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  1. i wish people would be as interested in the numbers for people who will be economically or psychologically damaged into perpetuity from this. the mental health fallout is going to dwarf covid deaths. a story about john and jane with two kids, who were already struggling before everything went to shit, and what their life is like after things are relaxed, when they are homeless and unemployed, isn't as glamorous as the incessant 'in this together!' virtue signaling.
  2. Passes are still available. Wondering if blue was hyping up the expiration or if so many ppl had issues with CCs that they kept it going.
  3. Rope drop guy's email is on the whois. Just sayin if you wanna get a hold of someone to gripe. Not you in particular, just piggybacking on tech part.
  4. Can you just call them and pay CC over phone? That's what I did last year when I waited until the day after for that rate.
  5. UK isn't on our level plus he prob got it before people really thought it was as bad as it is. also ....angry replies incoming.
  6. i was gonna say the same thing. either that or they have some sort of blood transfusions stored up that would last them some crazy amount of time until one is developed (though i have no idea if medically that would do anything).
  7. i wish i could watch them. they're the best. i just get my fix twice a year at races. i was able to catch practice for the chicago show the last few years because our tradeshow coincided, i really need to make it out there for the actual show. https://photos.app.goo.gl/voFthKMTYuX3EU7T6
  8. ok fine -- if i remember this right, you can get the 429 deal and if you want to bail and something comes up where you need to get your money back...
  9. if i remember this right, you can get the 429 deal and if you want to bail and get your money back, you have until oct something. pretty good deal if you're on the fence about a pass. if you've already paid, you're locked in no refunds fam.
  10. jlaw probably had the best post in this thread, it could have brought insightful debate and it also touched on a lot of tangential things about the epidemic that people aren't talking about. instead the only response was something about trump and it faded off into obscurity.
  11. maybe instead of whining about how she's sad that people dislike her now on cnbc, she should have been on the phone with WA UE informing them that these employees were called back to work and have left it at that.
  12. i'll clarify -- public as in the general public, not coworkers.
  13. I'm curious, how many of you are actually working in person - not one on one, but in a mass retail setting / hospital for example - with the public or living with someone who is?
  14. hey all now that the season is definitely done for me with everyone closed, i just wanted to say thanks for the warm reception and some grate times. i bought a season pass for this year not even knowing if i would use it. turns out that i ended up having what were probably the best winter months ever. never thought that the parking lot of blue could provide so many memories (or outrageous food). have a great offseason, i'm already desperately looking forward to next winter.
  15. Had to go to two stores but sausage gravy is happening @enjoralas Generator is in truck.
  16. Second session was good, I like those conditions a lot. Stayed out way longer than I expected. Told Doug I was doing one more run, ended up doing maybe four or five more. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  17. they deleted my fb post womp. it's a shame they didn't stay open weekdays this week, i'd have been a lot less pissed. are we gonna do something this wknd or nah?
  18. edit nevermind i was too slow
  19. word on the street is that delco is having a press conference at 5pm they are also shuttin down.
  20. I have a volunteer who will drop me off at the top lot. There will be skiing one way or another.
  21. Blue isnt making it past this weekend. Perfect circumstances for them to just shut it down. Unrelated, March madness cancelled And Disneyland closing in a cpl days
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