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  1. moe ghoul

    Sugarbush Advice

    IF you make it up to Smuggs, we can tour
  2. moe ghoul

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

    Inch an hour of mank right now
  3. moe ghoul

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

  4. moe ghoul

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

  5. moe ghoul

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

    Bell to bell day today. Retardedly good. A few pix later.
  6. moe ghoul

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

    8”-10” sleeper storm.
  7. moe ghoul

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

  8. moe ghoul

    Old Phartz do Whitefish 3/2-3/9

    Poles are optional! Have a great time however it turns out.
  9. moe ghoul

    Whiteface / Lake Placid 2019

    Sharpen yer edges. Hopefully, the snow will soften up a bit as it gets a little warmer in the next few days.
  10. moe ghoul

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    It's been colder with windchill. I can't recall if we had a colder, non windchill day this season.
  11. moe ghoul

    Mount Snow

    yes. Pretty much all I skied yesterday.
  12. moe ghoul

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    -14 at the house.
  13. moe ghoul

    Mount Snow

    Same here, IB trails were pretty scratchy today.
  14. moe ghoul

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

    I saw him about the same time, after he dyed his hair and got tats. He came into the Pyramid club in NYC and played a set new years eve. They played up at Jay Peak in the past few years.
  15. moe ghoul

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

    Twilight skin lap up Sterling for those deep untracked runs........better than this morning........North wind up slope for the win! Felt like I owned the mountain, not a soul in sight.