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2/5 - Greenland is covered in ice but Iceland is very nice

Johnny Law

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Second chair Quad . Razors first run…. First turn incitation was rejected so I pointed them straight down and some slow arc turns. My helmet whistles at ludicrous speed. 
Coming soon was meh like @Johnny Lawsaid . Main st and Barneys had some dust on and was ok first time and nasty the second time. Nightmare was really nice for a while with a few pedestrians but a few cookies emerged but still nice. Only an hour and a half today. It’s going to be a stellar week to be out! 

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53 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Nice report!!! Has me jonsing to ski tomorrow morning on the way to work.   This morning was down in Delaware county helping install a monster memorial stone.  

I heard the sun will come out tomorrow. 


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On 2/5/2024 at 12:07 PM, Johnny Law said:

Empty, no racers, BFG and C1er in the house. Rode with Jack and Erik. 

When I arrived they had mad guns on and the cloud was in full effect, I figured it would correspondingly suck hairy ball sack but I was totally wrong. 

First run down Main I was still working on believing it was good but just an absolute carpet to arc arc arc. We followed it up with NMDW and while not perfect it was 95%, you can really honk on the turn and hit the two booters with so much speed. Challenge was next and was as good as Challenge gets,  super high speed carves into big launches off falls. 

Rotd was Widow, le chute, lower. Chute was primed for launch and unsurprisingly the pilot was throwing shifties out in the stratosphere. It was so good we rode it like 5 times in a row just extracting every ounce of float possible. 

I had an absolutely must be done at 11 but between the sublime weather and booterrific conditions I used every last second. 

Razors was just ok, the colder snow meant the blown shit went to small cookies and coming soon was a shit field of cookies but it didn't matter one of the best mornings this year for sure. 


Just saw this today, but what a dream it was. Le Chute and Challenge were just hitting so good. Sorry I didn’t make it out yesterday, completely forgot about some commitments. 

Today (2/7) was almost as good…almost. But the psia guys were back and it was a hair bit icier. 

Monday morning was an absolute banger though

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