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  1. worked for me, the sous chef at Rendezvous is definitely a celebrity!
  2. Things are looking good! I noticed they took the slack out of the lines running between the towers, shit's gettin' tight!
  3. Nice, would love to actually use my Warren Miller Elk voucher!
  4. yep I was there, also on the 6 when it slipped backwards a bit...
  5. kind of like a car full of asians driving by the patrol shack up shuttle
  6. Looking forward to a few uphill days there
  7. If its a Hall chair I'd be interested in the plastic seats if your chucking them
  8. yea I don't think my fake hip would be too happy about that one!
  9. FYI: Killington / Pico Killington $89 K-Ticket voucher sales end Thursday 10/20 Pico 3 pack are no longer, $59 P-tix though 12/15
  10. make sure you video this! mufuggers are heavy! I would suggest a lot of beer, and someone with a pickup truck or trailer!
  11. It's only as good as the ground it sits on so I would think normal 3,000 footing / 4,000 foundation but I don't know shit about building ski lifts
  12. sounds like a 9th grade science word problem...
  13. ha I still use mine in the spring without the ear pieces
  14. (I inserted "confused" emoji as a "Wow!")
  15. Yea saw that, thanks RR. Will be doing it again, pairs nice with the Indy pass for this NYS homer. I ran the numbers based on the same ski dates and rates as last year and it actually came out $1/day cheaper, hopefully this years rate increases are nominal.
  16. Greek is selling some for $500, a hundy bucks off for passholders...
  17. choppering crete now!!! fuggin cool! interestingly they took the main st cam off line
  18. It’s the season!
  19. you used to have to buy a bracelet pass for $20-25 and you got it back in credit at the bar/restaurant. haven't ridden the trails there in a few years
  20. yes I still have it, it's yours if you want it. otherwise it will probably go in the dumpster in the next few weeks. I'm in the Lehigh Valley
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