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  1. @Ride Delaware ? I have a question about Sugarbush that has been bothering me. When they open up castle rock hikers only, what is the route to get there? Hike up from north lynx or over from heavens gate?
  2. Ugh, let the anxiety begin. I've just used the same pass for the past 5 years or so and it always works. Do I need to do something different this year? I stress out about the pass not working more than I should.
  3. I’ve been occasionally waking my kids up by farting really loud. If I have to fart, I go in one of their rooms right by the bed and blast off super loud. We both crack up and starting the day with a big laugh is the best way to set up a great day.
  4. I like pan, and I also like cheese stuffed crust. Thin and crispy is tasty but I could eat 5 whole pies.
  5. A new Pizza Hut just opened in West Chester borough and I'm very happy about it. There was no pizza hut within like a 30 mile radius of me for a while there.
  6. She has fun with it too. Its not about the money, its just a fun contest to see how long we can go before we crack. Life is more fun when you do silly things like this.
  7. The pilot light is not lit, so any fiddling with the thermostat is done in vain. If only they all knew that all I do is flip a switch in the basement to fire up the pilot light! I make it sound like a complicated procedure.
  8. I stayed in the shower for like 20 minutes.
  9. The thermostat read 52. Should warm up nicely since its a sunny day.
  10. Pretty fuckin cold in my house this morning. First time I've been tempted to fire up the old furnace but I held strong.
  11. Me too. I have to mulch the leaves every week this time of year or it builds up to be too much.
  12. Are you going with the single pole?
  13. I had forgotten that this was coming. Nice little surprise!
  14. The ignore button is a powerful function and has given me back many hours of my life.
  15. This is cool! You need to get one of those "Tiak" poles if you want to show these ladies you are legit.
  16. I never got a chance to sample their big fat juicy pierogies.
  17. I'd like to know how they define "diarrhea" because depending on the definition, I might never be 14 days past a previous bout.
  18. Last time I was in the last couple rows it stank like other people's shit the entire time. I would have to be having an extreme emergency to poop on a plane.
  19. Anniversary dinner for me next Saturday, but no worries either way.
  20. Still pretty warm down here. I’m nowhere close to using the heat.
  21. How come it is now Joy and Rob with the Beagles? Are you too good for the beagles? Will you guys be forming your own group soon?
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