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  1. I love a good conspiracy but maybe Leitner Poma did one of the other lifts and this is the way they distinguish it from the other one? I'm surprised it's not labeled as the lift name. Or a lift number
  2. My take: It would never take that many towers that close together to run the rope up. Also we all know that if you try to put 7 people on a 6 pack you'll be stopped above a pond, which seems to have been dug already. As a result I'm guessing that the one long footer on the left of the picture is what the station will sit on, you'll ride over the cut out area until you get to the first tower. No idea what the other footers are for.
  3. As of Saturday when @Benm took those pics it looks like there is still concrete to be poured.
  4. There are only 41 working days until Root Friday. They should start filming the daily push to the finish for a new A&E reality show.
  5. I think the thing that is really going to hold up this project is the fact that @AtomicSkier hasn't gotten certified on helicopters yet.
  6. Maybe, and this is pure speculation, since Blue and Camelback are the same company now they are using the same construction resources on both projects. I mean there can't be that many people on the East Coast that know how to install chair lifts right? Maybe the crew over in Tannersville will come over to Blue once they are done there and put in the more technical and higher visibility things.
  7. Original six pack for the first two runs to maybe snag some Razors then head over to the Summit Safari Six Pack Supreme for some fast main street laps.
  8. What PSI concrete do you think you need for a chairlift?
  9. It's been 3 weeks since they poured the concrete. Depending on how long they plan to let it cure before the towers are on it we could potentially see choppers as early as next week but worst case scenario they will bolt down the towers the week of the 26th.
  10. Thanks! Timing is weird that I got into remote work as most others are heading back to the office but I think its going to be great in terms of getting more days at Blue and the flexibility to travel for longer periods.
  11. Definitely a trip to Colorado for at least 4 ski days but unsure on anything else. Winter Park could definitely be fun too. Ideally any trip would be in February or even March. Last two years January was somewhat disappointing
  12. Hey PASR, I've got a new job with more flexibility now so it seems like a pass would now be a good idea. Anyone planning on a Western trip this year, or want to plan one? I snagged a 4 pack of tickets to use for 2 days at Loveland and am thinking maybe Epic day pass would be the way to go. So who wants to go west with me and @skiincy?
  13. Fuel surcharges for big trucking carriers usually get renegotiated every so often, say 6 to 12 months. I would ask the guy in a few months to lower the surcharge.
  14. I can't imagine how big and heavy a quad chair is. Just wait though, in 30 years someone from PASR will be trying to figure out how to get a 6 pack chair home on a flatbed
  15. I think he's saying he misses lawn pics.
  16. I'm still undecided on a pass for next year. Work from home could make a long trip West worth it though.
  17. Since Coming Soon is already taken I'll take a guess and say this one will just be called "Eventually"
  18. Falls is right down the road from where I grew up. Spent quite a few years as a junior member of a golf course up there called Emanon. (They couldn't decide on a name so they named it "No name" backwards.
  19. Nothing is getting good until we see some concrete in the ground.
  20. I suppose I have made a bad decision then. I've been to the pocono race a few times and never any other. Not sure I have any desire to go to a different track though. My only real good memories of going to the race was of tailgating.
  21. Can we talk quickly about how they let you bring in your own beer at the track? If there is any place in the world that embodies leaving money on the table it's them.
  22. This is a serious question. What makes a good seat better than a meh seat at Pocono? Ive been a few times and no matter where I sat it was always just a blur of cars shooting past me followed by quiet and the faint view of cars a mile away until they came back.
  23. The thermostat is set and I haven't touched it since Sunday, mostly because I've been in a house with no AC in the Poconos since then. Hopefully it's fine when I get back Friday.
  24. The active construction at Camelback must add to the summer waterpark ambiance in a similar way that the waterpark adds to the winter ambiance.
  25. Was it a strike? Did they have the pitch speed thing turned on?
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