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  1. Vey nice. Really shows the line top to bottom for the first time. Interesting that they are running it right up half of the learning hill with the crowds that sees. I think the towers are sitting on the “water park” parking lots maybe. At least it looked like it in that one video
  2. Nice that the box is right on your lot. Might have been left waiting if it was a few doors down and they had to cross sidewalks/driveways. Like I said, can't speak for VZ, but it would be crazy to charge for that. And there's always the option to get salty and call and bitch for a gift card/account credit
  3. Yeah, I'm sure that's part of the reason that we don't charge for drop repairs or replacements. Everyone knows there's a lot of really shallow drop cable out there. Plant hardline would be another story. It's *almost" always much deeper, and even still most of the times I saw they never charged a homeowner for an honest mistake. If another company doesn't call for locates and/or recklessly disregards good practices, sometimes they will try to go after them for damages. Especially if they're jerks, lol
  4. I'm surprised by the $99 fee. I know at Comcast, we generally own responsibility for the drop up to the bond block at the side of or just inside the house. Will replace or repair without charge no matter how it gets damaged. Usually our call agents will warn about a service call fee "if the problem is determined to be inside wiring or customer responsibility" but that's basic CYA and means if the tech gets out there and finds out that it's not really a cut UG but something else or the customer didn't check the batteries in the remote or something then they get charged. There's a ton of coax out there direct buried without conduit, and a lot of it not much deeper than a couple inches. I certainly laid a few thousand feet of it myself in Harford County, MD about a decade ago. 🤣 But that's a whole lot easier to fix than fiber.
  5. Is that your drop, and do you have Fios? If so, probably won’t cost you anything, but If it’s not safely temp-able service will likely be out for a few days until a bury crew gets to burying a new one. If it’s your drop and you DON’t have Fios, they likely won’t even replace it now. They’ll put a new one in if you ever switch to them. Make sure to call them a month ahead of when you want service. If it’s a neighbors drop it still probably won’t cost you anything, but if it’s not safely temp-able you’re probably not his favorite new neighbor. 😂 Interesting to see it direct buried. Everything Fios ran underground around upper bucks was in conduit
  6. It's not as fun as you might think. I don't grill as much as I'd like to. Hoping to change that though. I did make these beauties the other night: And this brisket for Memorial Day:
  7. We should go mount a trail cam on a post or tree somewhere that has a good view. Visit each night and pull footage. Post it the next day. Not live, but entertaining. 🤣
  8. Action in the valley. Would be nice if they would nudge that camera over again.
  9. I'm sure they want to get the lower stuff done as quickly as they can, given it's basically IN the waterpark, and that opens next week
  10. Lol, did everyone notice the other long ass line of chairs in the background behind the Main St house?
  11. Definitely. And the redskin potatoes I grew a couple years ago were incredible. The most butter smooth potatoes I've ever had
  12. It's mostly just cause of how fresh it is. One year I had corn in the garden and it was amazingly good picked and eaten that day
  13. The corn from Newhards is great.
  14. Crane been onsite for awhile on the Camel cams. Concrete truck pouring today for what looks like the lower house.
  15. I wonder if I would have needed a permit from my township to erect (giggity) one of them in my backyard. With all the pulleys and stuff on them, I'm sure I could have figured out some way to rig up a drop tower type ride for my kids.
  16. Could be. Was wondering if they need to string something temporary from those poles they set up the left side, though I have no idea what that was. Mostly I'm bored and trying to help get us to 100 pages without to much uselessness
  17. Is that wire rope laid out on the ground on Main St cam? Didn't see it get put down, just checked in and it looks strange
  18. Should reply to their Facebook post encouraging people to watch on the cams asking them to move it back where it was yesterday, lol.
  19. Right on. Hard to keep track of all the names of those little "trails."
  20. At 3:44 they are way below X-ing. At 2:01 they are crossing above Sleepy Hollow Glade and then across Come Around, and X-ing would be a right turn at that intersection. At 3:03 they are onto Midway at the Chute intersection. You can see at the top there are still plenty of trees. That sign is the one that Says Midway left, The Chute right. I believe at the 3:44 point they are coming out of the woods skier's left of Midway as it flattens into Little Gap, the trail that feeds down to Burma. Then cut across Midway and at 3:52 enter the small space between Midway and Chute, where you can see some fresh cut on the left including a prominent stump, but uphill of this point it looks like the trees are intact between the two. Just past that stump the bike trail takes a slight left on the steeper Chute to cut across it and onto Main St. At 3:53 the grass to the right is Chute and the dirt road running across the frame is where Barney's would be if the bump line continued down into the Chute exit. At 4:09 while they are stopped he looks down Main St and you can really see how much they cleared out behind the guns on the left.
  21. That's awesome and also love the look up the whole liftline we get now from the valley.
  22. Ah, yeah, would explain it I’m sure. Wondered if they had gotten asked to take it down.
  23. Did this user pull this content? The workaround site I used to view it is now saying no stories found
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