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  1. Closed out the season Saturday bashin' bumps with the kid on Supahstah
  2. Anybody have K tix or buddy passes they aren’t planning on using? Thinking of heading up Saturday and need a ticket for Jr
  3. Belle was fun today, looked like winter as soon as you turned off 28. As soon as the sun came out it was def spring. Cream cheese bumps du jour !
  4. I did a few more bump runs and was bummed that everyone was gone by the time I got back to the lot. grilled up a few sausages and hung with the bfg crew
  5. Looooooking mighty fine in them there pants son! Ain’t no way I could fit in my pants from that era! Funniest thing was I rode the lift with a rando who was very interested and asked if I was skiing with and knew the guy in the retro Descente pants 😬 great ski day skiing tele in the am then swapped out the heels to run some bumps but outta synch with everyone so kinda weird ending to the season, did some grillage with the bfg crew and peaced out, later gator!
  6. Lapped razors bumps with the dude this afternoon
  7. I have 93 apartments' worth of kitchen and bath cabinets arriving in port this week, I was glad to hear they were not docking in Baltimore...
  8. Some funky snow for sure, not corn, not sugar, not slush - rode the lift with a montage instructor and she called it doughy which I thought was pretty good adjective. Fun just the same
  9. just saw montage threw in the towel
  10. Fuck to the yea, Glenn called the chute main poach got yelled and whistled at, killed the keg and the snirt love you guys! Peace . Once again Enjo killed it with some tasty protien. Fuckin cartoon clouds and characters ! IMG_8131.mov
  11. anyone doing an afternoon / pm sesh?
  12. bump the chute!!!!
  13. Friday night lights maybe?
  14. I renewed again since the were kind enough to defer Mrs SnoBunSki's until next year. Hopefully get more use out of it than this year year.
  15. I like to do my reports in word or g docs, its only an issue if you cut and paste boomer, lol
  16. wtf I thought errbody viewed on black screen mode?!
  17. What do you see? It was supposed to be gray
  18. Every year we do a ski weekend for Mrs SnoBunSki’s birthday, so even though she’s still on the IRL for the rest of the season recovering from rotator cuff surgery, we headed North early Friday morning. First stop was a lunch break and a few runs at Magic Mountain. I’m trying to get a little value out of my mostly unused Indy Pass - I think I’m down to around 33 bucks a run lol - and check out the Black Line lift that is finally up and running. My second ride up I spotted the rope drop on Talisman and lapped that a few times, fun corn with a little walk across a grass patch to get back out. It was fuckin’ blue bird! Got back on the road to Lake Bomoseen, a beautiful evening to light a fire to watch the sunset while we waited for the other couple we were skiing with to arrive. Saturday we ski’d Killington, overcast and temps in the low thirties, conditions were rough with sugar piles and ice after the week’s rain. I ski’d tele all day as one of the other skiers was a beginner, it was fun social skiing putting new root combos together and I didnt feel like I was missing much with the conditions. I thought about hitting the Killington-Pico traverse and checked out the entrance, it wasn’t roped but didn’t look inviting either so will save it for another time. Mrs S made the best of her time The forecast had changed from rain/mix to snow and it started coming down hard during apres. Sunday morning woke up to a coating of slush but at Pico they had reported 9”. Got there at opening to 10” or so of thiiiiick snow. Tracked out the lower mountain solo while waiting for the summit lift to spin. The heavy snow was a lot of work, took a quick break followed by a few more down low then got word that the summit lift had opened. The snow was a little better up high, one of my favorite trails anywhere is Summit Glades and lapped that until my legs were cooked. The intermittent wet snow and sleet changed to full on nice snow after lunch. I went back out to do a few more summit runs with our friend but visibility was bad and I had no gas left in the tank so I ski’d right past the summit loading area to call it a day. Ended the trip with a nice dinner pit stop at Rip VanWinkle Brewing.
  19. crazy, i heard corbetts has so much snow its almost ski in sans drop...
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