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  1. Wow I didn’t know this. Thanks for the tip!
  2. I heard rumor of that a few weeks ago and was happy to see that confirmed this morning. She’ll be a great addition. Now I’m curious who will fill her place in PA and continue fighting the COVID fight for us.
  3. For those interested in finding a common day that works best for all: https://doodle.com/poll/rrf845sq5whwnsvh?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link
  4. Really itching to do this again and still in the market for used gear if anybody has a connection or sees anything!
  5. Probably the best approach.
  6. Yes, I believe Heavenly is in both CA and NV.
  7. Vaccinated about 50 people myself this morning, but hundreds at this morning’s clinic. Long way to go but it’s a start!
  8. Can’t do Mondays or Wednesdays. Some Tuesday and Thursday works. Occasionally a Friday.
  9. Wow! Looks fantastic! The trees look 👌
  10. Should we start a thread and get some dates out there now?
  11. I really need to look into it. I gotta do something other than Blue.
  12. I didn't know you had a tattoo on your arm! I'm just glad your hat isn't standing upright.
  13. I hope I find a PASR sticker as I strip the paint from the chair that I picked up.
  14. You always say the best conditions are empty slopes!
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