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  1. If only they would all understand, we just need two more weeks to flatten the curve.
  2. Three, counting the kid that fell off the zip line. I stubbed my toe in the indoor waterpark, but the news declined to cover it.
  3. If you know someone looking for one right now, they could try this link: https://group.shopskibluemt.com/group-tickets-season-pass-mvg-season-pass-2 Not sure if it makes it through checkout
  4. You can purchase a pass now for $599. Just have to go through the school groups category for some reason.
  5. Taking the merge into Paradise into account, I suggested “Look Out Below”
  6. Senior season passes now $70. Under 5 passes now $25. This is interesting: Senior and under 5 passes both say they are good at both mountains as well.
  7. If you ever have trouble with your service, please let me know.
  8. Dams are cool. We used to slide down this one in Harford County MD when I was a kid.
  9. We're in September. We ski in November. So only one more month without skiing!!
  10. There are two categories of people: those who have had Covid, and those who will have Covid.
  11. Agree. Just making a funny joke. The funny part may be debatable.
  12. Half price tix when you show your Blue pass or something. In other news, anticipatory weather related closures double at Blue. 🤣
  13. You would be fine with pretty much the cheapest plan they have. If you want to stream in 4K, maybe get the second cheapest. 2-3 devices online and not significant upstream load, you don’t need much.
  14. With Fios? I’m not an expert on their service, but I thought you couldn’t buy your own router with them because of the fiber feed rather than coax. Even if it’s coax at the router, from their ONT at the point of entry, it doesn’t use the DOCSIS standard so you have to rent their equipment no matter what. Again, what I thought.
  15. Seen that kind of stuff numerous times over the years, when houses loose the neutral and their electric service uses our bond as a ground.
  16. Yeah, sadly that's pretty much par for the course with telecommunications companies, when the starting pay for a call rep is barely above par with a fast food worker. Follow the script no deviation -- never mind how many time's you have unplugged it and plugged it back in.
  17. I realize on a forum for a relatively expensive sport like skiing there's probably not much use for this, but everyone's situation is different so figured it was worth dropping a link to the Emergency Broadband Benefit website in case anyone qualifies for it: https://www.fcc.gov/broadbandbenefit I know at Comcast, a LOT of people qualify for our Internet Essentials program even with household income you would think would not qualify, and all of those people automatically qualify for the EBB.
  18. The snowmaking pond looks more like Michigan than a dong in that pic.
  19. Right on, thanks for the info. Want to show them the steepness of some of the hills, and Bubba wants to show his mom how steep Main St is since he skiied it on his last day this year.
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