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  1. Getting torched and rain in the forecast. Slarvy spring conditions this AM. Sketchy forecast through Saturday.
  2. Pretty incredible that they managed to open this early. WTGAI!!
  3. Skied Jay 2 days. they've gotten 34" of snow so far. Powdergasms for 2 runs. Skied FIS and Dempsey glades this morning. 6 degrees in the lot, prolly around zero up top.
  4. Genetics and drugs. I was about 20 lbs lighter then.
  5. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! I showed him my biz cards, a letter from a Houlihan's VP after he got a raving customer review about my service, some newspaper articles about opening my bar, and a picture of me in the Inky food section bartending in 1986. Addit: Pic from 1986 Inky at the same bar I bought 22 years later.
  6. Got the bartending gig. Sunday-wednesday nights.
  7. puking. will be 2-3"/hr later tonite. Josh Fox‏ @SingleChairWix Bigger snowfall amounts will occur @StoweMtResort and @Smugglers_Notch with well over a foot expected at @jaypeakresort. No lift service is expected in the MRV tomorrow anyway so proceed accordingly !
  8. Titty sparkles for dawn patrol tomorrow. Should be at least a foot or more.
  9. WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 1 PM MONDAY TO 1 PM EST TUESDAY... * WHAT...Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 6 to 10 inches. * WHERE...Portions of central, northeast and northwest Vermont and northern New York. * WHEN...From 1 PM Monday to 1 PM EST Tuesday.
  10. Stoked for you guys getting cold temps early this season. Any chance they can get Main Street up and running by T-giving?
  11. Afternoon skin. Went to the top of Madonna II lift. Ugly enough that I skied about 300 yards hitting bottom about 25% of the time, next 100 or so was link 2 turns, side step for a bit, repeat. Last 100 or so I toted the skis down. If I was 130 lbs or if the trails were golf course fairways, it was skiable to the bottom of Madonna I lift. Legs felt great, lungs pretty good. I'm burning the Cochise's. Diagnosis: terminal slop.
  12. 1st lap of the season this AM. Mellow skin and short meadow skip to test the surface. Came down wet n dense yesterday, dried out overnight with a nice fluffy finish. Got another inch this AM for a total of 5-6" at the house and prolly closer to 8-9" up top. Gonna try to get out this afternoon for a higher elevation lap. Too dark for pix this AM. My deck as of 8AM.
  13. I'm interviewing for a full time bartending position on Monday. Fine dining at the resort, but privately owned. 5-9PM. If I get it, I'll have to quit the groomer job , so, I'll have had a groomer position and never drove a groomer. Moving in the fast lane up here! Dropped off 2 pair of skis to get mounted today.
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