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Anybody Got Snowshoe Recommendations?

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Looking at buying my wife and I snowshoes as her christmas gift this year. I want a beefier pair of hiking snowshoes and am between the LL Bean Trailblazers and Tubbs flex RDG's. Both have the boa binding but tubbs does have the heel lift. Anybody have experience with either? Or, have a different pair they'd recommend?

Only real stipulation I have is I'd like to keep it under $200/pair and I'd need to get up some of the gentler 4000 footers in NH.

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Purchased the Tubb's RDG's, I'm a bit concerned about the composite deck BUT I looked at the L.L. Bean's and the aluminum frame was much thinner than most competing products.


Again, a grippier hiking-focused shoe with a boa binding was what I was after, these were the two most cost-effective options, and I think the heel stand offers my wife less an opportunity to complain about her calfs on long steeps.


Will wait for snow and put up a review after I have a few miles under these things.

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