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  1. I took a longer way home from Blue yesterday (stopped at a store on 183 - Way Har Farms, really good ice cream, etc)...anyway, I checked out Blue Marsh from a distance and it still looked like some of the runs were clear enough if there was enough snow. The black diamond/T-Bar line looked grown in from what I saw, but I could be wrong. Then again, is it worth hiking all that to get runs in on something that's <250 ft of vert? probably not...
  2. Not gonna lie, I woke up this morning and checked the forecast and thought about bailing. It was good until it started raining pretty hard. The real hard core guys were still out on the snow while it was pouring
  3. Yeah that's a good trail. Pics don't really show that it's actually pretty steep (I would compare it to White Lightning at Montage, but longer and with a runout)
  4. Hey all. I'm back from a session at true mountain the blue mountain. Place was empty even though I didn't get on the snow until 8 20. Hit Sidewinder, lazy, and NMDW to start. Then 2 runs on switchback and lapped come around park. Actually did several rails without any beers being consumed and the jump there was pretty good. Bumps on chute...main street had soft snow but kinda choppy. Stopped riding probably around 10...had a beer in the lot with @mbike-ski. As we were finishing up, @Benmand @enjoralasand pops finished their session. Sausage Sunday with each of us having a
  5. Yeah I've done one of the chutes at steamboat...can't remember which. East wall traverse at A Basin too, which wasn't really all that scary. Pretty narrow though. Mountain goat traverse on the backside was worse in my opinion...it was sloped slightly which made it harder to traverse without sliding off
  6. Nice pics Barb...the incident sounds scary but glad you're ok and you were with friends. Stuff like that is always in the back of my mind when I'm fishing or snowboarding solo
  7. Awesome have fun and post pics. Looks like Greek Peak has pretty much everything open. I ate lunch at tracks pub or whatever at the base there. Great beer selection, service and food was good.
  8. I didn't realize the pre-check was that cheap. I'll have to look into that when I start going on more trips. I got the real ID last year, but only because I needed to renew my drivers license anyway.
  9. I'm planning on one of the mornings. As of right now, probably Sunday but not sure.
  10. exactly! I usually get a small (and I mean miniscule) "cost of living increase" and then insurance goes up anyway. Last year, the insurance increase was double the amount of the pay increase.
  11. the pass increase sucks, but everything else seems to increase every year (insurance, tolls, etc.) so whatever. I'm actually surprised Montage didn't increase season pass prices too...with all the concerts they missed out on this past year, I'm sure they're hurting for revenue. If everyone decided to move to Montage, I'd be on board with that, but otherwise, I'm good with Blue. Camelback is even further from me and from what I've seen, more of a shitshow as far as crowds.
  12. I'll try to join one this year for sure. I plan on doing more riding (and incorporating fishing into some rides)...I did some walking/fishing on the D&L trail last year - I'm going to do some riding/fishing there this year.
  13. casual ride and beers sound cool. I'm too out of shape to join on most of your rides though.
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