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  1. I laughed as well. Just the visual image of that sounds funny
  2. No, they did it before like 5 or 6 years ago, and also laid plenty of people off that had been there for a while (but did give them a decent severance package). There is also a large amount of temp workers that I'm sure will be let go. When they did voluntary layoffs before, more people than expected took it and they had to let go a lot of temp workers, which wasn't expected. Then people from corporate were sent to do warehouse jobs (I was making boxes for Amazon Kindles one day a week, in addition to my regular work)
  3. I'd prefer to work from home at least a few days a week but that probably won't happen once people are back to work. Still going in once or twice a week, which is fine with me. The company I work for is offering voluntary layoffs with severance packages based on years of service (to try and get rid of people who have been there a long time). Not a bad deal if you have another job lined up...I'd end up with 18 weeks of pay + payment for unused vacation. My friend would get close to a year (49 weeks), but hes not planning on taking it.
  4. I think that's Ski2live's business model, not Frontier. Frontier is based out of Denver, so usually direct flights to CO are available. Not that I'm defending Frontier, as I never have, and never will fly them to CO...but flying to a place like FL or NC where I'm not bringing a lot of gear and stuff with Frontier is fine and cost effective
  5. PSUFly


    According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, it is illegal to relocate groundhogs because they may carry rabies, which can be transmitted to pets and humans. I doubt if anyone would tell on you, but if you had a game warden see you, it could be a problem. I didn't have any luck trapping them either. I kept filling in the holes and blocking off the base of the shed...and peed all over my backyard. Eventually it either found another home or died
  6. PSUFly


    You could trap it, but you're technically not allowed to relocate them, so you'd have to trap and kill it. They don't like human scents...cut all Schif's hair off and spread it around your yard. I used to pee in the backyard where the groundhog used to hang out...they hate that too.
  7. I remember renting Half Baked when it first came out (so I would've been like 11)...my parents weren't pleased when they watched it with me
  8. Probably would be a lot more of a selection, but I'm guessing people aren't really looking to loan their cars out right now with everything going on
  9. Yeah who knows. One article on WFMZ about a tattoo shop opening back up in the Lehigh Valley said they're taking extra safety measures, but not sure if anyone's enforcing that currently. I know posting on the internet about how you're opening your business against the governor's orders (whether you agree with them or not), is a good way to attract negative attention to your business
  10. PSUFly


    That's a lot for a bag of mulch. That's what I paid per bag for rubber playground mulch
  11. Opening a tattoo parlor doesn't seem like a big deal considering it's one on one...as long as precautions are taken to stay safe.
  12. You haven't touched a dude in 9 weeks? That IS weird
  13. PSUFly


    I like golden beets. I didn't know you could grow dark beers in the ground. When they're harvested, are they ready to drink?
  14. Added a rack to my paddleboard and put a rod holder, paddle holder, and cupholder on it...I was gonna make my own rack but PVC seemed too flimsy and to bend my own out of aluminum was going to end up only costing like $40 less than buying a new one...plus I dont have a TIG welder to weld aluminum.
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