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  1. Pulled up to some guys tailgating in a Thomas’ English Muffin box truck tonight, which was a first. He def caught me taking a picture. Quad line was dumb, wish they had the 6 running. Caught a lap with @Dirtwolfand ended at the triple since she likes the “rollers.” Spring coat nights are nice but glad it’s going to get cold again for a little.
  2. mute1080

    PASR Elk Day 2022

    Anyone trying for an PASR Elk day? I have weekday passes from the Warren Miller film this year that are good after 3/1. I know @enjoralasand @popshave passes so hopefully they're down. Boo needs a 2 week notice so trying to get a date locked. A Monday or Thursday works best for me but can probably make anything work.
  3. Interesting that 'Tiny Tots' is free at CB but $50 at Blue.
  4. Sounds like your legal team redacted the good parts of that post.
  5. Pulling for a quick heal @Barb! I hope you feel better soon.
  6. You're welcome and anytime!
  7. I was in my prime at 5 years old when Little Miss came out.
  8. Says anyone with a lift ticket gets in to the concert. They also have pond skim that day. https://www.montagemountainresorts.com/mountainfest2022/
  9. Second time in 4 months. Sucks to be him.
  10. Skiing with the kid so limited terrain. All had the same soft snow so all good. Yes, did remember my pants but the tape on my D vent fell off. Time to upgrade from Duct to Gorilla tape.
  11. Per our trip last week, I’d vote Magic. Both had light crowds though.
  12. I had a squirrel run across Razors in Jan 2020 and thought we were both going to die. Heart rate peaked at 134 according to the watch
  13. I missed this thread today and calling a RAW sesh. My bad. On the snow at 430 and skied til 645. Had the spring coat and gloves on for a comfortable evening with the kid doing a lesson. Beer in the lot hoping @mbike-skiand @Dirtwolfstopped by they were getting after it. Good for them. Hope they had as grate of a session as we had!
  14. I’m just in shock it wasn’t a troll post
  15. WTGAI. I hate it too when I get lost and end up at a bar [emoji6] [emoji482]
  16. Also my first mountain out west and I think my 3rd mountain overall. I second the glacier, that was my favorite run with the cave and runout. 7th Heaven was a close second. Have a great trip!
  17. I get the price but it hurts a little this year. $2K on a Tuesday doesn't happen often. The kid isn't free next year (or the $25 it was this year) and I plan on her riding the weekends in some kind of group so she'll need the full pass. Still worth it to see all you uglies.
  18. Skied 6-730 with the fam. Boo forgot her ski pants but she HTFU and rode in her base layer. 38 degrees when we got there so it wasn't the worst. Saw @Dirtwolf's truck in the lot walking out and hoped to grab a post ride beverage with him but he ski-daddled by the time we got back. Light lines and good snow made for a fun night. They closed the six pack around 715 but it was clearing out. Wanted to keep the streak going tomorrow but the rain makes me think they might close early.
  19. Coasters are overrated. Don't use the fire place though or you might get billed for the gas.
  20. Same, that place is fun and we had a great time. Definitely want to check it out with expanded terrain and not on a holiday weekend. Still didn't feel as full as Stowe though.
  21. Later start then I wanted since we had a goodbye breakfast with the wedding crew. Got to Bolton Valley at 930, slight delay from the ticket line but on the lift by 950. Couple squalls yesterday plus wind overnight refreshed everything. Conditions were awesome. Squeaky chalk had us laying over edges with ease. Bolton had a lot of trails still closed from the melt last week but what was open had full coverage. Cobrass was closed so everything lookers right we couldn’t get to and didn’t get over to the Wilderness lift. From what we could see, it wasn’t running. Lines kept get longer after each run but the crowds weren’t Blue bad. Steeper pitches started getting scrapped off and after we did everything open, took off at 1130. Favorite runs were Vista Glades and Enchanted Forrest. Grate way to finish the trip. Stop at a farm for maple syrup in Monkton on the way out. It was an honor system store but was able Venmo the money. Surprised it wasn’t cash only but grabbed some cheese with it and happy we stopped.
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