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  1. Ok [mention]AtomicSkier [/mention]
  2. I’m guessing Wilson IPA or Teton Juicy. Probably Juicy because that’s [mention]AtomicSkier [/mention]’s favorite ass bedazzled pants.
  3. Fun day! Wind had me a little sad at first because I was hoping it was d deep but just had to find the goods. Stunt ditch was ROTD and I could have played in there all day.
  4. Ride, nap, sixers, bed, ride, meat in your mouth, probably another nap.
  5. Sunday for sure but debating tomorrow with the wind.
  6. Grate morning. I was not expecting the pit of despair turning onto Main and had to laugh. Snow was nice and it was a warm single digit temperature.
  7. Have a great trip! I wore my JH hat for stoke today.
  8. I think they used to claim around 30 but once they got rid of family tubes the were able to get up to 47 with all singles.
  9. Leaving now. Had a couple Paradise runs with the kid and finished off at the triple since she likes the rollers. Lines were way better tonight but half of paradise was scraped off. Hardest part was booting up cause I parked on an ice rink like an idiot.
  10. Sounds like they are taking a page from TCS and using bumps to slow people at the intersection. If they did it on purpose at least.
  11. Got here at 530 and have spent more time in the quad line than skiing. Bunch of BMR, instructor training, and ski patroller training. Can confirm deadhead Bob is on the slopes. Mostly sugar with a couple push piles in spots. Pretty fun with mostly empty slopes because everyone’s in line. Heading to the doubles now.
  12. Just saw him and he told me the same thing. He's skiing tonight if anyone wants to find out more of his fantasies on the lift.
  13. Skied til almost 8. Temp was 22° when we left and a little over an inch fell. I was feeling warm since it was 25° warmer than this arriving morning. Air hose blew on lower Sidewinder which kind of looked like a wacky inflatable tube man. Hella people poaching Sidewinder whales, especially when they stopped blowing at 630. WTGAI. Drive home was semi spicy. Didn’t have an issue but snow was going sideways. There was a car on it’s roof in a ditch on 248 just below Seemsville Road. Police were already in the scene so we didn’t investigate. The crowd left as soon as the snow started and conditions improved. Razors was the best tonight and usually empty. Fingers crossed there’s no rain and it stays snow all night.
  14. Arrived for round 2 with Boo at 420 and got after it. Most of the snow is scrapped off except the slower trails. Snow started falling at 515 and someone had a medical emergency is the 6 pack corral around 530 but they didn’t stop loading. Ambulance came so hopefully everything will be good for them. Quad is pretty much ski on which is nice. Grabbing a beer and heading back out.
  15. I remember your free luggage bag from American when they damaged it going to PHL. They had a room of new bags and swapped it for a similar one from the twitter complaint in under an hour. It was impressive.
  16. Feel better Rummy! I look forward to getting up there for some runs with you at some point this year
  17. Grate description. Paradise was the best snow I had all year and got a run on CS. Small snow shower showed up around 130 but hard to tell with all the guns running. Crowds through the gates by 2 so we were out. Quad had no one watching the iPad so it was an s show when a pass wouldn’t work. They’d eventually get the hint to step over the fence.
  18. On my way! Had to go into work this morning but it was dead, so the fam is coming. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Was on the snow 430-730 tonight with a beer and peanut butter cracker break in the middle. 32° and clear skies for a nice sunset. Saw [mention]Johnny Law [/mention]’s car but never caught up with him. Buses were back in the lot and a lot of special people out. Waited for JL at the top for a couple minutes and had 3 people ski over my tails. Slight line from 5-6 but VIP was wide open so not much waiting. First half of Lazy had the best snow and the rest of it was pretty much scraped off. Midway to Lower wasn’t bad but had some dark spots with lights out. Shuttle was pretty technical with the amount of snowboarders walking and people struggling to get across. Excited for more terrain to open and hopefully spread some people out. I’m interested to see how the new lights on Coming Soon look while skiing. They look super bright.
  20. You’re welcome and anytime!
  21. I'll be up RAW as well.
  22. Ace Beverage out of Eynon. Driver was most likely Kevin and is a great guy.
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