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  1. St. Patty's day was Lederhosen day. A buddy of mine wore a kilt. Tailgated with Bratwurst and pork belly sammies.
  2. Smuggs shmoo fest has a few more lift service days remaining before the bull wheels go silent this saturday. It was going to end Sunday, but there's rain in the forecast, so Saturday it is. I've been going out early afternoon for 5-6 laps in the sun, shorts and sans helmet. Bike season begins..have a great summer PASR!
  3. Solid season up here, a later start and unusual because: It snowed a lot in January and ,not unusual, a good part of February. We didn't have roller coaster temps, for the most part it maintained in the teens and 20's, a few single digits, but no rain or torch weather. That pattern did not allow for the normal freeze/thaw to build up a solid uber hardpack foundation, so when it warmed up and got sunny it cooked the snow on both sides and melted very quickly. April Fool's Day today brought another 5-6" of pow for some endless tracks T2B. Hardly anyone on the hill, upper lot was barely 1/4
  4. Over 3' of pow since last weekend up here, everything is in and deeeeeeeeeeeep. Slow start to the season this year.
  5. We should have good spring snow coverage for a few more weeks. Going into the 60's-70's over the next 7 days.
  6. Yesterday's harvest. 10-12" on the upper half of mountain, dense powder. Deeeeeeeep.
  7. Middle of May, 5" down and supposed to keep snowing into the night. Never gets old!
  8. Even some refill action. Legit pow upper half, pow zones and variable below, t2b, no ice or bottoming out. Prolly heading up to Jay tomorrow to mix it up.
  9. 4-5" at the house. gonna be DEEEEEEEEEEEEP again!
  10. We be having snow in the forecast tomorrow and Fri/Sat.
  11. Just took a ride to the upper lot at 1700 Ft, 34 degrees, heavy mixed precip likely to turn to snow within the next hour or 2. Supposed to be non stop into midday monday GONNA BE DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!! 🤿 Until 11:00am EDT, Mon Apr 27 Action Recommended: Execute a pre-planned activity identified in the instructions Issued by: Burlington - VT, US, National Weather Service, ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 11 AM EDT MONDAY... * WHAT...Wet snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 6 inches above 1000 feet with local
  12. First time I loaded something on You tube. You didn't miss much, but I unlocked the settings so it should open.
  13. yesterday. https://youtu.be/26R4Nm1GNRY
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