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  1. Ain’t pretty but she’s in - rototiller- 1 / fence and forearms -0 Rhodos and azaleas poppin’ have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend, thanks to those who sacrificed
  2. everywhere i have gone lately with recently improved snowmaking has those new stick guns with the orange anodized heads like the ones on coming soon
  3. it looks like they expanded the width of the park too?
  4. my wife and daughters calk it "shacket", apparently a thing now. whodathunkit?
  5. most un-stoke threadjack ever, stop cunting up the k stoke thread with mulch talk!
  6. @indiggio I had heard that some blue bumpers might be headed up last weekend but didn't see any. there were a ton of rippers though, fun to watch during my frequent rest stops!
  7. Just remember to crop those photos kids so you don’t get rando’s skiing in and waving !
  8. Yea I think skylarke/bittersweet is done for the season, another few weeks for superstar. re photos, c’mon Dan non action ski shots are all about beer in the foreground (see above) and “show us your tips”, sheesh 🤓 (sample below) A good ski lean with vehicle AND beer is worth a few points too Maybe we should start a thread for rad internet photos 101 lol!
  9. ...and that's a wrap on '22-23. Mrs S and I beat ourselves up on Skylarke and Superstar on two superstar days of mid/high sixties, sun and slush bumps!
  10. Hopefully get mine going in the next few weeks, mothers day is the goal - fathers day is the cutoff lol. I miss amore farms on 512, been going to Lehigh valley garden center. Maybe Ill try Misty valley Tried lots of different types of peppers over the years and settled into hungarian wax peppers, they freeze really well and delicious on eggs etc - great flavor with a touch of heat. Pics for stoke!
  11. Knew it was gonna be a good day when we saw this guy on the way up Bluebird with lots of sun and soft snow Even got ski a few runs with @Harvey
  12. …and repeat ‘23! The sun tried to poke through but never made it, but still much fun to be had
  13. hmm montage happy hour tomorrow with $3 troegs?!
  14. ..but don't tailgate lol!
  15. they touring with you guys lol?
  16. It circled over the truck just as I was leaving, I'll take that as a good omen for the season!
  17. And that’s a wrap for blue ‘22-23, cheers to everyone for making it a good one!
  18. Not sure of conditions this year but Brandon Gap is awesome, google RASTA backcountry ski for some other places, hogback and some other town hills are also on my list
  19. niiiice! love those snake bowl trees!
  20. wow that seems stupid cheap, have a great trip!
  21. PSA - Indy renewel deadline is tomorrow night https://www.indyskipass.com/23-24-indy-pass-announcement/
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