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Whitefish 2023


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14 hours ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Have you been back to Camelback at all since you moved to Montana 20 years ago?

God, no. I'm spoiled rotten. Not a chance I'd take a run again. I'd have to hire the whole resort for myself.


Day 47PXL_20240311_175624299.thumb.jpg.9de91ba6d3462ea7d31c0ec934e4023d.jpg

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Day 52. Winter is back, thank god. I skied Monday and left after 3 runs because conditions were too high risk. Got 7" since then I and more on the way. Visibility left something to be desired, but snow quality was excellent.20240322_143733-COLLAGE.thumb.jpg.182ece93194224b1dc96e85cf87620a8.jpgPXL_20240322_155921206.thumb.jpg.532fd7bb76ec408e47adab9a5679907a.jpgPXL_20240322_155916020.thumb.jpg.04a988bf1245bed3b84c9ee1dfba7bbe.jpgPXL_20240322_164806103.thumb.jpg.bdf1da00c60a1ce26efcbaba40ef8f14.jpgPXL_20240322_1706027042.thumb.jpg.b1bf8d7b7e884b463eef81e65c2b838d.jpgPXL_20240322_1706095352.thumb.jpg.754600b96667cecfc495d8ce11007d61.jpg

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