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  1. They actually engaged with followups on Alpinezone, but still all just repeated "don't buy these bindings, buy more expensive ones where the brakes retract" kind of comments. They were never gonna be a genuine contributor is all. Spotted this post last night and was going to reply "Wow, coming in hot, first post" with a popcorn eating gif, lol
  2. Don't feed the troll.
  3. Camel has their "Lazy River" webcam set up to move in a repetitive pattern. This makes it much more interesting IMO. Wish Blue would do the same with the Valley cam, and maybe Vista and Slopeside, in the winter. https://www.camelbackresort.com/live-cam-gallery/
  4. Rumor is the Peak to Peak gondi is coming in 2025.
  5. Picked up my Peak to Peak, Grayson's child pass and Walter's student pass the other night. Have to contact Canelback to see when I can go up and pay for their child passes up there
  6. I know, and it was good to see. If there's enough snow to keep them, good for them. Those peeps will have a lot more fun running it over and over again than I would so if it goes, they can have it and I'll stay home. Just saying I don't think that a narrowed Razors and skiing around jumps on NightWeaver will get me out on Saturday. Burma may open but also would avoid, skiing quad to Burma and all the way back through Homestretch (can't see Barb's Way making it) is such a chore in the slow snow.
  7. Probably out, unless reports from tomorrow come in saying NightWeaver is just a ski trail again.
  8. enjoralas

    Sale rumors...

    IF it's true, wonder what the sale price would end up being. Blue went for about $32 million, but seems like it has a lot more infrastructure
  9. Nuts that it ran right into one of the towers/pilings. Wonder if they lost rudder or something. Loss of life obviously the most pressing concern, but that's also going to change daily life in the entire Baltimore area significantly for quite some time. Obviously forces even more traffic through the two tunnels, but also much more the long way around the west side of the beltway, due to the tunnel-restricted loads that would have used the Key Bridge instead now all having to take that route.
  10. The quad at Blue today was about 5:25
  11. Debating a weekender up there in a couple weeks, if their snow holds
  12. Girl You Know It's True?
  13. Season probably over for me. Not coming out in the rain on Saturday, Sunday will probably just do the egg hunt and clean out the locker.
  14. I mean, this definitely got better.
  15. The blue, Bunny Schuss or something like that? Or the black just lookers right of that, Draufganger? I enjoy Draufganger, though it is short. Lapped the hell out of one day a few years back one of those years when BB was hanging on after the rest closed
  16. Nothing crazy, but just seems like most of the stuff I threw together this year is pork. Ribs, pulled pork, pork belly burnt ends . . . even the stuffing for the Atomic Buffalo turds
  17. Thought about it, but don't think the juice is worth the squeeze. I think my time is better on food prep so I don't have to do it all later, lol
  18. Montage is trying. Their latest Faceplace post is talking about hoping for snowmaking temps this next week.
  19. This one night of 27 degrees for a couple hours will save them!
  20. Lately every time I read one of Salty's posts, I find myself wondering how many (if any) others here would know what **plonk!** meant as a response.
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