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  1. Yeah, I was trying to see a way where you could even combine this for early in the season with picking up the Blue pass when they put it on sale to ski the rest of the season and all the next. If that could work, it could be a nice play for someone like Pops and I that are on an every other year out west trip cadence. But 7 visits just isn't enough for someone that wants to ski every weekend day at Blue. Or even splitting between Blue and Camel. There's 18 weekend days between December and January, so gotta buy 4 right there. Historically you still gotta buy tickets for most of February, and then any midweek days I'd want to go. Doesn't take long to cost more than a Blue pass + a 4 day ticket to whatever resort we go to out west. Maybe if I started trading brisket for buddy passes I could make the math work, lol
  2. Frees me up from kids' soccer games though, lol. However also gonna rain out the boy's mini golf birthday party this afternoon. Have to entertain kids in a party room for 2 hours instead
  3. Wore sweatpants to the kids bus stop for the first time this school year. 🤣
  4. Definitely putting them the full route of Paradise to Homestretch. Took the kids up for a scenic lift ride this past weekend, amd they had the bases placed all the way up the trail.
  5. Blue Crew laying more pipe this offseason than @GrilledSteezeSandwich after a karaoke night back in his prime!
  6. Winter positions posted on the jobs page on their website. Gives the stoke market a little pop!
  7. This is true. Most of the things I like to eat are Vegan.
  8. Nice. I would have tried coat hanger inserted through the nozzle to try to push the flap open further to pull the spout out
  9. I hope we don't get any this afternoon, I really need to mow after Sunday's storms rained on that parade.
  10. You're leaving runs on the table
  11. Coming Soon and Sky Top
  12. I've enjoyed the 3 little pigs sammich. Pulled pork, ham and bacon. And would definitely get Aw Shucks roasted corn. Wasn't open last time I was there.
  13. Kiluea started erupting yesterday, so looks like Mother Nature is working on it
  14. People definitely staying in out of the smoke. Macarthur Rd at about 7pm.
  15. Not as nice as Camelback's. #notmomsfavorite
  16. Finally unpacked amd deployed the solo stove the past couple nights. Waiting on the last log to die down.
  17. Also doing some work apparently on the actual lift house. Caught the crane replaceing a roof panel. Maybe they needed to take panels out to integrate the storage rail.
  18. Also construction of the chair storage rail is coming along
  19. Accurate. Here they are burying the new water line right now:
  20. Possible frost up this way tomorrow overnight. That can be a buzzkill. Wish it killed weeds like it does vegetables . . .
  21. Likely not bothering with a garden again this year. Eventually I’ll get life together enough to feel like I have time for it. Maybe. Probably not. Meh.
  22. Not gonna see this at Blue Mountain!
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