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  1. Definitely looks like winter up there!
  2. Heck yeah! Skiing and beach in 24 hours sounds like a great plan.
  3. Somebody let Matthew Edgerton know. There will be spines to grind!
  4. Can’t wait to drink beer in the lot with you fools.
  5. Good for them they need a good start to the season for once.
  6. Man Salty loves when you say boner. Gets him excited for you.
  7. Fuck yeah ski you there!
  8. Easier to access multiple areas too. When some are bad, others down another valley may be good. I love Utah.
  9. That's what she said.
  10. Correct. I'm hoping weather patterns hold because Blue has a great window starting tomorrow night. BLOW OR BUST!
  11. $30 damn. See you there.
  12. It’s been fairly obvious. But that confirms it.
  13. The fan guns at Blue are blinking on and off like they want to start blowing snow.
  14. Guns going back on at BB.
  15. Not looking like we will be heading there tomorrow at this point... no announcement yet. I've heard rumors of next Friday, but those are just rumors.
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