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  1. Just booked a hut trip for February in the San Juan’s
  2. Good advice! May just have to add this to the kit.
  3. I mean I think they are knots. But they just don’t effing break
  4. Edit; just realized this is NOt the new wood. He only cut wood that was old from last year. So why is it still so dense and hard to split?
  5. Anybody know what this is? Having such a hard time splitting this wood because these branch things are growing inside the trees yesterday husband ran he chainsaw (I am still too chicken) and I did most of the loading/unloading of rounds onto the trailer. Did 3 trailers full I was trying to split some with the axe this morning at first. Was barely making a dent, then husband tried and he was having trouble too. I felt vindicated. Maybe it’s too fresh? Even our log splitter is having a hard time. New to all this so if anyone has advice I will take it.
  6. It’s not ideal but that’s what we have up here and what everyone burns.
  7. I like the Sierra club comment. Lol. Garage will be 25 x 30 with an upstairs man cave to prevent divorce.
  8. No hoa but county rules are weird about percentages of trees you can cut down on your property without a permit. I definitely cannot begin to excavate without a permit but cutting is a gray area. You would think being here in no man’s land it would not be a problem. The Walton family (Walmart) owns land down the street from us. They were trying to build a bridge across the river and I guess did have permission for that. But decided to build up the bank and create a small “beach.” Someone found out and called the powers that be and now they are in some trouble. people do all kinds of shit up here. Generally I am a rule follower but I am running out of time before the snow to get this completed. Any corner I can cut I will.
  9. Finally some progress! Started cutting down trees where our future garage will be. Still no permit due to factors out of our control. I was told there is a 50/50 chance I will get in trouble for cutting down trees without my permit but I was in a gambling kind of mood. When I showed my excavator the site he was like “Oh no problem”. Looks as gnarly as where the house site was, maybe more. they are making a nice fresh pile for us to cut for firewood. Although some went into the chipper I would have saved. I wasn’t going to run out there and be a Karen and start yelling. But in my head I was like why are you not saving that tree for us?
  10. Nope. Do not need another hobby right now. I am fine being on the back.
  11. Black Canyon of the Gunnison is a National Park. I have never been in the park but have done the road outside the park in a car and on back of the bike. My husband had his eye on another used bike but made the mistake of taking me along to Motorado. When I saw the K1600 I knew that’s the one we had to go with. I really like it. It’s a 2016 and only had 7500 miles. Looks like it sat in someone’s garage and is in perfect condition. BMW motorcycles now have key fobs and the guy who sold it I assume was a dick and sold the second fob on eBay or something. I mean who loses that? So we had to buy another one from the factory. BMW= bring more wallet.
  12. Did a 4 hour ride today in the new (used) bike. BMW K1600 GT. It feels really solid, like it better then our old touring bike. About 165 miles then the last 20 min we got caught in monsoon rain. Lol. Did not go into the park but this is Black Canyon of the Gunnison. You can skirt the road on top without having to pay the fee and still see some nice views.
  13. now that my shed is finally going up I ordered this bad boy.
  14. It’s 95 in Boulder today. Is anyone else watching skiing videos to cool off?
  15. The waterfall on the Coors Light can is in my neighborhood. The last little bit to see it in full view requires walking up some loose talus. My dog enjoyed putting his belly in he water at every spot the creek was not raging. a tired dog is a happy dog.
  16. This is awesome Doug! Keep it up.
  17. Some pretty insane weather we have been experiencing. Last night at Red Rocks there was an intense hail storm. Golf ball size hail 100 people injured. Concussions, broken bones. The videos I have seen looked scary. We just had pea size here in Boulder. Thunder and lightning seemed to go on all throughout the night. Its 1:32pm here, sky is black and more thunder and lightening.
  18. Surprisingly no damage I can see. I think because the hail itself was relatively small. It was a very intense storm. It looks like it snowed all over town. Streets are full of hail
  19. Scared to see what my Jeep looks like when this blows over. Holy shit. Quite the hail storm
  20. SUP’d on Beaver Lake today. We had the whole place to ourselves for about 2 hours. Then about noon the crowds showed up. Why does paddle boarding make you so sleepy? We all took cat naps when we got home.
  21. I think realistically when you have a yard sale, you spend a whole day to make a few hundred dollars. Not worth all the hassle. We have been purging things for the last 2 months. Lots of trips to good will, gave a lot to friends, sold some things. I am hoping someone who buys are house wants it furnished. I have friends I can stay with if I visit. I was just telling someone the other day that I absolutely do not miss the shore. It was nice growing up at the beach and it’s nice to visit. As far as skiing in PA….I miss spending weekends in the Poconos with my kids when they were little.
  22. Pretty good day today in Marble. Been here a week, have to go back next week as we are officially putting the Boulder house on the market. Started this morning w a fire with our coffee Decided to drive to Buttermilk for a hike. Local hikes still pretty muddy and unpredictable with conditions. Still a small pile of snow and park features on the main trail. Probably left over from x games. I saw 3 snowboarders playing around on it. I parked at Tiehack lift. The lift was spinning but did not see anyone ride it. Tiehack is just as steep to hike as it is to skin. I was uninspired and only hiked up a mile gaining about 1000’. There was nobody around, no wind, sunny skies. I rested my head in my backpack a while just watching the clouds, it was peaceful. Some neighbors we had met last time we were up here called our *land line* and asked if they could stop by. They are an elderly couple that have lived here 50 years. The guy has some great stories and history, love hearing to him talk. His wife baked us an apple pie, it was so sweet. The people here are somewhat guarded, but all so genuine and nice. I think it is going to feel weird going back to Boulder after this longer stay here. Marble is really starting to feel like home.
  23. Video is private. Cannot see
  24. Few more Hawaii pics. We went to this beach and took surfboards and paddled out to this little island called Chinamen’s cap. Full disclosure on what a complete dork I am; even though I grew up in Jersey I never really surfed, I was having a hard time paddling in the choppy water. My son graciously told me to just hold on to his ankle about half way there and he got me the rest of the way. We hiked/climbed to the top. There was a section with a rope someone put there, but since I couldn’t see the top anchor point I didn’t really trust it. So we went another way, no rope. Going up wasn’t bad, coming down there was a sketchy move that took me about 10 min to get the courage to do. This is the wall. All Lava rock which is not only sharp but gets hot in the sun. I beat the crap out of my feet. Me climbing up for scale. It’s pretty vertical. Maybe a 5.5? If I had shoes or was roped in it would have been super easy. Since it was consequential I took more time. views from the top were sweet. There was a military base nearby and we saw 3 big planes fly right over our heads.
  25. It was a regular size tie, just tucked it into my shirt
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