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    PSA $53ish for $100 gift card to Camelback Lodge

    You know what though, It's really not as bad as it seems if you're taking a family. You get lift tickets and water park access with the room right? I mean a family of 4 would spend $250 just for the lift tickets. Water park would be less but still at least 150 I would guess.
  2. Schif

    Weekend roll call thread 12/15-16...

    Rain at 8, clear by 9? Beers before the first run of the day?
  3. Schif

    Weekend roll call thread 12/15-16...

    Hoping to get there tomorrow. We will see in terms of weather though
  4. Schif

    Catskills - Poconos Analogous Mountains

    I've always been partial to "We Three Kings" due to the extensive use of vocabulary in the song.
  5. Schif

    6packs - 12/11-18

    Honestly, all of these trails are kind of exciting to me. I can finally let the skis go a little bit on a nice long cruiser instead of the short blurb that was the only green terrain last week.
  6. Schif

    12/9/18..better snow..Sunday

    Sounds like night skiing on Thursday might be a good idea if the weather might turn.
  7. Schif

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    And the place would make money which means they 1. Won't close and 2. Will finish Coming Soon.
  8. Schif

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    Fake News. The trail has indeed been named. The odds of me calling "coming soon" anything but that are probably pretty slim.
  9. Schif

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    Sunday it is. See some of you there.
  10. Schif

    Zee Lights

    I kind of figured the snowblades would be better in the beginning? More forgiving and such? Or no? I still don't know anything so I'm going to let you be my ski guru at this point.
  11. Schif

    Zee Lights

    I felt like a rockstar cruising on Easy Out and Vista. Almost like I actually had a clue as to what I was doing. Wound up doing some quick back thinking in my head and realized it was only the 3rd time I had ever put skis on. Did that for 4 quick runs and got bored so I made the tremendous mistake of heading down Midway to Lower Main Street. Midway wasn't terrible, but also wasn't great. I tended to get freaked out when I picked up too much speed so I made exceptionally slow and deliberate turns using the whole trail. When I got down to Main Street and the snow turned into the equivalent of white caps I just had to hold on for the ride, which was again exceptionally slow. I took a lot of breaks, tipped over twice, realized I don't really know how to stand up on a pitch wearing skis, and worked up a sweat just trying to keep myself from shooting off the side of the trail. Long story short, if I'm going relatively slowly on flat snow, I can almost kind of seem like I know what I'm doing. When it gets choppy/sloppy it all falls apart. I had to actively tell myself (I think out loud twice) to get out of the back seat and my ability to use more than one ski at a time for turning is almost non existent.
  12. Schif

    Zee Lights

    1.6 Kilometers of sweet sweet blue square for me to try on skis this Sunday.
  13. Schif

    Zee Lights

    Did they get it inspected this year?
  14. Schif

    $200 Montage Season Pass

    That's a shame. Some good times to be had up there.
  15. Schif

    $200 Montage Season Pass

    Long Haul is great because it gives you time to enjoy a quality beer, and sometimes a snack. Also it's about as far from anything else as possible so it's extremely peaceful. Though at night when there aren't many people there in general and you don't see anyone on the trails near you, and no one is on a chair in front of or behind you it gets fairly eerie.
  16. Schif

    $200 Montage Season Pass

    If I still lived up there this would be a no brainer.
  17. Schif

    Skison 18/19

    Snowboards are Rad. You should totally get one or two.
  18. Schif

    New Purchases... What did you buy so far

    I had a good experience at the Tent sale. Dealt with a really great guy at the KOP location. But yeah, prices otherwise are through the roof and I doubt I'll ever shop there other than the tent sale.
  19. Schif

    December 1-2 roll call thread!!!

    We definitely need to know more about the Canoe Cowboy....
  20. Schif

    December 1-2 roll call thread!!!

    I'm equal parts excited and scared. I've never parked in the top lot.
  21. Schif

    Powder Day 2018 Mega Thread

    I cannot imagine having the time in any given day to dig deep back in year old powder threads just to post inane things.
  22. Schif

    December 1-2 roll call thread!!!

    I'm waxing up the old shred sticks and chilling the beer. See you guys Saturday.
  23. Schif

    No snowmaking? 31.3deg,68-72%humidity

    They were probably taking their union mandated day off.
  24. Schif

    No snowmaking? 31.3deg,68-72%humidity

    I'm pretty sure skiing is 80% philosophy.
  25. Schif

    Camelback Snowtubing Report - 11/24/2017

    Anyone with a modicum of common sense and at least $100 in a checking account lives outside of Wilkes-Barre's city limits. Scranton isn't bad, there are some nice sections but the taxes are crushing if you live/work there to pay for pensions. Both cities shut down relatively early, of course there are some bars downtown in both and near the colleges you'll find stuff that's open late but it's not a lot and it's usually just weekends.