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  1. They do a WW2 weekend in reading every year in June. Pretty cool to see. I like to take the kayak out on the schuylkill and watch the planes fly just over the tops of the trees
  2. Copper is cool. Cooper is tiny...might be worth a trip there for one day if you're already out there and don't want to burn a ton of money ( I think tickets are usually pretty cheap), but you're probably better off doing Loveland if you want to just save money on lift tickets.
  3. I recommend it, followed by a stop at breaker brewing which is close by. https://uncoveringpa.com/hiking-seven-tubs-recreation-area-wilkes-barre There are some waterfalls that aren't on a marked trail...details are in the link but the trail head is right across from the overflow parking lot
  4. Short hike at seven tubs near scranton this morning. Cool place...
  5. I like to fish and swim in the ocean, but sitting on the beach all day isn't really my thing either.
  6. You sure he didn't mean Camelback?
  7. Wonder what this means for JF/BB. I haven't been there in a few years anyway, but apparently it's going to be epic for everyone
  8. I think that's called a clusterbuck.
  9. One person. A trouser trout on the other hand can feed an entire family
  10. Weakfish. I've heard them referred to as gray trout too although they're technically not in the trout family
  11. Not a monster fish but pretty cool. These were pretty much wiped out in Jersey but quite a few in the surf this morning which is good to see
  12. Camden Yards is cool, been there a few times. My uncle tries to go to a different MLB game each year, sometimes twice a year. He's going to a Nationals game this week, so the wife and I are going to meet him there. Never been to Nationals Park.
  13. You guys are all fancy with your lawnmowing. My lawn consists of grass, clover, dandelions, and kids toys. Its green for the most part which is all that matters for me.
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