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  1. Uphill day at Buttermilk. Storm fizzled out. Was supposed to get 10-20” but got 6 and yesterday was sunny and nice instead of all day snow as predicted. I wanted to go skiing yesterday but we really had a lot of stuff to did out here in Marble as my snow shovel got hurt his back and hasn’t been here for a while. my dog could just sit outside for hours scanning for any movement in the trees to chase. or up on his tall perch Our resident fox came by for a visit. Luckily my dog was inside napping at the time. The roads were nice and dry on the drive to Aspen. Decided on the easiest lap, West Buttermilk. I didn’t have my watch last time I did it but I now have the stats; exactly 1 mile and 922’ to the ski racks at Cliff house. It was 20 but felt tropical in the strong sun, I shed a layer after 15 min and took off my gloves. 56:25 to get to the top and took a quick snack break inside. When I was going down somehow I took a wrong turn, things look a lot different going down then going up. I stopped to check out the map and realized I was on the front side and there was no way I could get back to my car. So at the base I asked the liftee if he would let me in without a scan so I wouldn’t waste one of my 3 remaining days just to get back to the parking lot. He said, “You could always skin back up”. I said I could but asked if he would take pity on me and he did. So back up and went real slow until I was sure I was on the correct trail down. Whew.
  2. And all the people that voted yes to that are absolutely NOT the people who will have wolves in their neighborhoods/ areas. Current reintroduction sides are Gunnison corridor and Crystal Valley corridor. Coincidentally where I own my places. I do not think this is a good decision. edit-sorry thought this was the random thought thread
  3. Just got back from a morning Eldora session. Typical Eldora wind this morning, runs not too bad but lifts were windy AF. They got some snow over the weekend and 2” overnight. Conditions were very good. Crowds were non existent. Decided to try and focus on trees today. Did 4 of my runs in Jolly Jolie glades. Not exactly skiing, but sliding around. It made me laugh that they are marked a double black and not half as steep as the tree run we did in CB which was only a single black. But it definitely made my session more fun to check out something new at Eldora. One lonely picture
  4. Cb webcam 24 hour total overnight snow totals damn
  5. Epic passes just went on sale today. $676 for epic local. Still a good deal even if I only use it for Crested Butte.
  6. Did an afternoon session at Eldora today. It was a sunny warm day with no wind. So rare for Eldora. Started out on the front side. The snow wasn’t great. Hasn’t snowed in a while and things were pretty scraped off. After 4 different runs in the front I went to the backside to see if the snow was better there. And it was a bit. Corona trail was pretty scraped off as it’s the main one on that side. Then I did a couple on Muleshoe, that snow was much better. Did one more back there forget the name then called it a day. No lift lines whatsoever. I miss Crested Butte. Lol
  7. Barb

    Taos 2023

    Those pictures are great! I wish I had outdoorsy parents and had active vacations growing up. Your kids are so lucky and are little rippers.
  8. Aspen just announced they are extending their season until 4/23! Woohoo
  9. Not even a little bit. I absolutely love skiing.
  10. My son’s cable broke on his snowboard boots once and I found a local skateboard shop to fix it. However, the guy gave me a lecture about how much boa systems suck and that we should all use laces. I used to love my boas. I find it interesting that some ski boots are starting to use boa systems. I would never buy a pair of first generation technology though.
  11. A great day to end my skiing at Crested Butte. A day of milestones. Ski day 30, previous record was 26 and still plenty of season left. One year ago today I broke my knee. The best milestone is that I did my first steep tree run. Not a big deal for you pros, but for me it was an accomplishment. Too chicken to try with @JFskiDan but since my friends were here I felt good about it. As Dan knows, my friend Ilise is great in the trees so she guided us down. We did the trees off East River. Dan knows where they are. Before the tree run we did bumps all morning. Some pics Natalie Me. Could never get an action shot of Ilise since she is just too fast Ilise tree run I skied the top and “survived” the bottom. Natalie By far my favorite ski day of the season ❤️
  12. Skipped the resort today and did a mellow ski tour at Washington Gulch. Pretty flat, kept skins on whole time. About 8 degrees, windy, snowing and not much visibility. Was glad some snow mobile guys had been there first to lay a path for us. I am the dot in the center
  13. Whew what a great morning! Yesterday was super warm in the high 30’s and sunny. Today the promised storm finally arrived. Webcam said 4” this morning. Been snowing hard all day. The last few days of coughing fits have left my ribs feeling like I was in an MMA match. Popped some extra strength Mucinex, loaded my pockets with cough drops and away we went. I could not believe how empty it was! I guess CB peeps don’t bother unless it’s at least 6”. Skied right onto every lift. Found some well spaced trees that had mid calf powder, they were fun. then the wind picked up and you could barely see 5’ in front of you. What it looked like at the base, you can hardly make out the lift tower
  14. I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection now. Ugh. Day 9 of feeling lousy. But I have a friend here so skiing it is. I heard the last 2 days were the worst crowds people have seen here. Glad I skipped it. I left my friend at a lesson as he hasn’t skied in over 20 years, yikes. He gave me slightly different info when said he was coming. But he has a great attitude and I give him lots of credit for getting out there. Another poor visibility day. Headed right down to East River from Paradise. And to be honest it wasn’t too good down there either. Started dumping snow. After about 4 laps, I tried to find some mellow trees off the front side. Ran those a bit and now taking a break for lunch. If the visibility does not improve gonna call it a day. Snow was supposed to arrive tomorrow thru Wednesday night. Seems it’s early. Forecast is 10-20”. A few pics from the tree runs
  15. Was a fantastic morning for Dan’s last day. Got in line at the Queen at 8:40 and since it’s a powder day there was a small line. Visibility from the top was terrible, snowing hard. The viz on Paradise is always bad on cloudy days. So I tried my usual trick and went right down to East River. Much better down there, and narrower runs w trees on the sides so they help. For me, I felt it was the best I have ever skied in powder. I was playing it conservative as I wanted to break the streak of bad voodoo and season ending injuries while Dan is visiting. The snow was heavy-ish and work to push thru but really really fun! Nothing had a lift line. No action shots as I didn’t want him to have to wait for me. I realize the picture game has been super weak. But I have some girls visiting and we usually stop and take more pictures of each other so will do my best to step it up soon. Chris Tomer just put this forecast in his blog 😍😍
  16. Not an insane amount of snow but I’ll take it. Still snowing hard now.
  17. Very short session for me this morning. Fighting a head cold and the visibility was pretty bad. Started at Silver Queen but it wasn’t loading and we heard them say it would be an hour. So we had to skate back uphill to the Red Lady Lift. First run down Paradise and I couldn’t see shit. Took it real slow. Told Dan I was going to go down to East River to see if it was better down there. It was a bit. Took a couple from there then met Dan. I decided to just call it a day, didn’t seem to be my day. Dan took a few pics before his phone died. I only took a few also. Snowing hard now and will continue all day
  18. Was too late to edit but had to add some dog pics. My dog found a fun friend on our post ski walk
  19. This morning started out promising. Started out on the Silver Queen and did a warm up lap on Paradise. Then headed over and did a lap on Keystone which is a steep run for me. Those 2 runs were best of the day. Things started getting skied off and the runs crowded after that. Weird bro vibe and dudes skiing like assholes had me saying I was gonna call it a day early. A few of Dan off of Keystone Dan was going to stay for a few more and then come back and go to town for lunch.
  20. How much vert is a lap to the top? 20 min seems damn fast you robot.
  21. Good eye yes. I took some bites. Tastes just as good as yesterday *And Dan is easy no drama kind of guy
  22. Back from a beautiful morning session. Much warmer today even though it was -10 for my morning dog walk. Yesterday we got on the lift at 9:02, today it was 9:04. Epic mix gives you all the stats. Snow was MUCH improved today! It skied fast. Sun was out! Did a few on Paradise then headed down to East River. Black Eagle, one of my go to runs, was icy. I called it icy, Dan called it slick. couple of Dan Couple of me I left after 14 runs Dan moving onto bigger stuff. It was nice of him to hang w me this morning. had the Korean beef again for lunch, pic for Doug
  23. @Ski2Live Live2Skijust here to report that Teo 2 is now open at CB. So now 100% of their terrain is open. Lots of extreme terrain if you were doing the cost analysis on where to go next.
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