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  1. Agreed, I'm trying to take a photo masterclass with Mbike here, enough with the mulch talk
  2. Some cheap gear, can only order one item at a time but its $1.00 plus shipping, which works out to around $10. Obviously outdoormaster isn't going to be the same level of quality as brands like Smith and Oakley but $10 for a spare pair of goggles or a helmet isn't a bad deal https://outdoormaster.com/collections/sustainable-sale?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Eco Shopping Customer Winback&_kx=GeaB6e90Cie7fKFxZpFqDeDh3FSSwpa1IHeweWdYI0Q%3D.SSjt8y
  3. Did you pick up a nice used rental board and boots?
  4. Nothing against montage since I actually like the place...but I'm wondering if they have some sort of 100 day guarantee for season passholders as some places do? Which could be why they want to get the last 2 days in. I don't recall anything when I was a passholder but admittedly I didn't read the fine print
  5. Cool. I'm sure conditions will be stellar
  6. My Explorer has a front end from a police car. It gets old having people driving under the speed limit because they think it's a cop
  7. Yeah Friday at snowbasin was pretty crazy. Not as much snow as BCC/LCC but I think they reported 15" and with the wind, it made for some pretty deep spots. With the deep snow and terrible visibility, there were people falling everywhere. Powder mountain was awesome... not the craziest terrain but the snow quality, lack of crowds, and vibe was great. Doing a guided tour was definitely a good idea...at the end of the day, we went over all the trails we did on the trail map and he recommended what to do the next day
  8. couple terrible videos...had the camera angled down too far on two of them so you're looking at the snow for the whole video.
  9. I wasn't there today either but glad to see I wasn't missed
  10. Yeah I was hoping to make it too but too much stuff going on at home plus only slept an hour Friday into Saturday. I'm ok with ending my season on 4 straight powder days although depending on how long Vermont's season last that's a possibility for April
  11. The wait is insane for a table but I got a seat at the bar so no wait for me. Food is delicious
  12. I was considering level Crossing but probably be full after dinner...Red Iguana
  13. Salt flats brewing and uinta brewpub
  14. Ogden beer company
  15. IMG_0085.MOV Video of the weather at snowbasin mid mountain
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