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  1. The migration has started. Northbound turnpike a little south of the tunnel.
  2. Yeah blooms as in flowers but I'm familiar with the bloom you mentioned above. Sometimes it's tough to tell if they're ripe .It fools the Blue jays too I've seem plenty of berries with beak marks . I planted different varieties so they they don't all get ripe at one time . Some are small and a few bushes are quarter size unfortunately they don't produce a lot . My kids all hate Blueberries lol .
  3. For a while it was a dream but then it was a curse, especially after a long day . I gave up and invited family members to come over. The bushes are too high now to pick from the ground. I use a ridding mower with a cart and pick. I think I’ll experiment trimming a few back and see what happens. The Bluejay that sits on my deck railing waiting for peanuts is going to eat well this year. Lots of blooms.
  4. I planted 24 (little) Blueberry bushes 20+ years ago. Now they’re 8’ tall , I should have spaced them further apart. I used to cover them with a net but now they’re too large so I feed the birds. My neighbor planted 140 bushes, he has his relatives pick. They were getting to be quite a chore to keep up with. I think the last time I covered them I was getting 3 gallons a day at peak. Last year my son was feeding Bluejays peanuts on our deck and they weren’t happy with peanuts so they went for dessert and cleaned up the Blueberries. I wasn’t too disappointed because I still had some leftover in the freezer. I propagated some Elderberry bushes a couple years ago but the deer are pretty aggressive getting through the fence that I put up. They seem to leave the blueberries alone. I haven’t tried to plant a regular garden yet but maybe next year.
  5. Amazing how fast the storms developed yesterday. I was out in my driveway for a little while and heard thunder. I checked my phone radar and saw a big cell headed towards my friends house in Bangor so I shot him a text. He didn’t get it, he was on his old backhoe doing some driveway maintenance , saw a flash and got drenched immediately. I got very little but Trexlertown area by Spring Creek looked like a river. There was even a water rescue in the shopping center parking lot. IMG_2293.MOV
  6. Mulch is bad, it can propagate Artillery fungus which can mess with circuit boards in your AC unit. And looks like shit and is impossible to get off your siding . https://www.thespruce.com/artillery-fungus-identification-prevention-5185963
  7. I saw a bunch of people wearing masks. Maybe an allergy thing but maybe Covid zombies ? I have a hatted for Summer…. I don’t like bugs and sweating. I opened the windows the last couple nights and somehow the noseeems get through the screens . Got bit 4 times and closed up and turned on the AC .
  8. Never a fan of either one . The song is a Warren Beatty rejection dig . Eclipse reference popped into my head .........You'll be old some day too LOL , Next year will be 49 years on Skis!
  9. I have been overruled by my family ,I was hoping for a Jay or Whiteface trip but they want to go to Niagara falls . Anyone planning on skiing the eclipse? To me being atop a a mountain would be surreal during a total eclipse . https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/eclipses/2024/apr-8-total/where-when/
  10. Nice, hopefully I’ll be able to get some close ups this summer. Bumps looked fun , I had some family stuff going on sad to miss the festivities.
  11. Iditarod training. IMG_2145.MOV
  12. https://www.denverpost.com/2023/03/23/illinois-man-falls-chairlift-breckenridge-death/amp/ Darwin award
  13. I didn’t hike the whole thing just by the entrance road over to the dome shaped outcropping. Pictures definitely don’t do justice, amazing there are so many different colors of rock in one spot.
  14. Got up late and dindu notin . Decided to hit the Bear for reminding few hours. Skiing better than I expected. Hitting the mud bumps on Sasquatch.
  15. I rode 3rd chair with JTG . I was hoping to meet @Harvery but it’s probably a good thing @Ripitz was with him. I might have been tempted to keep up with him. He’s a beast! . That probably would have not ended well for me as I was lucky if I was skiing at 30% of my level.
  16. Nordica Hell & Backs 132-90-118 170s https://www.drugs.com/albuterol.html B vitamin, Vitamin E and a Healthy Testosterone support multi . At your own risk of course LOL .
  17. I've been fighting a respiratory virus for a while so planning to get to bed early for the long drive so I thought I would be a good idea to pound some vitamins and take a couple puffs on the inhaler that the doctor gave me , what could go wrong ? Well apparently I discovered a new type of stimulant that kept me buzzed for 24hrs but not in a good way . I gave up trying to sleep at 3 am and left . The drive was easy peezy with no traffic , last 1/2h was snowing a bit and places the roads had an inch or so . Got to Platty at 7am second car . It was blowing like crazy and 23f. Ticket kiosk and sat in the lower level waiting for a line to start at the double . I ended up 3rd chair . On the ride up I was amazed at the size of the snow drifts 3-4' in some places and like a ridge across the slopes. First run was under the double to hoots and hollers everywhere. 30" of untracked snow . It was not as I thought it would be ,light on top and very heavy below . Stopping was to be avoided if possible as you would sink down and expend a lot of energy to get going . Plattekill is a steep place and usually doesn't present a problem getting started again , todays snow was an anomy . I've storm chased a bunch of storms and this one was very different . I lasted till lunch and after getting a bit sloppy with some turns called it a day . I wish I could have stayed all day the woods were awesome after the trails got cut up.
  18. Salty everyone was " Stoned" around the campfire .
  19. Brought my video camera too . Planning on a trip report but probably tomorrow. Had Stokesomnia last night and didn’t sleep.
  20. Blowing like crazy and 23° This is getting good!
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