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  1. I think that is their intention. They did that last year too. I enjoy it.
  2. Should we let you know when early bird Blue passes go on sale?
  3. Good to hear. First thing this morning the sugar and marbles sucked. Completely expected after the rain.
  4. Shit conditions. Great parking lot. Lots of good folks out there today.
  5. Friday morning should be fine.
  6. I hope you get shit on. I hope it snows too.
  7. turn that frown upside down! Its good for the snowmaking ponds!
  8. I thought the same thing. I'd love to go, but I know I won't enjoy the shit show there.
  9. toast21602

    Elk Day 2020

    My calendar is cleared.
  10. Anything before March is a bonus!
  11. Did you have your one-piece on?! They were probably jelly.
  12. The 6er would help disperse crowds to the trails. Good for them for being busy during the week. They need the $$$$$$$
  13. I was checked in on the cameras last night and early this morning and there were people that appeared to be working on it both times. Not sure what the issue is, but at least they have a rain day as a bonus tomorrow to get that shit figured out. I do like the views from the quad better....
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