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  1. Wtf are you doing stalking me and not knocking on the door to have a beer?
  2. Good morning & happy full moon Friday the 13th!
  3. It would be a hell of a story if you did kick his ass.
  4. Finding a 100 year old picture of a skier with familial connections is pretty damn cool!
  5. probably titty deep on Widow Maker.
  6. You’ll have to show us the newly planted trees when we’re up again!
  7. Good thing you have a prescription to take care of that.
  8. Welcome back! I’ve missed the pictures of your meat!
  9. Put @saltyant's picture away.
  10. oh Ski2Shart is epic in his own ways...
  12. Barstool can be okay, but for the most part they're stupid.
  13. By: UnofficialNet | September 4, 2019 Brattleboro Reformer is reporting that John Field, an investor in Mount Snow’s parent company, Peak Resorts, is seeking to stop a vote on whether it will merge with Vail Resorts. Field’s accuses Peak Resorts executives and its board of directors of not fully disclosing information pertaining to potential conflicts of interest of management and the board concerning the $463.6 million transaction. Field’s attorney Matthew L. Dameron of Williams Dirks Dameron LLC said in a statement that Peak Resorts management and the board have omitted or misrepresented material information concerning, “the valuation analyses prepared by the company’s financial advisor Moelis & Company LLC in connection with the rendering of its fairness opinion; and company insiders’ potential conflicts of interest.” Field’s believes stockholders need to understand potential conflicts of interest of management and the board, as that information provides illumination concerning motivations that would prevent fiduciaries from acting solely in the best interests of the company’s stockholders. The company runs 17 ski resorts in the country and has not yet filed a response in court.
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