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Guns are On..


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Webcams cleared now. That must have been the (traditional early season maintenance) effort to fire up the air compressors and blow the squirrels out of the snow guns! 

I glanced at the webcam pics other day and saw a nice blanket of snow.  Mostly gone now.

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To put Elk's snowmaking in some geographic perspective:

North and East:

Bellayre says snowmaking has begun,

Plattekill no mention of snowmaking - they rely more on natural snow than other resorts,

Wyndham webcams show snow making  has started, and making nice progress.

Hunter webcams show a nice start in progress, could easily open by the weekend.


Greek Peak: Webcams show snowmaking has begun.


Montage shows snow making has started.


Holiday Mt, NY (Not to to be confused with Holiday Valley NY) - no news on their website.

Mt. Peter, NY - Webcam offline, says "closed for the season. We are grateful to our staff, ...  and we can’t wait to see you all next season"  They didn't get the memo it is next season!

- These two NY resorts (hills) are more weekend/family focused and so will not be early starters in making snow.

Summary:  Montage to the south of Elk seems to have one or two days head start in making snow.  Competing mountains to the North are about four or five days ahead. 

It's fascinating to watch how the start of a winter ski season moves north to south like it is right now. Could not do this 15 years ago because not every report had webcams.


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