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  1. Tight. steep and rarely open. bailing out to skiers right puts you on Freefall. This'll be hard to watch.
  2. Hiked Madonna for some fresh cream cheese light, 2-4" with nice boot deep drifts on the sides. Hit no ice T2B. Visibility sucked.......because its snowing and still snowing even harder right now.
  3. If the snow keeps holding and we get a few refreshers sans rain, we'll be skiing into early May; tuning up the MTB in case that doesn't happen. We haven't gotten an April mega dump in 10 years: April 29/30/2010. Last one I drove to Jay and car camped , skied in knee deep all day and came home. Totally worth it!
  4. Another chance for 2-4" Thursday nite over 1500'.
  5. Top of Sterling at Smuggs. That's what you see when you get off the Sterling lift going right. That section is is the top of Rum Runner AKA , the wind tunnel. The other shots are of or on Rum runner as well.
  6. 4" overnite, bluebird, 36 degrees in the shade..........JADIP
  7. 1.5" so far, I'm guessing 6+ by tomorrow, with upsloping, could be some nice drifts and trees are back in. Beer, boobies and titty sparkles....wha'ts not to like?
  8. Snowpack on the main trails is good. Cold weather is helping.
  9. Chance for 3-6" Monday night. Parts of S. VT could get up to 12".
  10. Last day of lift served today. Got laid off yesterday. Timing is everything. Got 3-4" overnight, 3rd chair up. Practically untracked for 5- runs. Skin up the hill tomorrow. Happy St. Pat's day all!!!!
  11. Day 100. Smuggs and Bolton might be the only hills open in VT today. WINNING!!!!!
  12. Winningest trip posted on PASR this year. That's living the dream. No worries about Corona, 1st sign of it they'll blow the tunnels and shut down incoming transportation. Being stuck there for a few weeks wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. This thread literally needs some cow bell to be all time!
  13. Even better and deeper the past 3 days!
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