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  1. The tactical security guy did say they invited/were having 2 PSP cars around the parking lot yesterday.
  2. Glad the clouds held off long enough to get 2 hours in. Probably the least amount of people I’ve ever seen on a weekend which made for a grate morning. Coming Soon was my ROTD but everything except Razors was soft and fun. Having beers in the lodge felt like we went to a different mountain since I’ve never seen it from in there. Surprised they even had the bar open but they had 2 beers on draft left, one of which we kicked.
  3. Made it up for a couple hours tonight. More kids than adults but not crowded even with only the quad running. Snow was soft and temps were comfortable. Thanks for the apres beer @PSUFly!
  4. Back to lowering the camera to avoid showing the brown on Main
  5. Just got here and saw the signs. Damn I was hoping for an afternoon session
  6. Puts them at 117 days, minus any full day closings which I think were minimal. You should correct them on FB
  7. Pond skim and closing Sunday.
  8. Blue's stats have me 9 days short of my actual total days there and Boo 8 days short. No way we missed all the gates for a trip, let alone that many. #1 has 95 days, 1259 runs, 1.35 million metres vert(wtf metres). #2 Harold 96/1100/1.18 mil. They have it ranked by vert
  9. Instructors were saying Blue was asking for people to teach lessons the first week of April but looking at the forecast, it’s seems like a stretch.
  10. Mimosas, sausage gravy, new sticks, scooter rides, 2x4 skis, birthday Boo, Obermeyer fits, meats, all the meats, tubing, Spanokopita, crème brûlée, friends. Fun day with fun people IMG_1061.MOV
  11. Ad campaign for Snowbird with 1 star reviews talking about how difficult of a mountain it is. Great move and makes me want to go there
  12. That sausage gravy was banging last year so I suggest that.
  13. Edibles are your friend in that case. Edit: West coast weed friendly states might be limiting the terrain too much. States with recreational to choose from are California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Alaska, and New Mexico.
  14. Safety risk on airplanes? Ever get in a car?
  15. Skied 6-7 for 6 runs. MBike and Bunski were walking out when I got there and Chuck was on his way out. Mad sticky icky icky including a full tuck down Falls that didn’t even let me make it to Homestretch. Did wax the twigs Friday so thought it wouldn’t be that bad. Stayed on steeper stuff and where there was fresh snow, it was fun but slow. Top of Razors was complete blown off so it was an interesting start. Beer Fairy surprised me with a Frost Plush so worth it 😍
  16. Jimmmmmmy came to my work after skiing and said it was grate. If you need a Miller Lite and he says he doesn’t have any, he’s a liar.
  17. You can reset when you’re in the ground. I’d rather be skiing.
  18. I had to look back. It was buried at the bottom of the 3/2/23 season pass renewal email.
  19. CLICK HERE - NO SCAM PROMISE edit we signed up but now realize we have a prior engagement
  20. 10x better tonight then last night. Met up @Dirtwolf for some laps and had a good time. Still had a couple skeet spots and brown holes, but enough grip to make it fun. Only picture I took was a Sable with double mattress on top pulling in.
  21. Same. Missed it the first time down but @Boo Bearpointed it out. Glad I didn’t stick a ski into it.
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