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  1. My last oil bill was more expensive than my home real estate bill.....
  2. Elk just announced on FB tomorrow is closing day...
  3. No Dr and Dentist appointments mon. tues. wed. $795. .... And didn't go West. Another friend said conditions rated 13 on the 1-10 scale today....
  4. No... But they put the SP up $100. this year for seniors....
  5. rummy

    PASR Elk Day 2022

    Sorry..Dr and Dentist appointments monday, tuesday, and wednesday. Should be good though..5" yesterday and more Saturday. . Have fun!
  6. Other symptoms... Not afraid of people or going inside where people are plus excessive thirst..
  7. Raccoons are nocturnal, sounds rabid to me..
  8. I plan on taking a home Covid test later this week and if negative.. Let the season begin anew... Hope to see the crew for another PASR Day... I'll get some Old Forge Pizza again....
  9. A tough season for the TLCITW men. Pre Christmas limited trails and questionable conditions. Christmas week, too many people overcrowding the same limited trails, then conditions deteriorated further, eventually causing the 3 day New Years weekend shutdown to recoup. Finally all last week the Covid virus struck.... Extremely fatigued, headache, off and on fever then chills, sore throat, no congested lungs or severe cough, thankfully.. Feeling better last two days. Hopefully the season will improve soon. The beer is cold anywhoo...
  10. 5 slopes and trails... 8:30 - 4:30
  11. You won't need a car at Whistler. Definitely take a shuttle from/to the airport. You need to make a reservation though. Approximately a 1:15 - 1:30 hr scenic trip if I remember correctly... Edited to add... Does your hotel offer a shuttle?
  12. rummy

    Guns are On..

    Nah..too old for that...had to pee.
  13. rummy

    Guns are On..

    They're Cranking!!
  14. Price per gallon at TLCITW went up exactly $1.00 this year compared to last year. An additional $440..
  15. rummy


    Octoberfest is this weekend.... Leaf Peeping should be pretty good. Slow lift rides.. Bar is open.. Bands Saturday and Sunday.. Craft Tents.. Good Times with Old Friends........
  16. rummy

    Season Pass Letter

    Whoopie $40. Last year I think ?? it was $140. We haven't night skied since a New Years Eve 20 or so years ago...
  17. rummy

    Season Pass Letter

    Here's a list of announced improvements:... New radio frequency gates and ticketing system.. Pisten Bully groomer....more parking spots...patching and paving lot....New lights on West slope....New control panels on A B C D lifts...New ticket booth at quad lift in parking lot, and at the top, where the ElkWagon unloads (finally)....New carpet, painting, snow making piping, and pumps... New equipment in rental shop....New pickup truck, new skid steer..... Confirmed. The dirt work performed this Spring was to reconfigure the "Indians" Mohawk, Iroquois, and Tuscarora...widening and regrading. No mention of condos. 1400-1600 New Trees... My season pass went up $100. ($795) b/4 10/11/21... regular adult is $835 b/4 10/11/21 Night skiing only Friday and Saturday nights... _____ Elk plans on operating similar to last year, complying with state, federal and CDC guidance
  18. I'll try to make it this year. With Big Al and the Herminator...
  19. Had one almost in my back yard yesterday...literally uprooted trees 300yds away from my house.
  20. How often is Google earth updated? DUH. why don't I just Google it.....
  21. My formative years....Ah Yes...Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll... If you can find it , the movie "Woodstock" is worth watching just for the music of the era.
  22. rummy

    Something New

    Anybody with a drone able to do a flyover... How about it @saltyant?
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