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  1. As long as the parking lot situation is good and the skiing is acceptable I'm good. I'm hoping to do a trip out west next year or maybe even December but that'll depend on what's happening with covid
  2. That sucks - our power rarely goes out, but my parents have Met-Ed and their power goes out all the time...they're not expected to have power back until Friday or Saturday either. We only got 4 or 5 inches of rain...Some places near Reading got 7 inches or more of rain on Sunday...and another 7+ yesterday. I drove by the Schuylkill River this morning and it was higher than I've seen it in years.
  3. I had a friend that lived at the bottom of college hill near the car wash (shammy shine or whatever). His place flooded all the time, but I think that was from the creek, not the Delaware river
  4. Sorry to hear - I haven't had a dog since I was in high school, but losing them is always tough. He was a cool dog. Have a few pics from blue of him on my phone and my daughter likes to scroll through the pics and point him out.
  5. Exactly. Or parents that can't work from home at all. Luckily my wife's job is pretty flexible and she can work from home most of the time going forward, but I've been back in the office.
  6. Got a message from the day care: "your daughter has a runny nose and coughed a few times. We're not sending her home since it's no big deal, but she can't return after today until those symptoms are gone, or a doctor clears her" Great...so every time she has a runny nose or coughs, my wife or I have to take her to the doctor, pay a co-pay, and listen to the doctor tell us it's just a cold or allergies. The doctor said she may or may not have to get a COVID test...shit, if I got sent home from school every time my nose ran, I would still be in high school. Most of my family has bad allergies, most likely my daughter too
  7. drinks/brunch from 8-12, then skiing 12-4...it could work (not really)
  8. Yep - sickness spreads like crazy in day care, I'm sure it's the same in the schools. Luckily my daughter isn't in regular school yet, so I don't have to worry about virtual learning, etc...but I feel for the people who do, for some people, it's going to be tough if they're not allowed to work from home. We have to get temperatures taken every day at work...now they put in a robot looking machine with a camera that checks your temperature and makes sure you have a mask. If you don't have a mask on, it starts blinking red and yelling at you.
  9. I figured this would happen, but didn't think it would be after the first series. Probably doesn't help that Florida is one of the hotspots right now. Keep us posted...hope you feel better and it's not Covid. My daughter has been back at day care for like 3 weeks and came home Friday with her nose running like crazy. Hopefully not sick and just allergies...but I'm sure they'll send her home if there's any type of illness
  10. PSUFly

    Comcast guys

    We have Comcast/Xfinity internet, but no cable...they sent an email about Peacock, and from what I read, it was free for the base streaming service (which includes commercials and likely not much content), but it was $ 5 a month or so in order to access more stuff. I didn't sign up for it yet...like you, I wasn't sure if it was actually free, plus I'm not sure if I'd even watch it or if I want to add more apps on my phone/tablet
  11. That's my thoughts as well...I'm fine with shutting down the bars and just allowing bars/breweries to sell takeout beer...but then they should really go back to takeout/delivery only for restaurants. Skip making up rules regarding on-site food consumption with alcohol and trying to enforce the rules and just shut things down like it was before.
  12. I think the rule with the food purchase being necessary for alcohol consumption is a little ridiculous. I guess they're trying to target bars that people are going to linger around and socialize, but if a brewery is operating at 25% capacity, has tables spread out for social distancing, and no bar seats, that should be allowed even if no food is available. When I was at Cape May Brewing last month, they had tables and seats spread apart in the outdoor beer garden, and I think they were limiting it to an hour per party, although we showed up like 45 minutes before they closed so that wasn't an issue. They were turning a lot of people away who came in after us.
  13. Most of the ones near Reading have food anyway so those shouldn't be an issue. I think Levante never re-opened for bar service, but their curbside pickup is always packed. I was planning on hitting Lost Tavern or maybe somewhere else when I go to the in-laws later this month, so I'm interested to see what they'll do.
  14. It's required, but the kids don't wear their masks all day...if they think a 2 year old is going to wear a mask for 8 or 10 hours and kids aren't going to play with them or rip them off, they're mistaken. My daughter just went back on Tuesday. Temperature, wellness check, and hand washing is required for the kids to enter the building..no parents are allowed inside. They've always been pretty good about sanitizing anyway, but it's more intense now. Only a few kids can play in the outside play area at a time...then everything is sanitized and another group can come out (each age group has their own playground area anyway). She's in a class of 6 anyway since she's considered an older toddler, but if any illness were to hit the day care, I'm sure it'd spread pretty quick. If we go back to the yellow phase, we'll probably keep her home again.
  15. couple pics from the last week or so...occasionally my wife joins me and is my personal photographer.
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