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  1. Issued By Burlington - VT, US, National Weather Service Affected Area Portions of central, northwest and southern Vermont and northern New York Description ...WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 1 PM EST SATURDAY... WHAT...Heavy snow. Total snow accumulations of 4 to 8 inches below 1000 feet, and 6 to 12 inches above. Winds gusting as high as 30 mph. WHERE...Portions of central, northwest and southern Vermont and northern New York. WHEN...Until 1 PM EST Saturday. Some early season deeeeeeeeepness..............
  2. Nice group, I used to own the property next to them and skied there on a few rare occasions. Stoke levels are rising for another great season (hopefully)
  3. New bar in the hood opening soon and it's in walking distance. 😆
  4. Spruce Peak lodge is doing a major renovation in the lobby and restaurant/bar. They've been doing the guest rooms as well. Remodeling won't be done until November. Cutting it pretty close. If yer in my neck of the woods, stop by.
  5. Creamy and smooth, sun cups were filled in. Did a quick Sterling hike. Eating lunch and headin out for a sunny session. Freaking priceless outside right now.
  6. May 1: Woke up to 2-3" of cream cheese. Heading out for a quick skinner, should be 4" at the summit. Got the bartending gig full time at Spruce Peak lodge. Free Stowe season pass, club privileges, 12 free nights at any Hyatt, full bennies. Livin' the dream.....yeah, VT sux.
  7. FAAAAAAAHK that. Spidey senses never lie. Timing in life is everything. Every restaurant and bar up here closed up permanently or temporarily, and the few that stayed open were sucking wind and still are. Everything is pretty much closed down now until May up here which is typical when Smuggs stops spinning the lifts. Got an interview at Spruce Peak Lodge for a bartending job on Thursday. If I like it and the cash is good I'll get a snowmobile for the winter and ride through the notch to work! Pretty stoked on that! Gonna try to work at both resorts for free skiing on both sides of the mountains!
  8. I'm ramping up to install a new deck. Doing it in blue stone. I'm done with pressure treated or composite. Everything up here either rots or rusts within 10 years. Did some googling and found this cool system to install the stone. PVC heavy duty grates, roll a rubber mat over it and place the stone on top. Hardest part is leveling the joists so there's no stone wobble. Piers got delivered last week, lumber gets delivered next week. Ordered it early because I don't see lumber prices coming down in the near future. Most likely going even higher.
  9. 8” so far at Jayand still snowing. Wind delay til 9.
  10. It is when you get another 7" so far today and it's still snowing. It's be worth the extra time driving this weekend! There was 6" on the ground when I got back from Stowe around 4 today and another 1-2" fell since then.
  11. Stowe this morning. Notch road reopened today so mega shortcut for skiing Stowe all week. Winning!
  12. St. Patty's day was Lederhosen day. A buddy of mine wore a kilt. Tailgated with Bratwurst and pork belly sammies.
  13. Smuggs shmoo fest has a few more lift service days remaining before the bull wheels go silent this saturday. It was going to end Sunday, but there's rain in the forecast, so Saturday it is. I've been going out early afternoon for 5-6 laps in the sun, shorts and sans helmet. Bike season begins..have a great summer PASR!
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