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  1. Sorry, I disagree with this rant of yours. If anything, I don't think the Scranton paper did enough to expose the background of the main buyer in the deal. The main buyer was much, much too close to the pay-to-play politics in Philadelphia, (was investigated by the FBI, went to trial, twice I think, and was acquitted). And I wonder, did anyone who followed the story in the Scranton paper know this? The only reference I've ever seen to that less shady background is in this one article: http://www.thetimes-tribune.com/site/news....16046&rfi=6. The Philadelphia Inquirer mentioned it, and questioned it, more times that the Scranton paper did. The part I do agree with is that the county pols did understand (the real question, how could they not know this) that county government should not be in the ski area management business over the long term. They facilitated the growth of the mountain as part of a bigger plan to increasing economic development in that particular location, and it worked well. Now they turn it over to private ownership. But shame on them for their choice of the private owners, the main person in the group they decide to sell to is a person with a very questionable background. Anyone who follows the legal scene in Philly will tell you that it was only by a very thin margin that this individual got off, and they'll also tell you that the decision should have gone the other way.
  2. From Blue's website today: WE WILL BE CLOSING SUNDAY MARCH 26TH AT 5PM.
  3. When will be Blue's last day of the 05/06 season? Any official announcements, facts, rumors, or just plain guessing.
  4. I don't know if I should believe you this time.
  5. I would have guessed they were talking about Blue Marsh, (it's about five or six miles north of Reading, on Blue Marsh Lake). But their web site says they are closed up, and selling off their rental fleet: http://www.skibluemarsh.com/
  6. Old Geezer

    ELK closed?

    Their night skiing does nto start until Dec 26th.
  7. Will there be any women at this gathering? They don't necessarily have to be my age.
  8. For all of you who skied Blue today, should one bring their rock skis, or break out the good ones?
  9. Old Geezer

    Elk Opening

    As of today, (Sunday, 11/20), Elk's website says they are making snow. Looks like they just got started, as the pic shows a light coating on Susqy. "The Elk Mountain snow crew has started making snow. When temperatures permit we will make snow and plan to open in early December depending on the weather."
  10. For the record, their website now says: "CLOSING MARCH 26TH AT 5PM!!!!", this date is the last Saturday in March, 2005.
  11. Just read in a Scranton weekly newspaper that starting today, tickets to Boulder/Frost are $20 for the rest of the season.
  12. Has anyone been to 'the knob' in the past two weeks, and can they give a firsthand report of conditions?
  13. Wasn't trying to bring any one down, am trying to plan on the snow time through to the end of the season. It appears most of these places may stay open through Easter weekend.
  14. Any word on how long Blue will stay open this season? For that matter, any work on how long the other biggies in eastern PA will stay open (CB, Montage, Elk)?
  15. In my opinion, this is the only thing the tow main ski magazines are good for -- and I think they are marginal at best on this topic. There's never a bad ski, boot, binding, ski area, ski town, bar, restaurant, hotel, ski vacation, or snow conditions. They're like the car magazines, a PR mouthpiece for the industry, and too closely aligned with same. Have you ever read or seen a recommendation to buy last year's gear (or a used car from the car mags?). I'm generalizing here, but you usually have to adjust downward their glowing recommendations, so when they say 'this is excellent', adjust it to 'this may be good', etc.
  16. Can you post more details on what ski shop this is? I'm not familar with it.
  17. Old Geezer

    Mt Hood

    I think it's supposed to be -6.0 degrees F for every 1000 ft. They ski Mt. Hood year round, see http://www.timberlinelodge.com/. In late July, Aug, and early Sept., it's basically skiing on the bottom reaches of a glacier. You can drive there to the lodge in Aug, and be wearing shorts and a tee shirt, and walk up to the end of the glacier, and notice a huge temperature difference, and of course see die-hards skiing and boarding.
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