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  1. 6:30? Damn. Almost bedtime. I'll pencil this in.
  2. Also looks like the circus is in town.
  3. One of the scariest car rides of my life... but worth it.
  4. I hope things start to move a little quicker...
  5. I'll be out of town but I usually do go. It is a pretty fun time and would recommend it if you are looking for something to do. Scenic lift rides never disappoint.
  6. 45 degrees here this morning. Loved it!
  7. Cool, let me know when we are taking off and I'll be there.
  8. They should hire you but also hire somebody to filter you.
  9. Still disappointed by the lack of updates. You would think that would generate excitement and free marketing, but here we are sitting in the dark again.
  10. Really sad that they can't keep those going or even give an update on the construction. Piss poor marketing.
  11. I'm hoping for @saltyant and @AtomicSkier to fly me to my east coast destinations this year. Looking forward to it.
  12. I would hope that you would show up.
  13. Pumped for some early season Vista lift without all of the haters who say they won't show up if it is just that 👌
  14. Do you have any bluetooth recommendations? Something decent and reasonably priced? I could look into it myself but it seems like you would know. You can text me if you want.
  15. Nice to see that instead of pure greed.
  16. You don't speak for me, and I wasn't. TP4 (and his coffee) is one of the friendliest faces in Blue's lot.
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