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3/22...sunny Monday.

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Hey All,


I’m back from another nice morning at Blue mountain the true mountain.  I arrived at the lower lot at about 820am but lingered around for awhile until Atomic Jeff arrived...still managed first chair.  In the house was also C1er, Volkmer and BethlehemFordGuy.  


Temperatures began in the upper 30s and rose quickly through the 40s.  Razors was nice smooth hardpack, challenge and sidewinder were similar.  Only the six pack was running on the east side and perhaps a 10 chair wait at the maximum.  I managed 8 runs in 70 minutes including a sidewinder to lower lazy to keep things progressive then hungout in the lower lot for another half hour or so prolonging going into work.  Was nice and tomorrow should be very similar.  Even warmer later in the week but also the threat of rain.  JADIP

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4 hours ago, mute1080 said:

Skied 545-715 with the fam. 62° when we arrived and 58° leaving with super soft snow. Got a fist bump from @antman12on our way out to the snow and the rest of the hill was empty. Most likely the last day of the season for my little one so it was nice way to end it.


Was supposed to be up with the boy but he didn’t get any schoolwork done during the day today so that shot that in the ass. He did Lazy and Sidewinder for his first blues with Adventure Camp Sunday so we have to get out there and run them together now. Hopefully tomorrow. 

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