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  1. LOL ,I got as far as "AWG " American Wire Gage of which I thought there was 18 and 20 no 19 ? No nothing about com stuff .
  2. On the label it says length 5,244’ 3,360 lbs Hard to imagine there’s almost a mile of cable sitting there.
  3. If I was Blue management I’d be tight lipped about the project. The last thing you want is gappers falling holes or getting impaled on re bar . It’s amazing how oblivious people can be, I changed out a 15 ton Rooftop AC / heat unit. Had area roped off , caution tape, and cones with a huge crane set up. Someone drove right though everything while the unit was 10’ in the air. I guess they really needed their pancakes.
  4. I don’t buy M&M’s anymore. Half the bag is “W&W’s
  5. Yes but YouTube doesn’t give door prizes. Elk tickets although blackout dates but I remember Killington and Sugarbush tickets. Not sure if there’s any of those this year? TBD . Killington is listed as a sponsor so I imagine they’ll kick in something. My som won some Blue passes.
  6. This helps a little with the PPSRD although being bombarded with Brand name advertising is a pain ,still a fun night out. http://www4.northampton.edu/kmanna/WM_Web/index.htm
  7. I heard that the crowd wasn’t too bad that day but the next day was a total shit show.
  8. Steep enough for turns and not have to straight line.
  9. I remember this storm. Skied BC in Jim Thorpe…bad decision! No base and barley a foot, rocks galore. Blue got 2’ I got 34” in Southern lehigh county. Should have stayed in my backyard. I have 300’ vert close by. The cutoff on the heavy precipitation was pretty sharp with this storm, I think Poconos only got a few inches.
  10. Always wanted to do a low level Ultralight run through the gorge , although there is one yuge high tension line that crosses it a little north east of Glen Onoko . Almost leaf peeping season when those New Yorkers migrate west and jam traffic in JIm Thorpe.
  11. https://nyskiblog.com/winter-storm-riley-at-plattekill/ I was there on Saturday, storm totals were close to 45” My best day on skis ever! An awesome place when the woods are in play!
  12. Kinda what I was thinking, push some ground over the bank East of the Patrollers shack. They can get 3 more trails 🤪
  13. Lots of ground being moved.
  14. Looks like they are doing some grading around the top.
  15. It is Hurricane season, be careful what you wish for 😁 Yeah definitely disappointed only .10” rain. I’m hopeful as weather patterns flip ,so the longer it stays warm and dry when it does flip we’ll be into late fall /winter.
  16. My in-laws live in Nesquehoning, last week one hit every can on the block lol
  17. Plattekill is awesome when the snow is deep enough to ski the woods. It opens up a crazy amount of acreage. A week old storm can still have untracked . My favorite place! https://nyskiblog.com/winter-storm-riley-at-plattekill/ I skied storm Riley Saturday. Still having nice dreams!
  18. 👍 It was a good day. Second photo I’m trying to figure out what the neat pile of things is about a 100yds up from the parking lot. Sheaves or maybe Rebar cages for poles footers?
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