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3.14 Pie day..sunny Saturday..long session.

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Hey All,


I’m back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain on 3.14 their second last day.  I arrived at the lower lot at dark o clock and in the house were Atomic Jeff, Johnny Law, Schifdawg, Nastar Glenn, MBike Mike, Mute, Ryan, BenM, FirstGradeTeacher, Salty, Enjorales, Bethlehem Ford Guy, Justo, Rose, Mixilplix, Mrs Snowbunski, Indiggio, Tarpenhead, West Chester homeys and many more. 


First run on challenge was firm, paradise was mini cookies I only skied it once, lazy was a little better, Switchback was dark and had a root roller or two, nightmare to dreamweaver was 3D snow, Switchback was pretty nice last pitch right side $$$$..Razors got better and better I skied somewhere around 12-13 runs by 10am then went to the lot had some chips beer..


The sun continued to beat on the snow and  I went back out and first skied lazy the whole mile to the Main Street chair with BenM..skied Widowmaker from the top aka raceway to the chute to lower Main Street to shuttle to lower park.  Then up the six pack and skied razors which was now semi spring snow pretty nice and Razorback some nice corn..on homestretch a snowsnake bit me and I had my first fall of the season..full yardsale..GSS intact.  Then skied sidewinder which was full on spring, razors again and challenge.  Nice second session.  Now at work counting money and listening to voicemails..JADIP..ski everybody tomorrow..I need to buy some champagne. 



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TFTI. Grate stuff!! Razor's Edge was aaahmazing! Smooth like butter, just like my CRJ-700 landing in Flight Simulator last night. I must've made at least a dozen laps on Razor's. Pleasantly surprised today, I bet there's still some fresh cord on X-ing. Grate Middleswarth chips and pretzels in the parking lot, and that scratch on my Sonic from Mrs. Snowbunski's skis will buff right out. Even skied about 5 runs with @eaf and his daughter. I skied for more than 90 minutes today. WTGAI JADIP TFTI Ok.

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Second session was good, I like those conditions a lot. Stayed out way longer than I expected. Told Doug I was doing one more run, ended up doing maybe four or five more. 

Looking forward to tomorrow. 

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