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  1. Isn't that Donny from Sunday River ? Dude rips in real life and I for one dig his whole dealio
  2. I'll give him the cabriolet but Eaf is a contratrian so of course he would say that. It's in dirty jers, no offense I have family in JC who lived in Berkeley heights forever but it's still jersey.
  3. I think the nords have a right to roam law, I'll never understand why we don't. Beach people get mad salty if you walk across their sand to get into the ocean.
  4. How's coverage down low ? I rode with a girl in UT who was from Chilliwack who had come to Ut early season who made it sound like a war zone.
  5. You could center punch storm troopers in AK with 3ft of fresh and it wouldn't move you like watching your kid rip Kachina ! Dope trip ! I'm going to try to ski a day there when we have to go to AZ for a bachelor party, its numero uno on my brother's list.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is the set of houses off hidden canyon. I've never had issues but this dude has a chair and is calling out Ikons so clearly he desperately needs to get laid but pretty fucking funny. https://www.reddit.com/r/BoomersBeingFools/s/eCDwx1r7Nt
  7. Today was one of the better days this season, side is fantastic with all the rollers, you can stich together like 7 airs in one rip. My favorite though is straight thugging switch and it was 90% excellent today. Coming Soon was surprisingly good as was main. While I can't lie the skiing is superior DV ain't got shit on shooting the shit in the lot.
  8. I thought today was pretty good all things considered though it may just be because I finally got to run switch. It was pretty firm first run down Challenge and I was sooo far in the backseat with the change over from UT. It took my brain 3/4 of the run to be like yeah bud you gotta get way forward. It got kinda full around 930 and it was alot more threading the needle but the snow was a touch softer. Mad good to be back and chill with everyone and super good to get switch and side.
  9. I'll be there both days...... I'm going to Scottsdale for a bachelor party, gotta get the low down on Sedona from you if you have a sec.
  10. I was being nice, I said he's nice enough but you see who he is when his feathers get .0001 ruffled. Get an ikon if your good with spending the money, just go look at the intl destinations alone.........you could ride 42 days on the EC. Sunday, both sugars, Killy, Stratton and Loon. If your going to copper it's a no brianer, also check out the doughnut lady at the base.
  11. He's got massive small dick syndrome, he's got 400lbs of shit and like a plate carrier for the lot at blue. He looks to be out of shape with his big ass gut so already he ain't chasing shit but add in all his crap and he's like a security bag lady. He's nice enough but for sure is a 100% respect my authority type because that's literally all he has going in life.
  12. Staying at DV with my family, I may get to Alta tomorrow depending on when everyone departs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Only an inch or so today, mostly graupel but it was super nice to get some sun and actually be able to see what I was skiing. Ran like every groomer in the place, in the morning nobody was out and you could really rack up the runs. First thing was absolutely mint but by 11 some peeps were out and after lunch the big dogs where mixed moguls/ lovely lady lumps. Still super windy but snowing now and supposed to snow all day tomorrow.
  13. Personally I think AMF and Gowdys are the best, the center punch can look a bit wild but is 200 yards of fury and then your in the ditch. Atomic is probably the real expert but the out of all that stuff is essentially a long ditch unless you stay up on the walls. That's alot of traffic in a small area so it gets beat and is often way more effort than the good stuff up top. The possible, hanging valley side I think is better steeps for a bunch of reasons.
  14. Started the day with 4 or so inches on the ground, vis continued to be most excellent. It snowed like the dickens until 130/2, more pnw style but a touch drier than previous. Being reasonable and prudent above all we went exploring, the first two where pure pow pow bliss. In getting there I skied the slowest I've ever skied in the modern era, from the end of the protective cornice above Sultan to the top of Steins you couldn't see the tips of your skis. Out in the boonies we found super good windblown but out involved a mine field with enough fluff on top you couldn't tell what the was underneath. All was club super sex and then the next second your getting bucked to the moon. We escaped back into the friendly confines and the trees until I thought my legs would explode. Once the snow stopped the clouds put on a multi layer show but the wind had gotten so bad Empire and Lady Morgan closed at 3. With the other high lifts right behind them we sought refuge and chilled at the Montage. Highly recommend the hot chocolate and cookies downstairs but don't be surprised by the boot donkeys asking to take your boots off for you.
  15. Day 3 started sunny and warm, we ripped groomers with light crowds and super good cord. We had a fondue lunch early and while getting down with the curds and whey the weather changed on a dime. Round 2 of the super wet, Helen Keller skiing was on, 2" an hr snow with random down pours of graupel. We stuck to what we knew blind and went to Steins/mayflower which held super soft chunder turns. In the white we probably fell down it as much as actually skied it but it mattered not. We bounced through the piles until my legs were absolute noodles. In the end 9 more inches came down in 5 or 6 hrs Diner was a Japanese thing that was most excellent. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today there was allegedly more snow on the way but awoke to a clear cold morning. With good vis, lots of snow around and breakfast from mom it was time to take down the more interesting lines. Straight to Ontario bowl a some baby hikes we got two quick shots of knee deep untracked. Next up was Mayflower chute a smaller face that looks cool I've always wanted to ski but was icing the cupcake where your patching together the untracked pockets. We gambled on Perseverance trees which was a mix of luge track and super soft but ultimately forced our hand to go up Empire for the real goods. The traverse was fast and while my cousins and brothers wanted x files I was after something more spicy. I skirted the cornice past 1-3 which while holding good snow are too bs, 5 is the real prize but had no way in so I settled for 4. Through the gate I was greeted with a 6ft cornice but it was mostly fake news and was a nice hop air into a upper 30's degree rock lined ramp of snow. Knee deep fresh one turn, wind blow hard slab the next it was what I love about steeps. Wild and reckless you push your limit stick to 105 and a 1000 vert is gone in two minutes of joy where there is nothing more that exists but you and the mtn. We took two more to 7 and a failed run where we basically traversed ourselves out of mtn. Lunch we grilled some burgers and soaked up the sun as it had suddenly become 30. We did a bunch more groomers but more importantly at the end of the day we found the sticky wicket an 80's themed ski bar that for DV is almost dirt bag. Kinda speakeasyish if you go, at silverlake lodge go all the way left to the Cafe royal which is closed but go through the door up the back steps and there is a dude checking id's. If you go all the way around the back is like the couches loungey part. Check it out if your ever in Rome. Dinner was steakhouse though I had a shrimp dish.
  16. March is coming like a lion
  17. The snow looks light years better than even a few days ago and impressive they are getting switch and side open.
  18. I saw snow in the forecast from a clipper and they are fully open for the first time in 2 years on presidents weekend.....that's a powerful combo of fuckery. They jacked up bcc yesterday at noon, noon on a Thursday wtf Even if I lived here I would still go back to blue a couple days a year. To see everyone for sure but also to keep it real so everyone still knows I'm Jenny from the block.
  19. I first came to Utah in 2000 with all 30 some members of my family and for at least a decade straight a group of us came every year so I for sure will always have massive rose colored glasses for Mormon adjacent skiing. I left Newark yesterday at 7am Est and was skiing at 1245 MST. They got 5 inches the night before and no one was home, so I ripped the big dog groomers where fun and low effort intersect. Keno, Tycoon, Naboob they have endless fast interesting medium pitch groomers served by endless high speed lifts. I had to be back at the airport to pick up family members but I racked up 17 runs of by far the best snow I've skied all year. We went Thai from in town and I ate mad Penang curry and passed out fat and happy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was supposed to snow like an inch overnight but we woke to it nuking and six inches on the ground. Massive, wet, PNW like flakes it was most definitely very un-Joseph Smith like. My brother and I were out the house early on a mission to get Steins untracked, we found 30% water, mariana trenching snow. It's kinda windy windy and the snow is coming down 2" an hr kinda hard so vis is negative ray Charles on the skate from the top of Wasatch. I can find it in my sleep but I almost end up down Powderhorn it's all just white. All my money is on finding the pines on the left before the first headwall. The wind is coming over the back and left side will be plump if I can find some vis. Left side trees show up right before my luck runs out and bam its on. Boot deep chunder turns, where the snow comes off in sheets. My brother who was 15ft behind me is who the fuck knows where, you still can't see shit but I'm not stopping. , Where it's normally hot to trot its all straight down the fall line and you can jump off everything........ Best run since I went to the pnw and I still can't see anyone out. Peeps did eventually show up but until 1pm or so we did nothing but untracked........... Easy right off Ontario bowl nobody home, all of lady Morgan except the green nobody home, pretty much anything in the woods nobody was home. My brother claimed best sleeper day since the Pow Mow days. It was the sloppiest snow I've ever seen in UT and it was so, so, so much fun. Dinner was low key Italian from the place at the St Regis top golf because we ate mad seafood at Rime for lunch. All of my pics look like the second one just white and trees but my brother got one of me later in the day so you know I'm not joshing.
  20. So jelly !! Looks fucking tits Mcgee get some !!
  21. My niece was sick at the super bowl get together and now my brain feels like it's trying to escape out of my ears. I'll see how I feel in the morning but that should guarantee a good storm.
  22. It could have been enjos cooking but I thought today was better than yesterday as well. NMDW was most excellent and challenge after the first headwall was very good, Widow and le chute were soft almost from the start and held excellent turns. It was a little too uneven in places to really fly but a super nice way to spend super bowl Sunday.
  23. It was like opening the oven door going up the lift, redonk inversion. I thought everything was pretty good today though it either needed to be 20 degrees colder or mad sunny. It was soft enough piles formed quickly but to heavy to really mach through. NMDW continues to delight and Challenge actually got pretty ok once it warmed up some. Raceway/widow/curtsi/whatever was very good from the start and after enjo said how good pdis was we confirmed it was quite smooth. I don't think it's supposed to get below 40 tonight could make for an extra special superb owl Sunday.
  24. Like tp4 said it's not deep enough maybe 6 inches and side has even less but they can get back on it Tuesday night
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