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  1. I'm thinking they'll at least try to have night skiing - if they can do it and it's profitable for them, I don't see why they wouldn't. Just another rumor, but I've heard some of the trails aren't going to be lit up at night this year due to the extra lighting installed to illuminate the TP4 statue.
  2. Should've been more specific....maybe they're only going to have night skiing on weekend nights (keeping the pot stirred here)
  3. Your feet might be dragging off this board then - you're still welcome to try it though
  4. Yeah it seems to be a great board from all the reviews I've read. You're welcome to take it for a ride this season...not sure what size board you usually ride, this is a 154, reviews say up to a size 10 boot or so for width
  5. I know most people probably don't care because it's a snowboard...but I'll be picking up another board from Buckman's this week....Capita Outerspace Living - love my other Capita board that I bought used, but it's getting pretty beat up at this point. Between the pre-season sale and the store credit from the tent sale (should be processed by now), I'll only end up paying about $275 for the board.
  6. but but but what about Big Snow in NJ? They're open
  7. If you're looking for perfect conditions all winter, maybe you should be looking to ski somewhere other than PA. I think two of my favorite times to ride are first thing in the morning (which for me is only weekends) and on spring conditions when the snow is soft (obviously not fast, but fun anyway). Blue's grooming can suck, but PA winters don't do them any favors either.
  8. Here's a lunch break largemouth from Mill Valley today and the fly it ate...slow retrieval speed = strip the fly in a few feet, let it sink, repeat. Maybe try that - reel in a few cranks and let it sink each time. something like a marabou crappie jig would probably work for both sunnies and bass, at least at the Mill Valley pond. https://www.fishusa.com/Johnson-Beetle-Bou-Marabou-Jigs?quantity=1&L-Weight=333&L-Color1=10583
  9. Yeah I've been using "earthy colors" - olive, brown, etc. and having the most luck on them. Mostly sunnies, but I did get a nice bass there last week. I don't know all that much about freshwater fishing once it starts to get colder, but might need to slow down your retrieve. Using something like a jig n pig might get you some bass
  10. Yeah it was my first time there, but it was awesome...I think the last few years haven't been that great, but this year has been really good so far from what I've heard/seen. Albies were around up until that Friday (I got there Saturday morning). It was really windy all weekend which I think shut the albie bite down. I'm planning on trying to get up there and fish again this fall if the fish are still around.
  11. Thanks - I was due for a good fishing trip...as far as saltwater goes, I'm catching some fish in Jersey, but pulling an all nighter or running on 2 or 3 hours sleep only to catch one or two fish sometimes still sucks. Where have you been fishing? I'm still catching fish on my lunch break at Mill Valley Park near you, but it's definitely slowed down with the colder nights. (https://www.westwhiteland.org/Facilities/Facility/Details/Mill-Valley-Park-8) I've only been doing well there with smaller (2 or 3" long) flies, so I would recommend smaller artificial lures if you fish there (tr
  12. Just that many fish (although boat fish aren't as much of an accomplishment as catching them in the surf) - huge schools of migrating striped bass were around the north end of Montauk. Usually those conditions never happen for me . They were actually somewhat picky - keyed in on smaller baitfish, so perfect for fly fishing.
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