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  1. yeah, probably do a late morning XC sesh after if anyone wants to join
  2. Fun night razors and TCS rotn’s
  3. I thought it was already named the taint, between the chute and the bush?
  4. Weiser SF: nice night ski around 3 mi, 8” or so base. Track set on the singletrack, I set one on Penn Forest, hopefully stays around awhile. which way do I go? follow the light!
  5. oops I forgot I started this, here's the proper trip report: Prior to COVID Mrs SnoBunski and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary and some friends got us a gift certificate for a stay at Lincoln Inn B&B in Woodstock VT. This year we were finally able to use it and make do a little skfari, with a plan to ski Gore (NYS Frequent skier card), Pico (3 pack early discount card) and Magic (No Boundaries discount tix) Made it as far as Lake George Thursday evening for dinner at Adirondack Brewing, Friday morning set off for Gore at -9*. FSC’s scanned without a hitch, no lift lines and great snow. Did a basic Tour de Gore hitting all the pods. Everything groomed was smooth and grippy, bump line on Chattie was great and worth lapping a few times before lunch at Tannery. After the cookies at the top of Echo it was a screamer the rest of the way. Hullaballo was a bit scratchy in flat light so we assumed open Lies would be the same and skipped it. Tahawus was the run of the afternoon with great effort / reward ROI, you could just let ‘em run with some big GS turns. Bright sun and lack of wind kept the temps comfortable throughout the day but too cold for pics other than an obligatory fb selfie. Not quit B2B but very impressed Mrs S stayed out as long as she did. Abom gogs kept my usual hot head fogging issues at bay. Headed out for Woodstock with a dinner stop for good pizza and beer at Rutland Beer/Hop’n Moose. Settled into Lincoln Inn just in time for a VT Sapling Maple Bourbon nightcap. After an awesome breakfast we set out about 8:45, temps hovering -13 to -15*. Again no sun or wind so felt comfy when we pulled into Pico a half hour later. Everyone was booting up at their cars so we assumed that there was limited lodge ops. Probably not the best idea as Mrs S had foot/boot issues through out the day, and cut it a bit short after a bunch of groomers off the summit and a foray into the guns and wales. Not a lot of lifts running but no lines. Lapped Summit Glades for most of the day. Wings and beers at Long Trail and an early night. Magic on the way home, temps in the teens and low 20’s felt downright balmy. Red chair was running smooooth. Nice end to a mellow trip. Stuck mostly to the east side, lots groomer zoomers and fun bumps. Steeper stuff was ski’d off to slick troughs and/or dirt and rocks. Lift lines were 5-10 minutes, I just love the pace and vibe there. oh yea, and a pic of my avocado BLT with a bite taken out for @GrilledSteezeSandwich
  6. anyone up for a RAW XC to check out Weiser SF in Albrightsville tomorrow or Wednesday evening '22? @Mixilplix @toast21602 @abe ?
  7. As an FYI the brewery did not have food other than some snacks but the restaurant/pub right out front/next door is pretty decent and had all Shawnees beers. this was probably two years ago though now so not sure if its still the case
  8. ^yep check your mailbox, I think @Mixilplix sent you a similar setup on fb marketplace last week
  9. A cold and frosty skifari hitting gore, pico and magic with Mrs SnoBumski, Gore was awesome, the steeps that we ski’ d were a lil scratchy but bumps on chattie and anything’ the groomer hit were money, slow grippy snow could just let ‘em run’. too old for pics other than a fab selfie. Not quite B2B but close, cheers to MrsSnoBunSki consiDering the temps.
  10. I wonder if theyre still doing the Wednesday night ski club special tix? don;t see it on the website tonight is sold out!
  11. they should put an auxiliary John Deere tractor motor in there!
  12. oh yea that mountain can be cold! Some years back Niko and I went up for some "spring" skiing in late March, started out at -14* with high of 0* lol. We're headed to Gore Friday , calling for a high of 10....
  13. shoulda ponied up a few $ and ate at tracks
  14. how much did you get? wondering if any xc would be in play at Weiser?
  15. Morning sesh, cold and beeahs’ kickin my ass, needed to get some things done this morning so Did an afternoon tele sesh. snow held up well and plenty of surfable soft in the edges. After a few TCS’s, razors , NMDW and a main ended up going over the bars on the baby bumps/spine on paradise lol. Met up with MrsSoBunski for some beers in the bar before driving home in the snow around 6:30. Helluva lot better than watching Brady beat up the birds lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. love a good raceway(widowmaker)>midway combo off of the dubs
  17. Another fun Thursday night, ski’d with Nastar Glenn, a few runs with Edge and Dirtwolf- I got to yell “Dirtwolf!!!” in the doubles line which always makes my night, beers with PSUFlyguy, schifdawg and skinancy! No Ridge sighting… Edit: Quad was running smooth all night until 8ish, I just assumed they shut it down? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. … and watching them push out Razors was impressive AF, that’s a lot of snow! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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