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  1. Pick me a ski

    Are you in a 27.5 boot? Whats your current BSL? I have a bunch of shit you can ski if you fit, but I have pivots on everything so it all comes down to your BSL. Jump on Evo.com and sort through their selection, lots of good stuff in the $300-500 range and its easy to cross stuff off the list.
  2. Pick me a ski

    Do you have a price range you're looking to spend?
  3. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    I think they have been doing this for 40 years, but I have no proof.
  4. Black Friday opening

  5. Black Friday opening

  6. Tent sales

    I was talking to Jeff the other night, he said that PASR will be supplying all the beer for the lot, for the entire season. He is such a nice young man.
  7. Free Old School Skis

    Do you know the lengths? May be interested.
  8. Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    Will there be any room for me to store my unlimited rentals in he corner?
  9. New trail at blue.

  10. New trail at blue.

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  11. Help with Binding Problem? Salomon Warden

    Its not rocket science, most ski techs are high as a kite 95% of the time and paid $12 an hour, do you think they really care? Clearly they dont, see the OP's problem above......
  12. Help with Binding Problem? Salomon Warden

    With the right bindings and a little bit of mechanical aptitude it is really easy, I have mounted plenty of skis over the past few years. Granted I also design mechanical things for a living, so that may help my case.
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  14. Multi - Mountain Ski Pass

    Im glad you keep such close tabs on me and know all of my future plans. Your friend, GrilledSteezeSucks
  15. Season pass early bird is over.

    Last year Blue offered a financing program, so they are not discriminating against anyone. I think it was $100 a month, Im hopeful that most people can afford that. How much do you spend on weed, cigarettes and beer in a given day? Then you plead poverty, classic!