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  1. GSSucks

    Forum appreciation

    Youre all talk, Ill pay for said face tats.
  2. GSSucks

    the pics from today thread

    Sucks that car drove through your shot.
  3. GSSucks

    Alpine Touring (skinning) vs. hiking

    If you snow shoe on a skin track you will get shamed and should get shamed. Get on Craigs list and find something used. Furthermore, I know its the East Coast nothing is going to slide, thats bullshit! Get the training and the equipment and travel with a friend in the back country, your life is worth more than $1000.
  4. GSSucks

    Help Me Choose a VT Vehicle!

    There will always be the guy who complains, the guy who praises and the guy who does no give two shits and just drives. I feel like there are a lot more of the latter than the former, and the latter is not the guy posting on a forum saying how good or bad his experience is with a car. In the end its just a car, you're going to loose a lot of money on it no matter how you look at it.
  5. GSSucks

    Help Me Choose a VT Vehicle!

  6. GSSucks

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

  7. GSSucks

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Didnt you also drink a shit load of soda back in the day?
  8. GSSucks

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    He has nothing to change, he already stated he has lost 4 pounds in ~4 weeks, at that rate he will be at a somewhat healthy weight in about 20 years. Keep up the good work pal! On a serious note, dont jump on some fad diet and think that alone will work. A guy I work with has been jumping from fad diet to fad diet for the last 5 years and has not lost a pound, its kind of funny. Go to the hotel gym and walk on the elliptical for 20-30 minutes a day or walk outside if its nice out, every damn day! Go for a hike on weekends, dont just start a thread about hiking, go fucking hike! Clean up your diet and cut out some drinking and you will be off to a good start. Im sure most things you eat are super high in sodium, cut out some of the shit and the sodium and you will most likely loose 5-10 lbs in water weight. Or dont do anything and just keep SUJOPA'ing daily and be happy .
  9. GSSucks

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Travel hat spotting, its been to long since Ive seen that hing!
  10. GSSucks

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Count me in for a good speedo party!
  11. GSSucks

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Sucks you dont have free breakfast at your place, would be a great addition to the diet or food threads. Hows the diet going, off to a strong start? About 20 of us heard you proclaim you would be smaller than Root by next ski season......
  12. GSSucks

    30 second Jackson tr

    Southern Wyoming is a wild place, lots of good small shit hole bars in weird little towns that have a population of 60 people. Cant wait to get back there this summer.
  13. GSSucks

    Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    In two weeks its going to be the standard shit show that summer always is around here, I cant wait!
  14. GSSucks

    Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    Only if I can ski comfortably in jorts, its looking cold so its also looking unlikely.