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I was just reading another MB, 'though I won't mention it by name...and a member of that board posted about the gang problem at Montage.


Aside from me and my heavily armed crew, what other gangs are at Montage? Kind of hard to blend in when there's only 40 other people on a typical weekday.


Seriously, my guess is that he saw a big Puerto Rican family and panicked.

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ha ha a ski-by...ski areas are definitely a place where a terror attack could occur because there's really no security even though there are so called security personel. :o


i love the security at Blue... especially crazy eyes. you might not know him Doug because he just hangs up top in the lodge with a coffee in one hand and a cig in the other.

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haha Crazy Eyes, we have names like that for all the securtity guards at our school. The sad thing is a 3 year old could probably take them out

we have a grand total of 1 security guard at our school, and a 3 year old could out run him, thats for sure

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