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  1. At least you get to use your fancy new balaclava again.
  2. @ JAC waiting for departure. Snow King’s website says open at 9 but I had feeling lifts don’t start spinning at that time. Could see the lifts not moving at 9:01 so I switched to the touring set up and got a $8 Uber. -15° with real feel of -28° but didn’t feel like it, especially when moving. Only had an hour and made it about half way up the hill without seeing anyone. Great way to start the trip home.
  3. Awesome day even with low vis. Couple pics including the 49er breakfast
  4. Both flights were delayed about a half hour but both my bags and I made it on time. I planned on taking Uber to the hotel but from when I landed until I got my bag, it went from $35 to $85 for the trip to town. One of the no wait taxis outside did it for $40. Room was ready early so quick change and headed to redeem my Indy pass. Full view of Snow King from the hotel room so had to do it. Little bit of a struggle for the ticket agent but we were on the snow by 1245. Lines were non existent and I had the Gondy and quad to myself. I didn’t even know they had a backside but the Sun Bowl had the best snow and ended up there for half of almost two hours I got to check it out. Milder terrain on the back side and slower lift but some trees and ungroomed to play with. Got scooped by Atomic after SK and he even had a beverage waiting.
  5. Didn’t have high hopes for conditions but the kid had a lesson so away we went. She was v excited to show anyone who listened that she had first set of poles. First two runs down Lazy and Main for 9/10. Super surprised but also delighted. Went for a TCS run and back to reality as the head wall was almost completely scraped off. NMDW wasn’t that bad but had some bigger sugar piles. Another MS before 2 post lesson laps with the kid. Less than a minute wait at both the quad and new 6. It’s surprising the lack of ski clubs mid week. Haven’t really caught a crowd yet this new year. Time to finish packing and meet the boys in JH tomorrow.
  6. I guess when you’re having a peak season you have to capitalize. Thanks dynamic pricing https://snowbrains.com/arizona-snowbowl-1st-resort-to-charge-300-for-a-lift-ticket/?fbclid=IwAR1uABpi2rIUXGW0_oB3q5HWkU9XR-1KLqQj0O8gnLEHrX0bp5WPckKzITo&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  7. You would be the coolest college professor.
  8. $5 poutine Wednesday’s! I’ll pass on the Italian poutine though..
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if they announce a 4 pm closing around lunch.
  10. Don’t forget 10% off for Season Pass holders!
  11. Spring like conditions with a light crowd made for a nice evening. The kid was fortunate enough to get @MrsSnowBunSkias her instructor at ski school! Got some laps with @Boo Bearuntil the lesson was done and then a couple more slow skiing runs to see what we learned. Two new trails for me this year with Upper Upper Main and Yeti so my night’s complete. Saw the new 6 stopped on the last run and by the time we got to the bottom, a crowd had formed and half were headed to the quad. You could hear the snowmobiles on the way to help which is always a good sign. Down about 15 minutes but it was above freezing so they can’t use the frozen button excuse again.
  12. They read that and it worked. Down for about 15 minutes.
  13. The new lift is currently stopped and not restarting.
  14. We’ll be 5-730 with parents free 515-630
  15. Back at 550 with @Dirtwolf in the house. Crowd was semi still there but most were headed to the exit. The usual slick spots with sugar piles but a pleasant evening with no lines. The kid accomplished her first black diamond with a full Raceway run and now she’s calling for doubles 😂 Beer in the lot and JADIP until tomorrow night.
  16. Fun morning with a light crowd and guns blazing. First couple runs on Razors were worth the price of admission. Top of it started falling apart after a couple runs but the rest of it stayed nice. Lazy was a complete marble field and Main continued to be v nice. Rode the new 6 pack at a crawling speed the entire way and at the top they said the button to restart it froze. big facepalm. Hopefully they got it sorted since we didn't try to ride it again. The area between the new and old 6 pack is becoming a popular standing location and hard to get through at times. Heading back for a double dip tonight and hoping no crowds with it being the end of the holiday weekend.
  17. Fun morning with the family before the crowds. Skied until 930ish and then came back out for the new lift. Got to share a beer with @mbike-skifor the first ride 🍻
  18. I don’t believe so since it took the footprint of the former ‘warming hut’ for ski school. I don’t frequent that part of the parking lot enough but I think it’s still the same.
  19. My favorite part is when BFG said the key to the weather is picking the right coat and then wears the same coat that he has everyday.
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