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  1. Going to start my season on Sunday. Can't wait!
  2. We’re staying at the Grand downtown. First time for me not being on the strip. Downtown is pretty gross but it’s nice being in the hotel with all the friends.
  3. We are in Vegas for a wedding and we decided to head over and spend one night and day in Zion since that is more our thing. Temps were chilly but nice in the sun. Low was in the 20’s but it got up to around 50. Can’t wait to come back and explore more another time.
  4. Did some nice hiking in Zion National Park today.
  5. I can't pistol squat due to my lack of ankle mobility. I can do a regular pistol squat if I elevate my heel, but this guy has some flexible hips in order to do that sideways thing!
  6. I started doing these exercises right before ski season a few years ago and I'm never tired or sore:
  7. A gym that I belonged to about 15 years ago had one of these things, but I wasn't really skiing at the time and I never got a chance to try it. Looks kind of fun though.
  8. Sounds pretty damn romantic. @AtomicSkierwore his extra tight jeans too! Dat ass!
  9. NMSKI

    Please Help

    Was just hopping on to post this update. Thank you!
  10. NMSKI

    Please Help

    A friend of mine's foster daughter was abducted last night. Please spread this around if possible. Thank you. https://www.dailylocal.com/2022/10/26/child-6-abducted-in-downingtown/?utm_email=056454931431952424E1D42EED&g2i_eui=K5eLVw54NuWl%2fcBN9KlVc%2fa9rJpo4Jpz&g2i_source=newsletter&lctg=056454931431952424E1D42EED&active=no&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fwww.dailylocal.com%2f2022%2f10%2f26%2fchild-6-abducted-in-downingtown%2f&utm_campaign=philly-daily-local-breaking-news&utm_content=alert
  11. Is that magic carpet going to load like 5 feet from tower 2 or is it just an optical illusion? Seems like kind of a hazard.
  12. It was 57 in the house this morning. We've made it through worse before, but my wife had to work from home today and I felt bad that she'd have to freeze all day. Would have been no problem if we were both at work all day. Just throw on a sweater and sit under a blanket in the evening.
  13. Heat's on in my house. Gave up this morning on "no heat 'til November".
  14. I'm not worried. When all the shit shows up it'll take 2 weeks of solid work to get it rockin and rollin. If we hit November and there are not towers, etc. then it'll be in doubt.
  15. She is no longer wild and crazy at all but was very wild and crazy when we were younger.
  16. I watch this with my kids at least once per year. Growing up, my sister used to dress and act like the character "suicide" and do all kinds of crazy out of control skiing.
  17. I'm hoping the news is the announcement of a silly mascot.
  18. It definitely puts an asterisk next to the achievement. I cannot disagree.
  19. All of my negativity toward Vegas is a direct result of me being totally out of control and doing stupid shit a number of times. All of my high school friends live in either Phoenix, LA or Albuquerque, and I did about 2 Vegas bachelor parties per year for a decade. Lots of good old family fun can be had I'm sure, but I'm a piece of shit and should not be allowed to go without significant supervision.
  20. I use a space heater in the bathroom for when I get out of the shower. Turned that baby on this morning, but I'm not going to light the pilot light for the heater until i'm at my breaking point. Gonna try for no-heat November again this year.
  21. Yep, three total this year. In my 20's there were like 10 per year which was way too much. Didn't have any for a few years there. My brother in-law got remarried in the spring, and my best friend from high school is getting married in November. Unless you or @AtomicSkier get married, I can't think of any coming up in the future.
  22. I have to go to vegas for a wedding in the middle of November and I'm dreading it. We are getting there 2 days early and taking a quick side trip to Zion which will be nice though.
  23. Unfortunately I have a wedding to go to, so I'm out. Will be there in spirit. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the lot real soon!
  24. All the flights I'm looking at are still going up! Glad things are looking good for you though!
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