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  1. I've never had a few beers in the parking lot of the Waldorf so I'm fine with the Red Roof.
  2. I'm going to guess that in a year or two they will offer some kind of pass where it's $$ for Blue or CB alone and $$+200 for a combo.
  3. I just learned about a Whole Foods in California that's projected to sell for $57M. It's in an area that has great traffic and 500k people with an average household income of $157k. Whoever buys it will only get about 3.5% return though. I'll assume the Poconos has a similar demographic situation so that DG should definitely be WF
  4. I assumed you were putting the mower away with that one but it makes sense.
  5. The lines were looking promising until that unforced error.
  6. I had the pulled pork on recommendation of a MALVERN local and it was fantastic. The drinks looked great but as anyone who saw me earlier in the day can attest to I was trying to keep the boozing light considering my run in with Bud Light buckets the night before. PASR night at the Flying Pig? There certainly seem to be enough of us that frequently travel through MALVERN.
  7. I got gas at that Wawa last night after I left the Flying Pig in MALVERN.
  8. My best guess for what "some degree" would be both associates and started but didn't finish a 4 year degree.
  9. It's fairly substantiated https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/unvaccinated-america-in-5-charts/ The chart below shows the percentage of different education groups saying they definitely will not be getting the vaccine
  10. Camelback's legal team has certainly been busy this past year.
  11. **Devil's advocate alert*** But can't it be both?
  12. Not that anyone here needs this but look what I found after following that link
  13. I've found that camel mascot offensive for years
  14. I bet at the very least they throw a day or two at Camelback at us.
  15. I hope they decide that it's classification will be beyond double diamond and it is labeled as a "Green/Black X" trail
  16. Then you better not complain when they give it a name you don't like
  17. What are your guys thoughts on breakthrough cases and/or spread? I really don't usually spend a lot of time in a very crowded indoor space but the gym is typically very crowded and 0% mask wearing in there. On the surface that seems not so great but you need to be vaccinated to be on campus which in turn means that the people in the gym are vaccinated as well and of course I got my shot. On the surface it seems like it should be all good but it's still odd to be in a big room with a hundred people.
  18. There are two new developments near home. I'm looking forward to see if their stormwater management systems work well!
  19. Ask @skiincy where she got hers. They come with a screened lid and hose at the bottom.
  20. I really hope there is a lot of snow this year. That could be a hell of a lot of fun on a snowboard.
  21. It's really interesting how regionalized this became.
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