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  1. My wife felt terrible after hers...got the shot Friday, stayed in bed all day Saturday, back to normal sunday. I get mine tomorrow so I'm expecting Friday will suck
  2. I haven't been on Candymonium yet...line has been really long when I've been there. I've heard its really good though
  3. I think she'd really like the super dooper looper but too small for it...hopefully next year. Back again today. Sky rush was walk on this morning so I ditched the family and did that a few times
  4. Kids first rollercoaster. Shes too short for most of them unfortunately
  5. Stroud Preserve? I miss fishing there on lunch breaks.
  6. Right? I don't have a ton of friends and not a lot of people like me in real life so I don't bother. Plus @toast21602 is the most liked poster on here anyway
  7. IKEA is in conshohocken...also the place is a shitshow (ikea not malvern) It is a known fact that malvern is the best suburb though
  8. Grate end of the season at Blue...razors kinda sucked but good overall conditions. Thanks @mbike-ski for the pork sandwiches and @mute1080 for the beer. Hopefully see some of you guys in the off season. I have a few extra kayaks so always up for that...or beers, and probably join a bike ride at some point
  9. I'll get some pizzas from the pizza truck to share if its open today if you're not cooking
  10. Probably Saturday, unless the forecast for Sunday changes
  11. Montage owns at least one of the hotels on montage mountain road...or at least they did. Even that hotel was expensive when I stayed there for a concert so I'm sure this would give them the ability to charge a pretty high price on concert weekends. Not sure how high of a demand there will be for ski season rooms
  12. Toast on big foots was awesome but @Benmwas still the coolest person at Blue today
  13. Wally behaved...the same can't be said about the rest of PASR
  14. I told my wife I'd be home late lunch time as I needed to behave myself starting a new job tomorrow...this is me rolling in after 6 pm
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