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  1. I think that's called a clusterbuck.
  2. One person. A trouser trout on the other hand can feed an entire family
  3. Weakfish. I've heard them referred to as gray trout too although they're technically not in the trout family
  4. Not a monster fish but pretty cool. These were pretty much wiped out in Jersey but quite a few in the surf this morning which is good to see
  5. Camden Yards is cool, been there a few times. My uncle tries to go to a different MLB game each year, sometimes twice a year. He's going to a Nationals game this week, so the wife and I are going to meet him there. Never been to Nationals Park.
  6. You guys are all fancy with your lawnmowing. My lawn consists of grass, clover, dandelions, and kids toys. Its green for the most part which is all that matters for me.
  7. What beach? Supposed to be nice tomorrow at the Jersey shore but really windy. The rest of the weekend looks good
  8. Yeah, you can sometimes use that to your advantage and fish spots like creek mouths that feed into the river. The section of the Schuylkill I usually fish (Hamburg to Muhlenburg) doesn't have many spots like that though. There's a video in this article showing the Wawa about a mile from my house, which flooded pretty bad last night https://www.wfmz.com/news/berks/heavy-rain-leads-to-flooding-in-parts-of-berks/1087784694
  9. When the rivers are flooded and look like chocolate milk/mud, the fishing tends to suck. I really only fly fish, and it's hard for the fish to see the fly unless you get it right in front of them. I actually prefer low water, it exposes rocks/structure and fish tend to concentrate in pools/flows instead of spreading out.
  10. I can deal with it being hot/humid, just getting tired of it pouring pretty much every day. Same thing happened last summer. It messes with my fishing too.
  11. I've had enough of this rain. Woke up to a flooded basement this morning and roads are flooded so my shitty commute sucked even more.
  12. I upgraded my kayak racks recently...If any of you guys can use these and can pick them up or meet up, these are free to PASR's. I've had them about 8 years I think, still fully functional and has all the hardware. They fit one or two kayaks depending on how you have the center bar adjusted, and also fold flat.
  13. Steamboat does have some gnarly stuff, but it's all relatively short...not any long sustained steep pitches. The tree skiing there is pretty awesome though, and there are some nice runs out of bounds that are easily accessible if you know where to look
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