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  1. Getting a huge upslope storm that is favoring the front range. Eldora go 30” overnight and has a message they are closed today due to many snow slides on the shelf access road. Winter Park got about 14”. I70 closed in both directions. We only go about 3” here but got my morning text that Snowmass canyon has chain laws in effect. That stretch always a mess in bad weather.
  2. I just have regular mode and saw the report in light gray as well.
  3. I did! He has photo proof. He was nice enough to ski slow with me for an hour. It was good to see him
  4. Today Aspen had a ladies uphill event at Buttermilk. I uphilled the Tiehack side earlier this week and my heart *almost* burst out of my chest. So I decided to skin up West Buttermilk, which is the easiest. Beat my pace by 11 min since last time I did it so maybe the Tiehack lap helped me somewhat. Free swag is always nice The road to the west parking lot is rough and so so muddy. started snowing on my drive home. Next 2 days supposed to be lots of sunshine and mud 30’s, I will take it!
  5. Someone wanted to flex their “rubikong” at the Snowmass parking lot today
  6. Ikon is usually $150-200 more then Epic
  7. Another 6-8” overnight. Did a nice little morning ski from my front door. My side of the neighborhood is always last to be plowed. Here is what my street looked like. A little less work on the return as I used my own tracks My dog loves to just chill in the snow I think Aspen recorded 24”. We got a solid 16-18” in 36 hours Double post of this pic I can’t seem to delete
  8. I blew off a commitment on Friday to ski and rescheduled for tomorrow. So no. 😔. Hopefully Tuesday
  9. measured 7” on front porch, backyard seems to have more. Lots of wind. I see reports the gondola line at Aspen is backed up to the bus stop (about 2 city blocks plus the stairs to gondola) and Snowmass is just as bad. Supposed to snow all day again today and lightly throughout the week. Happy to see some winter here again. Was starting to see the bare road peeking through in my neighborhood.
  10. I was going to say the same thing
  11. Barb

    Taos 2024

    This is awesome. Your kids are so lucky! What little rippers.
  12. Barb


    Took a picture of the cirque (which is closed) for @GrilledSteezeSandwich today at Snowmass me Natalie when our legs were tired we went over to Elk camp to check that out. Mellow terrain, lots to explore and softened up snow. It was 43 degrees when we left. Think my lips got sunburned today.
  13. Haha ok I was thinking damn I need to step up my uphill pace a lot.
  14. Dam you guys are fast! Does that include your transition to down hill (skins off) too?
  15. First clear sunrise here in a while
  16. Barb


    I have some friends coming next weekend so maybe we will explore more.
  17. Barb


    I assume you mean the cirque, this area I have not done it. I have not even explored a fraction of Snowmass yet, it’s huge.
  18. Barb


    *real time report for Doug 💙 My neighbor told me about a closer in parking lot at Snowmass. Since it’s a holiday weekend and I was cutting it close w time, I got one of the last spaces, woohoo! Got to the Village Express lot about 9:10 after the bus and walking thru the mall. we have had some snow! Everything is ungroomed and chopped up or bumped. As seems to be my habit now, I went right over to Big Burn lift. On the way there (all ungroomed chop) girl is straight lining totally out of control and came within inches of taking me out. Started out on Sneaky’s. Here is a pic from the top for @Johnny Law Ran the Powerline Glades a few times off here. Nothing like Created Butte trees. Very well spaced. Lots of powder in there. Scarfed down a mahi sandwich and some M &M’s the mahi was not great. Would not get again. not sure how much longer I will last. Legs getting tired from the bumps and chop. Crowds are amazing for a holiday weekend. Singles line is 5-6 min. I need to find some down hill ski ladies here to hang with. Skiing alone gets a bit boring. But overall 10/10 day here at Snowmass.
  19. $12.75. She asked if I wanted toppings and I just said to load me up. It was pretty good but I admit I couldn’t finish it. 😂
  20. Had to take Shannon to the airport so figured I would do a quick uphill lap at Buttermilk. It’s 33 degrees and full sunshine. Needless to say I am a sweaty mess. Decided to try and eat a day’s worth of calories in one sitting.
  21. Forgot to mention the parking situation. Plow trucks didn’t really plow the area. All 12 of us had to dig out some spots, took a while. Then we had to park like Tetris so we all fit. One girl got pretty stuck and 4 of us had to push her out. Morning of departure I got really stuck as someone not w our group pulled in and left me very little space to get out. I cut it too hard and dug my wheel into a snow bank. Luckily a snowmobiling bro was kind enough to pull me out w a tow strap. jammed in parking and one dead battery.
  22. Edit not 100cm of snow. I was looking at my pole. I think probably 9-10”.
  23. Whew, just finished up a hut based AIARE 2 course ( the last in the series). I learned so much and all the snow science is really fascinating. Prior to this course I only used the CAIC website as a resource. I realize now that there are so many factors to look at and consider. I also have learned that there are ways to mitigate exposure even on higher avalanche days. Red Mountain Pass was closed for about 40 hours from the storm. So the first day we did companion rescue practice in a meadow behind the town of Silverton. At a certain point in the beacon rescue you have to get out of your skis. Postholing to mid thigh every rescue was really exhausting. We were finally able to get up to the hut that evening. Day 2 was a light tour and mostly digging pits. Day 3 was definitley a “full value” day. We toured into US Basin. The weather was sort of sunny to start then got stormy. We observed some remote triggered smaller avalanches from a distance. We mapped out a tour plan from Cal Topo and set a track in virgin snow to get there. Roughly 100cm. The ski down was very fun. Had to transition to skins at the end which is always somewhat annoying. today was a day of just fun touring as we officially met the requirements of the class yesterday and requested to just take off. We are both dead tired. High altitude sleeping, bad eating due to low appetite poor sleep and I have had enough. Currently at Ouray brewery waiting for my giant burger.
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