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  1. I've never found much at the tent sales. I was going to hit the one in reading this week. Maybe tomorrow but I don't really expect much
  2. Haha that's my wife so I don't think you've had fun with her (I'd say she wouldn't lower her standards to hang out with you but I'm definitely not normal either so....)
  3. Haha. Afterwards she told me I probably could've fished. It was a pretty low key wedding, less than 75 people. Here's a pic for you GSS...
  4. I went to a wedding last night on the Delaware river near easton. I got a speech beforehand that I wasn't allowed to fish while at the wedding
  5. I was hoping for a pic of a delco wedding...
  6. Probably just a suggestion. I'd ignore it
  7. Lancaster county looked awful this morning. Attempted to drive to work...222 south was shut down, couldn't find a back road that wasn't closed. Said fuck it and went home after an hour of driving. No pics of the flooding unfortunately but it was bad
  8. I showed my wife pics from the end of the season party. She was very impressed with your mullet
  9. @Benm mullet competition on espn
  10. Took my daughter to the zoo/safari in Halifax today. Cool place and you can feed most of the animals as long as it's the stuff they sell there (stands that sell plain popcorn, vegetables, and a few other things)
  11. Damn man that sucks. Probably a bad time to be looking for a new car/truck too
  12. Could be other smaller resorts in PA like laurel mountain (near Blue Knob, which is on the pass), Tussey, etc..I'm interested too
  13. Been probably 3 years but shady maple is awesome.. especially breakfast
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