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  1. Great seeing everyone today and getting back out on the snow. Pork belly burnt ends in the lot were awesome (as was the rest of the food)
  2. I'll be there Sunday...unless I go fishing, not sure yet
  3. I was hoping to get out on Sunday but the weather didn't cooperate anyway. Hopefully this Sunday
  4. Tussey was my first guess...I feel special
  5. I'm guessing it'll be somewhere small...maybe Tussey or Spring mountain...or out in western PA laurel mountain (near blue knob so not likely) or hidden valley
  6. Yeah Christmas are Hershey is fun and not usually as crowded. Let me know when you go, if I'm there maybe we'll meet up for a few rides
  7. PSUFly

    Please Help

    I'll be on the lookout between reading and Lancaster
  8. Looking out at the vast tundra of palmerton. Breathtaking view
  9. I think the Halloween events attract a lot of people. Dorney usually isn't crowded but the waterpark gets really busy on summer weekends
  10. Bummed I couldn't stop by on Saturday. We went to Hershey sunday evening, crowds were insane. Even lightning racer was a 90 minute wait
  11. Yeah its pretty bad from what I've seen. Sanibel island is cut off from the main land after the causeway collapsed. One of my favorite fishing spots...my friend has a house a few miles inland, haven't heard yet how the house held up. Central Florida got hit hard too, my cousins house near Orlando flooded pretty bad
  12. I bet a chair with wheels would be a lot of fun on a train
  13. Fished the Delaware for a while today. Fishing kinda sucked but not complaining
  14. Whatcha doing up that way? As for your food question...If it was morning, Krispy Kreme?
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