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  1. Have there ever been 7 friend on that lift before? @JFskiDan
  2. Damn. I definitely don't miss street parking. Luckily never had to deal with something like this.
  3. Maybe it’s just happy to see you.
  4. The berries have wrapped up for the season but I'm still hoping for a late raspberry harvest like I got last year. Now the cantaloupe and squash are starting to get big. I picked about 8lbs of green beans last weekend and there are probably twice that still ripening now. I pulled a a row of beets today to see if they were ready and they are good to go. Definitely a good garden season this year. Hoping that continues.
  5. Because it is either their employer wants them to get it or they are going somewhere that requires it. Not because they want it.
  6. Yeah I hear that. I got so much joy out of vaccinating people because everyone was so excited about it and and helping get to where we are today, but now people are just miserable and incredibly rude. I'm about to stop doing it because it isn't worth the hassle of listening to these people. At least they are getting it...
  7. It is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Vaccinated can get it, but will most likely not require hospitalizations and are almost guaranteed to escape death.
  8. Speaking of CB - did you see this @Barb?? https://www.instagram.com/p/CRomDkHlb_g/?utm_medium=copy_link
  9. Agreed! Some nice mountains on that list.
  10. All of the above. Just seeing what options are available. Thanks! I don't have anything. I wasn't sure what next winter would look like so I didn't pull the trigger on anything yet.
  11. Oh my! I could easily look into this myself, but I figured I'd ask.... are there any other places around CB that are day tripable?
  12. Make sure you use a coaster for your drinks, too.
  13. Damn. Haven’t been there since 2008. I think I’ve finally recovered. I’d go back.
  14. I believe it. There was a porno filmed on mountain too. It debuted this last winter. It was called "Coming Soon". You couldn't really see much of the action because of the camera angle, but there was definitely white stuff flying and some dude orgasming continuously. "Woah, you're thin" "Woo! Getting deeper!" "I can't believe this many people have done it already" "When's it gonna get deep?" "Uh oh" "I'm coming out here" *orgasm* *orgasm* "Fucking good!" *orgasm* *orgasm* "Oh, fuck, yes!" *orgasm* *orgasm* *orgasm* *orgasm* *orgasm* *orgasm* "Oh. Fuck. Yes!" *orgasm*
  15. This weather is the worst. Humid and hazy. I feel like I am living in a cloud right now.
  16. Damnit you're right. That was a fun night until it started raining on us in drinking in the parking lot.
  17. I’ve been invited there on Thursday evenings but I don’t ski at night so I turned it down.
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