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  1. Summer stoke! Stolen from the book of faces, some Blue Mt bumpers celebrated a birthday and ski’d in a bump line!
  2. same, we have a wedding in Lancaster
  3. peppermint will spread like a bad weed if you let it, keep it in check. I never had any luck with roses can't help you there
  4. I just want one of the seats...
  5. hahah y'alll not Greek! I love big parties stuffing my face and gettin' tore up with family and friends! I do have one in two weeks that I'm not looking forward to so much, I think theyre born agains. Probably still make an ass out of myself lol
  6. Nice! It was a beautiful day - I saw you guys from the top of skylark!
  7. I remember being mesmerized watching the multi pen vector plotter plotting the drawings we created in AutoCAD on our digitizer tablet next to the DOS and graphics monitors. Before that we used plastic lead on mylar. You had to watch your ashes as just about everybody smoke IN the office....my lettering was really nice then, now I can hardly read my own writing half the time
  8. zoom meeting are very productive...
  9. let it snow! le tit snow! le tits now!
  10. Also a course in bowmanstown
  11. I guess the novelty aand social aspect. I did one in Steamboat, it was ok - the cooking part anyway. The steak was grate, I wish GSS was there so I could remember what it was! after you selected your cut and done-ness the butcher gave you instructions "x" minutes each side, you grabbed your beer, shot the shit, watched the clock, flipped your meat and voila - came out perfect! Your sides were at the table waiting for you
  12. You should probably call BenM as he is excellent at finding skis, with a specialty in ‘crows. I read your eulogy aloud and Mrs S sends her condolences . Other than that way to get after it 🦄🦋🌸
  13. Mrs SnoBunSki and I hit Belleayre yesterday, morning was a fun mix of firm cord, ice dirt and corn. By the time we finished up our sea-cuterie break the bumps were soft and the corn was ripe!
  14. i don't drink any more....
  15. I was hoping they would do another event like last year (it got rained out) but nothing doing
  16. haterade and angry-O's seem to be the only things cheap and readily available these days....
  17. I took a glance yesterday and got really depressed seeing all that snow going to waste.... Not getting my hopes up just to have my soul crushed....
  18. c'mon blue you can do it!11 your'e my boy!!!!!! Greek Peak closed Sunday with 6" fresh, decided to stay open M-W and shooting for the weekend...
  19. I ended the season poaching lower raceway but it was nowhere near as climactic as last years sidewinder....
  20. fun day to wrap up a good season!
  21. oh yea you were stealth alright when you flew by us on razors! 🤣
  22. lot's of good one's of the bumpers too but I couldn;t find one of @indiggio
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