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  1. Thanks. I got the Quail for dinner, no carrots though.
  2. Woke up to a fresh coating and had no issues getting to the mountain. Parked right by the Forerunner Quad and after a short line, we’re headed up at 835. Snow was grate. Fresh 3 inches at least made everything look better and kept snowing until we left. Less than half of the trails were open so not too many options down. Took 1 Gondy ride and mainly stayed off the FRQ. No lift lines at 1030 had me wondering were everyone was but a guy on the lift said there was a car accident on the access road blocking traffic. Shortly after 11 and the lines showed up. Finished with a couple Mountain Triple laps and headed out at 1145. Wedding is this afternoon so I have to get a shower and put on my drinking shoes. Fun day and felt great to have some fresh snow even if it wasn’t deep. Still nice to have some hit above the boot ❄️
  3. Continuing the Indy adventure with Bolton on Sunday
  4. Skied 10-1230 and only the Mountain Triple is open. Every type of snow was skied. Lines got stupid so we’re at Piecasso for lunch. I messed up and order the calamari before reading farther that they have a Epic charcuterie board. I have a reason to come back now.
  5. Yeah the people that went yesterday said lift access was limited, only the double running. Hopefully it’s not too bad because I want to get Boo on her first gondy.
  6. Snowing and word is the mountain has an hour delay. This is grate.
  7. Diner said it open at 6 so we went at 7 and it was closed. Snowden dropped a pot of coffee at the door step via text which was nice. Magic is fantastic. On the hill at 9:05 with thin hero snow. Half groomed and found myself looking for ungroomed. Ton a fun picking through and skiing in grass. BLT add chicken and avocado with a Fiddlehead for lunch. No lines and empty bar. West side just opened so couple more laps in the rain then headed north.
  8. Besides the giant ice sculpture at the top of the quad from a blown water line, seemed like no issue. I know they posted bear with us while we improve shit on Facebook and seemed to have a couple projects going on. Forgot to mention they closed half of the open trails at 430 because they don’t have lights so that also helped our decision to move on.
  9. Took off just before lunch and arrived at Catamount around 3. Hopped on the quad shortly after and stayed on that side. Everything open had good coverage but the only double black open was Lynx. Bunch of kids showed up after school but it was ski right on every time. Tried to grab an appetizer and a beer but they didn’t have a bar open. We didn’t pull the trigger on $14.50 for fingers and fries either so we headed to Londonderry. 2 hour winding drive and quick stop at the motel. First time a place just left our key on the bed and door open. Tried to grab food but most places close at 8 and only had 2 options for places open until 9. Drove to Jake’s and it was closed, tried the place at Seesaw and they had a private event and said no. Grocery store said open until 9 but when we got there they had a sign saying 8 and we had 10 minutes. Doubling all the recommend times for the Hot Pockets and Taquitos because this microwave looks barely a step above an easy bake oven. My favorite part of the day is the Motel rents land in sign hell. 13 signs telling me what I can and can’t do in the room, 7 in the parking lot. It’s pretty impressive and laugh every time I find a new one. There’s even is a sign that says call restaurants to see if they’re open because every place is closed. Skiing Magic tomorrow then headed to Stowe. Stowehof called and downgraded my Mountain View room. Sad. Supposed to give 20% off because of it but they better still have the wedding 10% on top. Might try to get a gift card out of it but I’ll take that to the Stowe thread.
  10. Dumb in skiing but I do enjoy the speaker on the course. I don’t let anyone else hear it except my 20 foot circle though.
  11. Nice, good to know about the pass working both places. BE was on the list but Catamount worked better with our timing this trip.
  12. I was confused at first looking it up when it had two addresses in different states.
  13. Was thinking of hitting that Sunday on the way out for the Indy Trifecta. Just not sure how much time I'll have yet.
  14. Figured out that Catamount is not far off the route to Magic for our trip next week. They still make you pay $5 for a RFID card but looking forward to checking it out next Wednesday. $42 for Boo plus $10 in reloadable cards isn't a bad afternoon.
  15. Nice. I'm going RAW tonight and looks like it's going to be warm.
  16. No that would be burnt bread
  17. Low crowds, good people. I feel lucky White Lightening was freshly groomed. Thanks for the beer @PSUFly In for lunch now with a Cali Club and New Trail Goggles.
  18. Liquid bread [emoji506]
  19. Vibes to the fam, we’ll be missing you. I brought one of your beers you gave me to drink today so you’ll be there in spirit.
  20. Thanks. Learned about this thread today so glad someone mentioned it. In for Tuesday even though work doesn’t know about it yet.
  21. Ordered that day too and got ours a week later.
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