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  1. Woke up for opening but went back to bed after looking at the radar. On the snow 130-3 with soft snow, no crowds, and no rain.
  2. Someone must have been reading this because it is now pointed at the snow.
  3. Agreed. Main St cam could be more useful if they pointed it at the snow.
  4. Saturday and Sunday. @Boo Bearshould be there Friday
  5. A new employee confirms that 12/19 date and also says they won’t open the top lodge until the lift is done. Paradise is the goal for opening but anything to the bottom if it’s cold enough.
  6. I was told this week they are expecting the lift to be done by 12/19. Whether or not it actually happens, is a great question.
  7. Out the 15th. I have a 2 day golf tournament with a dozen guys coming in from out of town and have to play host.
  8. Renewed my today 💪🏼
  9. Indy announces discounts or add on pass for 'Allied' resorts. https://www.stormskiing.com/p/indy-pass-introduces-allied-resorts?s=w&fbclid=IwAR0L5FqxqokOryTjqoPpDSI4Ymbdc7kbEDntUi-F4FmSBlVHEQBPUHuRn8Y
  10. Saw Liftie Bob today and he said they told them they’re closed tomorrow. I don’t see it online anywhere though.
  11. Would you leave stripez after mowing them though?
  12. Fun night. Chatted with @momskeeztoo and Marty on the walk out. Sounded like they had a grate day and we’re still there after 5. Rain held off but it did get quite dark before sunset and was hoping the lights would come on. Razors was my ROTN with a close second to TCS after skating for it since only the 6 was open. Ending up with a full chair after meeting up with @mbike-ski, @Dirtwolf, @NMSKI, and mini @NMSKI. Mini NM is quite the ripper and hopped right into Barney’s without even a pause at the top. 59° when we left at 745 so hopefully they have some magic to keep the snow around.
  13. Lol we gave her the option for skiing or grandparents and now it’s a date night. Making her ski tomorrow night though since we have a lesson set up.
  14. Heading up for a night session and feel like I’ll over dress no matter what I wear.
  15. mute1080

    Nice Cord 3/14

    Finished lunch and did the rest off the East chair. Iroquois and Tuscarora are ungroomed but Tusq was pretty thin and Iroq was bumped up and skied better. Slalom and Seneca to finish while temps were rising. Snow got sticky but it was still a grate day. On the road a little after 1 pm and took 84 minutes for 90 miles home. Glad the free tickets made us get out there and have perfect groomer day.
  16. The report is up! Just one and one soon to be PASR.
  17. mute1080

    Nice Cord 3/14

    On the snow at 9 with a warm 25° and blue skies. Redeemed the Warren Miller tickets and didn’t even have to pay the $5 for the RFID card like the sign said. Lap on Delaware and then headed to the quad. Worked skier’s left to right hand finishing that side with 3 laps on Tunkhannock. Favorite run was Tunkhannock to Lackawanna Spur which wasn’t groomed. Upper Lackawanna was closed even though they blew on it last night. The firm cord snow makes you feel like a rockstar, especially on Lower Tunkhannock below the lift. No lift lines and ski right on. In for lunch now, Broken Heels and Chippewa Chicken sang before hitting the rest of the trails. No eating if your sitting at the bar, found out first hand.
  18. Pumped. I hope you picked up the tab since you’ve been working so much.
  19. Bummer, I was hoping for Sunday. Family lunch Saturday so we’re skiing first thing and have to leave by 10.
  20. We're heading to Elk this coming Monday if anyone is around.
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