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  1. Abasin just announced opening 10/29
  2. Haha no. That looks very awkward. Gonna use my regular backcountry poles. The other ladies do as well.
  3. They feel pretty light. Snd I think they market them towards an alternative to snowshoeing. They require less energy expenditure than snowshoes. I will post my thoughts after I use them.
  4. I completely agree and am somewhat terrified! But the ladies said they only really do rolling hills nothing too steep.
  5. After much research, I just got lazy and got myself some Altai HOK skis. Backcountry cross country skis are its own category, but sort of just seem like tele skis. I was looking hard at the Alpina Discovery 68’s. I dare you to find ANY info about these on their website. I double dare you to find a place that actually sells them. Guess I would have to fly to Slovenia and take European delivery. Was also looking at the Fischer S-Bound series. Again, seems like a unicorn and couldn’t find them in stock anywhere. The shops around here seem to focus on the skimo crowd as the Big 4 race and the Grand Traverse are big deals here. You can’t walk into a ski shop and throw a rock without hitting a pair of Dynafit’s. On a side note, is it me or does the skimo crowd seem to bear a striking resemblance to the road bike crowd. Both have an air of elitist douchebag and both fall under the umbrella term spandex mafia. And if you are a man and weigh over 147.2 lbs they kick you out of either club. These are my new HOK’s They have a permanent skin on the bottom. They seem like toys they are so tiny. 125’s. Bindings similar to snowboard bindings and are adjustable to any shoe. Snow incoming this weekend, YAY!
  6. Going to HS where I did, the weekend parties were all over the map. Brigantine was one of the hot spots for house parties. Driving back to Ocean City and having to go thru AC was always the sketchiest part of my evening. Usually sobered me right up.
  7. I agree, however, so many people quote his posts I end up half seeing them anyway. So do us ignore Salty peeps a solid and stop doing that.
  8. Has anyone ever heard of Hok skis? I just had breakfast with some of the local women of Marble and this seems to be the preferred winter activity. They are a fat, short ski with a built in skin. You also ski downhill with the skin. These ladies get together and do this several days per week. I asked if I could just use my touring skis with skins snd rip them as usual for the downhill. I was met with some strange looks. Lol. It looks like you don’t really do a ski “tour” per se, more like some hilly XC tracks. https://us-store.altaiskis.com/product/hok-skis-with-universal-pivot-bindings-copy/
  9. Dropped off my resort skis for a wax and tune this morning to beat the rush. Guy just called me and said they were ready to be picked up. That is some fast service! local FB guy just put out his preliminary forecast for the incoming weather system later this week. Could be hit or miss. Either way I am excited!!
  10. I know deer are not so special but seeing 2 with full racks right off my driveway made me smile
  11. No snow at our elevation at just shy of 8000’ but Mt Daly had snow last night. Zoomed in picture from our porch. Aspen mountain webcam this morning These 2 beauties visited us last night
  12. @RidgeRacer been seeing all kinds of things on social media about that concert and how amazing it was. Cool you were there for it! I think today is absolute peak leaf color. It’s raining and foggy but just a few from the car on my way home and the last few days. 46 degrees and raining with a chance for a dusting of snow between today and tomorrow. Fire going, beef stew cooking on the stove
  13. Is that a split board or just a graphic line down the middle? nvm don’t see any clips at nose or tail answered my own question.
  14. Mornings are officially below freezing here now
  15. I could never compete with you guys on no heat November. Yesterday was 50 and raining. We started a fire. mornings have been high 30’s
  16. I am so excited for this ski season! Aspen projected opening is 11/23 but I think uphill is allowed 11/1. If I could uphill Tiehack @Buttermilk once a week I would be in such good shape. But if I could uphill once per week period I would be happy with that. Hope to ski at least 50 days this year, which would be a record for me. No new gear needed and this house has such limited space I have to be careful about everything I buy. They have tried to deliver my snowblower 4 times now and can never find my house since it does not appear on google maps. I guess that is my one big winter purchase. AIARE 2 class/ hut trip in the San Juan’s in Feb with my favorite guide/mentor. Hoping to spend chunks of time in CB also.
  17. There was a dusting of snow on the high peaks today…..
  18. Nights are in the 50’s. We open the windows and have a ceiling fan. And it is so pitch dark. I sleep like a rock here. Local guy said we are about 2 weeks away from first frost.
  19. Thanks for this tip! We got an 8lb maul and husband is killing it. We had a good system going this morning, he would split large rounds in half w maul, then I would split with axe. After an hour I said I would be happy to just do the stacking. The lumberjack workouts are hard. 😂
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