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  1. Yeah, that's about par for the course.
  2. And I didn't tell anyone to go there. I said I enjoyed the shit out of it and will definitely go back, and then you decided you had to shit on my opinion for no reason.
  3. No it's not. That's not how objectivity works. You could say my opinion on whether Steamboat is as worth is at other Western resorts is not as informed as yours or others, but its no less objective. It's also not what I said. In fact, I could say your opinion is not objective because you are more advanced than the terrain at Steamboat and so are unable to give it a fair evaluation as a destination for an intermediate.
  4. Has no bearing on what I posted, but thanks for the patronization.
  5. I enjoyed the shit out of Steamboat and will definitely go back, especially since my skill level wasn't even close to up to their best terrain, even if most of you don't find it that challenging. Shif, would you board or ski out west? I could be in for a trip if you're worried about having someone for intermediate/sower pace stuff.
  6. Still haven’t put any plants in. Headed out in a bit to drop in the first half dozen. Bought the gallons go grab a head start. Did pull 10 42-gallon contractor bags of weeks (mostly thistles) a couple of weeks ago tho
  7. Don't worry, if they ever come around questioning me I'll be sure to let them know Salty only *looks* 16, so you should be good.
  8. I thought he was talking about this site.
  9. I refused to turn the heat on last night. Wife was not pleased. I compromised, and shut the bedroom windows. i mean, it WAS Mother’s Day.
  10. You simply have no joy. Someone didn't love you enough when you were little, did they?
  11. If I skied park I would go. If they said they had a single run open with no features I would go. But no one who’s going up there for a good time needs me getting the way of their runs, and that isn’t my best idea of fun either.
  12. Probably a rail park only, might be top bottom though. I think it was last year.
  13. It would be nice if you rated security in ABE and it picked you up airside, and then dropped you airside at EWR. I’ve never take in, but heard you have to clear TSA in EWR. The easy security at ABE is one of the best things about flying out of there
  14. Nice thread, Steeze. Enjoyed reading it. WTGAI.
  15. Yes, American. Basic economy, but I have their credit card so we each got 1 checked bag free, and first category of general boarding instead of last. Seats assigned at check in, got nice Main Cabin extra seats PHL-MCO without paying for upgrade, got preferred seats on the way back, 2 aisles and middles in same row. Paid $21 to move one of the middles to the other window and had the aisle with the two boys in with me and my wife across the aisle. American definitely does, also Chicago and I believe Charlotte as well. Be careful if you book United from ABE and it routes through newark, most (all?) of those are busses.
  16. No, we actually DID fly out of ABE, but still into MCO. Both flights went through PHL. It was crazy, paid $248 each for the flights from ABE. If we had driven to PHL and taken the connecting flight as a non stop and same first leg home, would have been over $600 each.
  17. Pretty sure they can hear. Not quite reading yet. No, Orlando doesn’t really mean anything, but they know Disney is in Florida. Parking at the hotels is I think $20 per night, parking at the parks is $25 per day. If you are staying at a Disney hotel, you don’t pay to park at the parks. If I am staying on my DVC points, I don’t pay to park at the hotel either.
  18. No grilling (they do provide grills/areas near most resorts) and I imagine there is a no alcohol rule. You can bring in any food and non-alcoholic beverages you want tho. I should test that theory sometime with a whole brisket, lol. Would have to cut it with the plastic food service knife tho
  19. It was great, the boys really loved it. Didn't tell them we were going until we were at the gate. Even though the older one had guessed it several times (airplane rides mean Disney to them) there was still an appropriate amount of surprise and excitement when we told them. It was pretty crowded, with pre-Easter and Spring Break happening. The popular websites had it as 9 or 10 out of 10, but we were able to pack in plenty of activities due to knowing how to work the Fastpass system, as well as springing for an upcharge early morning event at Magic Kingdom. They wouldn't have gotten to ride the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train if I hadn't, since we only had a few days heads up to book Fastpasses they were of course, all gone. Also rented a car when we would normally just rely on Disney busses, figured with only 2 days and a morning it would help maximize our trip.
  20. Definitely feel like I made the right decision with Disney World, then. My ski days at Killington would have been last Sunday and Monday.
  21. Were there any direct flights left with seats available? If an airline changes your flights and the times differ by more than a certain amount, they are required to reaccomodate you to closer to your original itinerary if at all possible, at no cost to you. But you have to know your rights and ask for what you want. A few years ago I even made United change our Orlando flights from ABE to PHL because they changed our arrival from like noon to 8 pm. The agent wouldn’t do it and insisted she could only put us on other flights out of ABE, but when I cited the regulation she put me on hold, came back in a couple minutes and it was easy peasy.
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