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    Elk update

    I over heard they tried a lift evac that day, bur because of the wind, and maybe because not many patrollers were present that day, they opted to wait for lift repairs to get everyone off, with some people being stuck up in the for 60 minutes. With that wind chill, I'd imagine some people got darn cold and frost bite might have been an issue?
  2. Do we know yet if the JF lift tickets will be full price for the opening weekend Sat or Sun?
  3. Their website today says "Our tentative opening date is Wednesday December 16th!", on the Day's Photo page.
  4. Denton Hill seems like they might really open this weekend, 12/5. Weather reports seem to be on their side, with cold weather, real snow in the forecasts several days this week (although no significant accumulation), and a possible real, snow storm late Friday and into the weekend.
  5. Good tent sales are hard to find these days.
  6. I notice Elk does not have their 2009/2010 rates and season pass prices up yet. And I heard from some old-timers they have not mailed out their forms to obtain a pass yet. What's going on?
  7. Their sign out front says it starts at 5:00 pm, Fri Sept 25th, and continues Sat and Sun. For sale items accepted through the 23rd.
  8. Someone told me this, I doubted them. Now Buckman's website says their West Lawn store has moved to a new location in Reading, with same an address near where Pinnacle is or was. What happened to Pinnacle?
  9. Isn't this the time of year when Nestor's have their Tent-Swap sale? I haven't gotten the usual postcard announcement, and they don't have anything listed on their website.
  10. http://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/...0/NEWS/90210018
  11. Old Geezer

    TR 1/14/09

    This sounds more like a 'bar run' report. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  12. According to the The Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association website, Elk is making snow today: http://www.skipa.com/
  13. Old Geezer

    snow at ELK

    I don't see how they get 160 extra feet out of that small hilltop above the ski patrol shack. It's maybe 40 feet at best. Like I said, I hiked it once with a GPS, from patrol shack to to base of the parking lot lift, and I never got 1000' difference. Only got in elevation differences in the 820-840 range.
  14. Old Geezer

    snow at ELK

    2660 - 1820 = 840. I've often wondered how Elk got to their claim of 1000 vertical feet. If you hike to the top with a GPS it will tell you something similar, total vertical on the 820 to 840 range. Maybe they count the very peak/summit were the radio towers are, down to the lowest spot in the lower parking lot. If they did, they wouldn't be the only ones.
  15. For the next few days, I can look at this picture in place of taking my dose of Viagra. And the beautiful thing is the ladies won't know the difference!
  16. That's called getting the marketing dept. to increase the number of trails on your mountain.
  17. 5 ins. of new snow reported at the top of Mt. Mansfield yesterday. www.stowe.com
  18. This man speaks the truth. It's closer to Burli than Mad, 'Bush or Stowe
  19. Interesting, where I picked up tickets no mention of NO demos. Plus, it's still listed on Elk's website as 'On-Hill Demos' for Feb 1 and Feb 29. So if Elk knew going in they misrepresented it on their website. Memo to Elk mgmt, I had a higher opinion of you before seeing this happen. One more minor point. Saying all the reps are tied up at a show is glossing over the details of how it really works. I had a close friend who used to to be a part time rep for 12 years here in the Mid Atlantic. Never once did he attend every event nor did the entire team of reps all at once attend an event. I don't buy that explanation, I think something else happened here.
  20. Ok, we'll play. Here's a question for locals and regulars there. From going there off and over the years I know more than a few of the local watering holes and places to eat, but not this one. What's the story with the dive looking bar on Rt 374, about 1/2 mile of when you get off I81? It's on the south side of the highway, it has lettering 'Tavern' on one side and 'Lift Inn' on the other side, and the building is painted off-white with green trim. I know it's open, never see many cars there, and it looks somewhat run down. They don't seem to bother with many signs to draw people in, with one beat up yellow sign out front that looks like it's hasn't been updated in a while. But with a name like 'Lift Inn' it seems they want to have some connection to the ski crowd that comes off the Interstate highway (which is almost everyone going to the mountain). And, it looks like there is some development occurring right off that highway interchange with a new convenience store being built. One of older my ski buddies says that would be a good spot to fix up and attract the ski crowd.
  21. I know there are some Elk regulars on here. What happened to the on hill demos on Friday, 2/29? There were no reps anywhere on the mountain, and so no demos to be found. When I picked up some tickets at a local ski shop they said two of their reps were going to be there. Over the years Elk has had good demo days (for PA and the Mid Atlantic), four a season starting in Early Jan and ending in late Feb/early March, and many different reps present, and usually a good variety of skis to choose from, too. And if you waited for the demos later in the season, you could sometimes try a few of the 'next year's' skis. But they dropped the ball on this one, two thumbs down to Elk!
  22. Elk has had plans to replace the two double chairs, or alternatively extend them a bit further up into the area of the radio towers at the true summit, for about 8 or 10 years now. And I believe this plan also included cutting one or more new, short trails off the summit, and connecting around to the old front summit somehow. The last I heard, these plans were on hold. They have been wanting to expand a water holding pond for several years now, and recently got clearance to do that, forget if it was a permitting/regulatory or property ownership roadblock. But due to limited funds to invest in expansion like this, they chose to put the money into the pond expansion. So I heard.
  23. Old Geezer


    That stmt go me curious, this appears to be what is being referred to: Present your Season Pass from ANY Ski Area at Sn
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