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  1. I should be up Sunday morning hopefully. Saturday is a possibility too depending on what's going on with the family.
  2. Yeah Long Haul was running like 75% of the time when I was at Montage last year.
  3. Sanibel is cool, although probably crowded this time of year. I fished the Sanibel Causeway every day when I was in Fort Myers in October. Take a ride through Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge if you haven't already. I think it's like $ 5 per car, and good for the entire day if you want to come back. Or you can bike through it, not sure how much that costs
  4. Weather channel is calling for 5-8 inches Saturday. Accuweather isn't really saying much. Wonder if we'll actually get a decent snow storm
  5. I thought the last drop on River Shot was steeper than Floyds...I could be wrong though
  6. Probably Sunday morning if we don't get a ton of rain.
  7. Yeah conditions kinda sucked today but the parking lot was great. Food was awesome, thanks enjorales. Nightmare dreamweaver and paradise weren't too bad today.
  8. PSUFly

    1-4-19 foggy

    No the thread title said it was a year ago. Shadows is just a little behind on writing a report
  9. Gonna try for Sunday. Feel kinda crappy right now but hopefully I can rest up some Saturday.
  10. I would imagine some skid Marks showed up after Doug's Sheetz tube steak too
  11. I would've turned around and went straight to the bar.
  12. Yeah it was a south wind most of the day, then switched to a SW wind later in the day. Either way, water clarity wasn't great out front. A little further inside the inlet was fine. I've caught plenty of fish in really stirred up conditions, but not last week.
  13. Maybe Sunday morning. I'm still trying to get over this stomach bug that I came down with Monday night so tomorrow is probably out.
  14. Yeah it was pretty calm but southwest wind had the water all stirred up
  15. Yeah its pretty bad. My stomach isnt too bad right now but I can't eat anything and my whole body hurts. I was fine most of yesterday and then it just hit me on the way home from fishing last night. I just hope my daughter doesn't get it
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