the canyon alone, Solly also charges for parking now I think its $20, but may be more if you're in the car by yourself.
  5. So as I mentioned earlier I think I will eventually have some delam issues with this pair. The first pair I used way to much epoxy, so I wanted to cut back on this pair but I think I went a little to thin. While cutting the tip on one ski I found a soft spot that needed some additional work. After the ski was cut and finished I opened up the soft spot, poured some epoxy in and clamped it over night. After the fix it looks better but is still not perfect. Overall I’m pretty happy with this pair, as mentioned I learned a few more things to take into the next pair. The shape felt pretty good
  6. Go to PowMow and ski the dam place, I think you will really enjoy it. Youre not an idiot, you cant get lost lifts to up, its a ski area, if you get lost or go out of bounds un-knowingly youre fucking dumb. PowMow has some of the most fun mellow wide open tree skiing Ive ever done, and its easy to get to. Make sure whatever car you rent is 4x4 or AWD with proper tires or you will not make it up the canyons if the traction law is in effect. They will turn you around, or just plan on taking the bus.
  7. Maybe one day, but for now I think Ill stick with the stability of being an engineer It was much easier to do the second pair compared to the first. Im not sure if it is just a confidence thing that I know kind of what to expect and or do next or that I actually learned something from pair 1. The first pair I just used what I had tool wise as well, kinda rushed through them to get them ready for my trip and cut some corners. For the second pair I bought a new router, and its been a game changer, potentially the best $200 Ive spent on this project. Along with that I have been making bet
  8. Thanks everyone, glad you are enjoying the content if it ever gets old or boring let me know. I will do one additional post on this pair and then I think it will be on to the next pair. This has been an awesome learning experience and I am really enjoying it a lot. Its fun to get creative!
  9. Out of the press after a bunch of hours, I had the top sheet on this pair printed even though it is quite boring per my wife. I told her she can put anything on the next pair, hoping for some rocket ships. Top sheet right out of the press Bases right out of the press Next step is cutting out the individual skis, pretty much run the jig saw along the edge, just don’t cut the edge. The base is the only thing in the lay up that is the finish shape of the ski, so that is used for cutting the ski to shape. Cutting out the shape The final step before mounting and a tune is to bevel th
  10. I would argue that Este's has the best pizza in SLC, and they have a Sugarhood location so you should be pretty close. Or go to the downtown shop and order a whole pie, and shoot across the street to Johnny's for a beer while waiting for it.
  11. Claimed by shit chute, lol. That damn thing just pops out of nowhere sometimes. Damn I miss 50-60 day seasons at bird, time for a move!
  12. Stellar day, fun tour with Jeff to start it off. An early uphill lap always makes me feel like I did something besides drink beers with the boys. The early laps were great, lift lines got a little rowdy but that’s part of skiing Vail East. Let’s do that again before the end of the season, maybe with a few additional friends! Got to test out the new skis as well, not spot on but much more fun than the last pair. More on that to come. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Just dropped them off at the shop for a tune, know it all ski tech behind the counter gave me a good laugh while filling out the paper work. Ski tech: What brand and model skis are they? Me: ummmm, idk. Ski tech: most people around here dont know what kind of skis they have.. Me: ...........lol.........
  14. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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