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  1. Damn man that sucks. Probably a bad time to be looking for a new car/truck too
  2. Could be other smaller resorts in PA like laurel mountain (near Blue Knob, which is on the pass), Tussey, etc..I'm interested too
  3. Been probably 3 years but shady maple is awesome.. especially breakfast
  4. I never thought I'd say this but I really enjoyed watching a porn movie starring the dudes of PASR
  5. Yeah...unfortunately my daughter isn't a huge fan of the water rides besides the log flume and lazy river
  6. Yeah it should be ok but probably depends on where you are going.
  7. I looked at that but 35 bucks or so for a 2 hour pass
  8. Might be muddy but other than that you'll be fine. I did a 7 or so mile stretch Monday morning and some spots, water was kinda low. You want a decent flow anyway if you're tubing, otherwise your float will take forever
  9. I love scoping out new fishing spots on Google earth and Google maps. Especially if I'm going somewhere new
  10. Same on greek peak...first time there this year. If we have another good winter I'd like to do a friday/Saturday or something in western PA. Hit Blue Knob and Laurel Mountain, which supposedly has some good off trail stuff too. Maybe hit Seven Springs too
  11. Finally got on candymonium a few times this weekend. Really good, but skyrush is still better in my opinion. Storm runner reopened too, which is one of my favorites. Also here's a pic for today
  12. Finally have a shed and put a coat of stain on the kids playhouse/swingset. I was going to post this in the weather thread with the rest of the deck/yard pics but I didn't want to further derail the thread unlike some of you hooligans 🚂🤘
  13. POR15 is good stuff...Eastwood makes good products too, they have a location in Pottstown and ship stuff too. I've had good luck with their Rust Encapsulator, although I don't think they have many colors either.
  14. Supposed to feel like high 30s tomorrow I think. I have a lot of stuff to work on outside but tomorrow isn't looking good for that
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